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  1. EL Internet Radio

    Unfortunately with the smallest bitrate of 24 it would not allow dialup users to listen to the radio aswell as play the game. It would get boring running the same songs over and over again. Would this be better as a podcast then a internet radio?
  2. EL Internet Radio

    if i get more interest, sure!
  3. Would you listen to it? Im curious as to whether a Eternal-Lands community run internet radio station would be used and how many people would use it? Please submit your interest in this thread. The EL-Radio would be based on the current EL Music soundtracks (providing permission is approved from the artists) and will tie into alot of the game's content. Features such as the following could be implimented: Invasion Warning: (metadata scrolling detailing the current invasion, where & how many creatures left) and while this is in play battle music sound tracks could be played. Market Commercials: (metadata ascrolling detailing prices of items and who's selling what) or be played through audio as a proper radio commercial. Guild Commercials: Guilds are already doing short video's for recruitment and advertisement of their guilds, a radio commercial could do just the same played in-between songs. The radio could be community driven, supported by donations of in-game gc and real $ if applicable. Commercials could even be created using AT&T labs TTS demo. What are your opinions? do you have any ideas or feedback? Edit: Special day announcements, new hour announcements. Alot of these features are already in-game I know.
  4. Make offers here or in-game to Roswell_r. Starting price is 20kgc Buy now price is 50kgc Auction ends in 48 hours from this post. Edit: Auction ended someone purchased at buy price.
  5. Post your video card info here

    Video card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 2.1.7056 Release No Problems (Windows Vista Home Premium) Video card: Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.5.0 - Build Problems All 3 Executables (Windows XP Professional)
  6. Guild commands

    Anyone else having problems setting yellow and having the color actually been white?
  7. YES.. IRON is PKING now!

    Would there be anyway to get guilds to support globally neutral guilds, like small guilds that dont neccisarily pk?, for example NUFC & new =D
  8. YES.. IRON is PKING now!

    What are bot names for ^v^ HC DIE etc... are there pk lists on their bots or elsewhere?
  9. Bot Owners Unite

    That is good of you, however there are many sites and bots now using the Online player list, if we could get everybodys attention to use a mirror then that would take even more load off the server. Additionally entropy might be planning to move the list to the EL webserver.
  10. Cob clan recruitment!

    Why 13?
  11. Hiring Iron Ore Miners

    This is probably a offer for more experienced players, as newbies need as much iron ore they can get to make essence with. Additionally I thought there would of been food and healing provided. Perhaps this would be more attractive offer
  12. challenge

    Wow, alot of people would benefit from watching big fights in public. Perhaps a challenge like this or not so 'in-the-air' but one that is destined to go ahead could be advertised by a moderator. People could go watch then.
  13. Bot functions

    Well you should first get your bot connecting and holding a stable connection on the test server before considering what to make your bot do. Perhaps after you've done this you can then ask this question
  14. Bot functions

    It all depends on what you make it do, the Corpis bot is a guard bot for the CO hideout. There are other hideouts that have guard bots that do the same thing. You can make your bot return attacks or make it initiate the attacks by walking up to the player and sending attack. I haven't seen any guard bots out in the open on player maps though.
  15. Bot functions

    I have been writting my bot in RealBasic, its a cross platform language that most people can easily understand. I hope to release the code after ive finished and produce a stripped down version of it for people to use. This means not having to use cygwin or setting up some scripting language.