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  1. Corpus Opis

    I'm at university, can't log from behind this firewall unfortunately, I will sort something out eventually, else must wait until term ends and I go home. EG
  2. Corpus Opis

    you forgotten me already?
  3. GIWS gripe

    Go to an invasion with TS on, these people aren't often noobs
  4. PK server

    The problem that I thought of with that option is to actually get that gc in storage Pay the strongest player(s) 10% to haul it to storage for you.
  5. Alternative PKing system

    This is incorrect, go check out pk maps that are used for training (e.g. zirak/EVTR) on Sun Tzu day and you realise people WILL take the risks for certain reward. OMG's post (#61 on thread) sums my views well -- except posting on this thread has compulsory service attached EG
  6. PK server

    The idea of few maps I generally agree with, but SO few I disagree... you want to give room to expand the player base and have a variety of monsters to provide training up to 100 a/d, ignoring maps without large amounts of spiders/goblins/bears etc so a few people at a time can train would lead to a lot of frustration. I think this idea would be a brilliant way to revive PK and generally I think the original idea how it stood is better than any suggestions given other than that to reduce the number of maps (but not by the magnitude which scarr suggests e.g. C1 only). Maybe using rostogols (considered by many to be the reason pk has died) as the only resource from the shop is a mistake (i.e. maybe remove from game), but I never played EL before rostogols so someone elses view here would be better. EG
  7. markusweck

    Read his past actions before you commit to being 'sure'
  8. Character description

    as "fat fingers" gnny
  9. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    That is a ridiculous quote, the vote is nearly 50/50 and in the face of hard statistics you chose to say it is a vocal minority.
  10. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    I agree with this completely, treasure hunting is separate to recording positions etc in all but one circumstance; if the player is markusweck. I feel his history in outlaws and that he considers himself an 'angel' all adds to the humourous situation where I would not hold it against any player to record and steal his bags. I would not do this myself though. EG
  11. *CO* Alliances gone

    CO has decided to remove all guild alliances. Reasons? PK is empty for us, it seems little point to have an alliance in situations like this. If PK picks up a bit so there are ever actual wars going on in KF etc,we will look to re-arrange with out previous allies in preference to any guilds we have not been allied with before. As a courtesy to our existing allies, our alliance will be held for 12 hours from this notice. EG
  12. Maxxx*CO*

    So, tell me, what did he 'refuse' to admit. EG If this were the case, why does he comment that he doesn't mind to lose things, but it annoys him people won't admit to taking a DB? i.e. it is the lack of admiting that bothers him because it is not the losing of items. I haven't spoken to next with regard to this situation, nor do I particularly care to seeing as Next's sterling name and reputation has already been thrown through the horrors of the outlaw forum. Turns out he actually can't be kicked
  13. Nexus/removal stones should not be rare.

    He just never got given a free strong character and feels a need to post on every topic "I play toomass in game and I think that ..." as if your (non-trained) levels give you weight in a forum argument. Dejan has been playing longer than you im sure, and knows many aspects of game better than you. Not everyone is looking at EL development from a top 10 fighter perspective. EG
  14. Eternal Gladiators

    I was going to post something similar to this. Its funny to say: oh, what i use to win is allowed, what Player X uses is evil and should not be used. If you want something fair then allow everything (maybe only not branch, since its purpose diverge from pk) or allow nothing and the stuff should be fought with leathers. Oh, i can use my thermal sword which gives 80 damage per hit, but you can't use your tit greaves of mirror or bear stone, sorry. But if in the beggining people said 'this or that won't be allowed' then it get the rules changed and it is allowed, its not something really fair*. If the rules change, is better to create another tournment with the update rules. *Only if its said upfront that the rules are subject to change and/or discussion, then all is fair. This is a very good point made. ~LE~ shouldn't be pending, rather just off the list. Unless someone other then myself wishes to lead a few into this tournment. I myself think that the rules should have been set in stone from the very begining. Continuing to change rules and bending areas. Will only result in unhappy people. Either from the side that is like "w00t I can win now" or the side that thinks "Damn! WTF you said blah blah before, now ya saying opposite." I also agree that brod, bod should not be allowed. Due to they're main purpose is to not really pk related but breaking stuff. I think imo a max type of amor and weapon should be part of the rules as well. If want to go back in time, how about pr0 full leather w/ i forget what was the pkR choice weapon back then. But could also go back a "couple years (2yrs)" when it was iron plate and serps w/ mirrior cloak and moon med. If ya use a era from EL history, imo maybe should make all things part of that same era. Including magic types being used, summons, etc. Anyways, Im not reinlisting, rather just pointing out some key topics in this. It doesnt matter what kind of contest or event someone has. There is always going to be some one that tries to bend the rules, or opinionate to change something about it. No offense, make new, make new rules and etc. And stick to them regardless of what others state. Theres enough information here in this thread now, imo. To give good reason(s) to what people may like or dislike. ~TK Without changing or bending the rules the competition would be only PKG team (quimbly/toomass/pookies) entering and they would be the only team. Ghengas is trying to make something acceptable and fun for as many as possible. So far this has worked, discussions and changes of rules has caused more teams to apply than originally had. Why do people keep referring to the BoD as a none PK weapon? it does extra 150 damage only i.e. helps to kill people. It would be nice for as many people as possible to enter this tournament whilst Ghengas is in early stages of a possible future bi-monthly contest where if it gets running well in this tournament, the possibility of future 'old school style' or similar rules pk tournament could be run. If no one joins up for this tournament then there would be a situation similar with Cyprom's pk tournament a while ago and it will all just die out. Anyone who enjoys PK but thinks it is dead recently I think should put their money where their mouth is and sign up for this attempt to revive some of the most fun aspect of EL. EG
  15. Cooldown on summoning stones

    around 5-6 seconds would be ideal imo. Its fun sometimes to summon a wave and march them into a fight and that would be completely taken away with long cooldown like 20 seconds (what with summons losing health at a rapid rate now). I agree the current time is very short. EG