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  1. Selling: 35679 Leopard fur 12042 Black panther fur 7828 Tiger fur Pm Link ingame with offers or leave a reply here.
  2. Bot payments

    Sent Iluna's August 2010 renewal fee today by mail.
  3. New and updated trade bot list

    Iluna's owner is now me, Link. (Same person, namechange) Thanks
  4. Axe Of Freezing

    I went on the test server, in Tahraji Desert, killed some stuff with the axe: To Taharaji Desert Warning! You just entered a PKing map! This means other players can attack you! Cyclops got paralyzed for 3 turns! Fluffy Rabbit got paralyzed for 3 turns! It works, on the test server at least
  5. Minor bug with buddies

    This is a known bug, which will be fixed with the next client update. Source: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...st&p=509502
  6. Custom Clothing

  7. buying/selling

    I'll take the axe of freezing, pm me ingame (same name)
  8. Name Change

    Could I get a forum name change to Link, to match my ingame name? Thanks
  9. Bot payments

    Sent Iluna's August 2009 renewal fee today by check/mail.
  10. Team PK "instance"

    [21:30:12] [radu @ 6]: I might be willing to implement such an idea [21:30:22] [radu @ 6]: but with the exclusive condition that you put your money where your mouth is [21:30:48] [ryddler @ 6]: you mean donate up front like before? [21:30:54] [radu @ 6]: yes [21:31:35] [Tradon @ 6]: npc middle man that holds the GC |\ [21:32:09] [radu @ 6]: no, I'd delegate a player to hold the gc [21:32:11] [radu @ 6]: like gnny [21:32:28] [radu @ 6]: but first post it on the forums, see if there is enough demand [21:29:21] [radu @ 6]: I would not put any gear restrictions if I ever do it
  11. New engine test (terrain)

    Works okay, ~60 FPS Video card: GeForce FX 5500/AGP/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2
  12. Selling: Red Dragon Set.

  13. Yellow numbers showing

    Those came with Xfire's newest update. Do "Scroll Lock + E" on the EL window while Xfire is on, and then uncheck "Display Time Overlay" and "Display FPS Overlay" in the lower left hand box, and hit Escape or whatever else to get out of that window.
  14. Marketplace posting

    Another issue that I've seen quite a bit recently: Player A posts an auction, with starting price Players B,C, and D bid well below the starting price. If a starting price is given, chances are the item won't be sold below that, so aren't those bids basically spam? They could also be seen as hijacking since the auction starter generally has no desire for lower bids. For reference: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=49087
  15. I'm not sure where exactly people got the concept that some bots are pming every passing player who walks by. I know of no such bot, most bots have a select few (or noone) who it greets, normally friends or guildmates of the owner. The main spam issues are bots which are close to heavily traversed areas and near which players have a reason to congregate within earshot, so if people on it's list walk back and forth along that path, the people within earshot get spam. Related to this are bots which are near harvestables and which comment on each/some harvest events. IMO, bots which do neither of these actions aren't a problem, and ones which do need to adjust their lists or settings.. assuming that Entropy were to make some kind of set-in-stone rule on this.