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  1. mutant rat day

    Official Forum Flame =================================== Dear: [ ] Clueless Newbie [X] Loser [X] Spammer [ ] Flamer [X] 12 year old [ ] Pervert [ ] Nerd [ ] l337 d00d/"vet" [ ] Other: Shemale You Are Being Flamed Because [ ] You posted a Nudity thread (anime or normal). [ ] You whine like a *****. [ ] You bumped a thread from the last page. [ ] You started an off-topic thread. [ ] You posted a "YOU ALL ****" message . [ ] You don't know which forum to post in. [ ] You posted false information (or lack thereof). [X] You posted something totally uninteresting. [ ] You doubleposted. [ ] You posted a message all written in CAPS (oR aLtErNaTe CaPs). [ ] You posted a X > Y thread. LAME. [ ] You believe little one line wise cracks can counter a multiple paragraph argument made by another poster [ ] Despite being proven wrong, you act as you're still winning the debate. [ ] You get your philosophical ideas from the 'Matrix' movies. [X] I don't like your tone of voice. To Repent, You Must: [ ] Give up your AOL Internet account [X] Bust up your modem with a hammer and eat it [X] Jump into a bathtub while holding your monitor [ ] Actually post something relevant [ ] Be my love slave [ ] Apologize to everybody on this forum [ ] Go stand in the middle of an intersection In Closing, I'd Like to Say: [ ] Get a life. [X] Never post again. [ ] I pity your dog. [ ] I think your IQ must be 6. [X] Take your **** somewhere else. [ ] Do us all a favor and jump into some industrial equipment. [X] Go play Dress-Up Barbie Online. [ ] All of the above
  2. we hit 250 players so i held a party

    Hey, shot 118 has my abuse thing in it!
  3. Gems

    If gems had to be harvested, then nobody would start alchemy, because they dont have the lvl 38 or whatever harvesting to pick up some pretty rocks, and can't get past the numerous gargoyles!
  4. attack potion

    If you don't want to pay for the ingredients, dont bother making the potion...
  5. Trading Potions

    Everyone with alchemy 25+ would rule the world!
  6. EL Birthday contests

    A marathon... In a game where everyone goes at the exact same speed. That sure sounds fun. On another note, when is the winner announced?
  7. EL's drop party for it's big B-Day

    Drop parties. Ugh. Can you say "runescape"?
  8. EL Birthday contests

    Feh. Channel manhunt is really really boring, and entirely luck based. Did i mention that it's boring?
  9. EL Birthday contests

    A variation on the manhunt be my idea... A selection of fairly obtainable items (about 3-5) are to be found by participants and delivered to the "host", who will be in a random location on any map. For each item to be found, a cryptic clue is given, eg, if an item was raw meat, the clue would be something like "get together with the uncooked" (get together = meet, sounds same as meat), and the location of the "host" would also be given in the form of a cryptic clue, eg, "behind a deadly building" for the back of the wsc arena. The first person to bring the items to the host wins. The items should be fairly easy to get so that less experienced players still have a chance, and that the winner is determined by intelligence, and not fighting abilities, etc.
  10. Slugfest today!

    I got the first kill! Wraar! ... Then i got to be the second kill. Oh well. (goes back to watching vart's sig)
  11. EL's drop party for it's big B-Day

    I think the whole drop party should be held in the WSC arena! FUN!
  12. LEXIC's Little Shop Of Horror

    I'll buy a helmet. Username BigBoo.
  13. Who Needs Furs?

    ok, i have at least 200 meat. I'll pm you ingame
  14. Who Needs Furs?

    I could really use some fox fur Would you also consider trading bones as well?
  15. The Grammy Fur gloves/cloak quest

    You need 2 gloves