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  1. very old players

    Hehe nice topic :-)
  2. Zarariel

    Hey Zara o/ Take care and see you one day here (I was away too) :-)
  3. Tribute to Cyberwulf

    Cyberwulf was my guildie in Dao since he started to play, the guild helped him to achieve most of his engineering level, after he moved to {FD} we stayed friends. He was a really nice guy and good player so deserve some memorial in EL, in any form.
  4. Sounds a good idea, but people mostly go for a/d xp to invances.
  5. I would extend this idea with: - show my bar only, add the mana bar below health bar - show the opponent health bar when in fight (or maybe with a timeout period after flee/diss too) - show the bar on rollover of a monster and hide on rollout
  6. England

    I am in south-west of Greater London, near Hounslow, fortunately not too far from the centre by train
  7. England

    Hey guys o/ I have nice time in London
  8. Alternative client

    Hi! I developed an unofficial chat-only client some years ago in Adobe Flash (as a learning project for tcp/ip communication in ActionScript 3). It was unofficial so limited to test server. Now the new Flash Player with its new 3D core opened the possibility to make a real client (check the Adobe MAX 2011 unreal engine videos on youtube ). It can also make the game playable via Facebook or possibly on some new mobile devices supporting Flash with 3D and may bring more new players into EL. Any opinions? Of course I plan to port as much parts as possible from the original EL client code, so they can be kept in sync with the officially released client versions.
  9. My file manager

    I tried the newest version, here is my thoughts: - after creating a dir, it would be nice to have the cursor moved to the newly created directory (usually people will enter to the dir after creation) - file and directory names starting with dot (.) also need to handle as hidden files (on Linux/Unix systems) - I can bookmark the same dir on the same panel multiple times, is that ok?
  10. Magyarok

    Elég régen volt errefelé valaki :-)
  11. My file manager

    Interesting idea to use SDL for a multiplatform utility. I would use gui extensions like wxWidgets. Is there any network functionality planned (like copying files via scp and ftp)?
  12. Alternative client

    Hi Elf_Ninja, The example video I posted is just for let see the capabilities of Molehill, not meant to build the EL client on Unreal Engine.
  13. Alternative client

    The 3d engine (namely Molehill) are using a low level programmable pipeline, its syntactically very close to GLSL. Because I want to learn this engine in deep, thats why I choose to do a complex project like EL client (after over on the tutorial parts). I am sure if Unreal 3 engine runs smoothly, there can be no problems with the character rigging. Good example to massive amount of calculations is the port of the physics framework called Box2D to AS3, it runs very well. If something seems impossible, there is still an option to use in C and link with Adobe Alchemy to the player. Another example which use character animation:
  14. Alternative client

    Hi Schmurk, Flash isn't quite slow in my experience. Of course the 3D capabilities will not available on all of the mobile devices, but to run on mobile devices is just an option, not the goal. Some example from the new player's 3D capabilities:
  15. Flex chat client

    Nice work, I also made a chat client as a tcp/ip test project some years ago but in AS3, without the Flex framework which results less filesize and faster performance. Now with the new player I am thinking on pirting EL to a 3D client. Are you interested in this project?
  16. After the Fat Belly perk, it would be cool to have the chance make higher level food from the existing ones, combining them with other ingredients. They can be made in the fireplaces which we aren't using now frequently. For example we could use wheat to cook pizza with vegetables, meat and fruits ;-) The higher level food may not be stored in a normal storage or cannot be stored at all (like dung only can be kept in hazardous storage).
  17. Titanium Long Formula

    Is any monster drop this sword at these days except ice dragons?
  18. Army

    hehe nice remembering to the bronze set probe
  19. Happy 2011

    Happy New Year
  20. Merry Xmas

    Happy Holidays to everyone
  21. Android client

    I made a chat client for EL in Flash/Flex (supporting chat only), will make it public for testing soon.
  22. Yes and also namechanges are too cheap :S
  23. EL Urban Legends

    OMG it was so long ago? I feel old...:S
  24. Sounds good, but will makes easy to trick on invasions using the cape: like avoiding big monsters near map entry zone and fight from a better place (like free walk for archering to the hills in Bethel). Also for summoners/magician helpers which they can switch cape. Invasions will some fun using this cape (as invisibility is possible but ignored by some monsters). Maybe a potion with very big cooldown could do the same?