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  1. A Ray of Hope

    Sign me up for Dark Knight, I love RPing as the bad guy.
  2. another kenny rogers video

    lmao watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytCcS_ODYBk...=kenny%20rogers hehehe
  3. grayseraph and emathy's marriage

    ty everyone who attended, we were very happy with our new bond. As for antiroot, np, understandable, just murphy's law at work. ty anyway for trying to help, and ty philbert13 for filling in a skoshie44 for helping.
  4. grayseraph and emathy's marriage

    btw, the location is in glydoc's temple in the huge dining room after you enter the middle door and go through the lava room into the next door... attire is anything!
  5. grayseraph and emathy's marriage

    Well, my gf (emathy) and I have decided to have a wedding with the tentative date on Friday, May 12, at a time that I will announce on the general chat channel. The_antiroot has agreed to be our minister, and everyone is invited. If you are a friend of emathy or I and would like to help with the wedding, please contact us in-game.
  6. Gray's Book Delivery service

    Well, I will go to any dangerous location to retrieve any book for you. I charge nothing, I'm just in this for helping everyone else out.
  7. Bob the Gob

    lol I like it!
  8. Bob the Gob

    lol I can imagine a newbie thinking a labeled Bob is a player and trying to trade with him...
  9. New Monster---Dragon Spirits

    Maybe the same lvl as a fluffy?
  10. Nintendo Revolution has a Name:The Nintendo Wii

    More Tony Hawk games? Ugh...
  11. Ok, since the dragons of EL are not there anymore, i was thinking maybe that there could be dragon spirits, or ghosts, poltergeists, whatever. For the roleplay effect it can be the spirits of Dragons long gone, but in game, they can be very strong and have the ghost feel like a phantom warrior. Maybe strongest monster in game? Thanks for listening. -Gray
  12. funny thing I did in real life.

    oops, didnt notice that...
  13. funny thing I did in real life.

    Actually, at the time, I did think it was funny, but I was in 4th grade... But I'm not proud of it...I just wanted to say it because I don't anyone to think that they are alone...
  14. konnor

    A guildmember recruited him in my guild about two or three days ago. He seemed like an alright guildmember, until yesterday. I get on, and for some reason, he just keeps saying that my guild is doomed to fall, and I ask him to give me his imput on that. Well, he does, and I listen to him as any good guildmaster would do, until he insults one of my guildmembers for no reason at all for merely talking to me. I just keep my head on straight, and let it fly by. I had told him that if he some suggestions for our guild, he could post them on the website or talk to me, but then he tells me to boot him. I do as he asks, then he turns around and calls me immature and a childish name (peanut-brain?) and hasn't said anything since. He told me before he left that he is indeed a guildjumper, so he may be looking for another guild to spew illogical rhetoric (advice as he calls it) into and insult the guildmembers. For players, it would be wise to judge this book by his cover, as they say, and for the guilds, I recommend not recruiting him unless you want some very unhappy guildmembers or a big headache. Thank you for reading this. I also did a little digging, and a couple of my allies had also had troubles with him in the past, so I'm not alone.
  15. Whats your favorate band?

    See-saw....it's a japaneses band...they do a lot of anime music. But I also like guns 'n' roses, bon jovi, etc...I like classic rock.