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  1. IP Ban

    Greetings, I often get banned IP addresses at my parents house. Could you please whitelist carone? I don't want to keep resetting the connection until I get one that's not banned. Thanks in advance, carone
  2. Bot name: busy Owner: carone Other contacts: idle members Purpose: trade Bot name: idle Owner: carone Other contacts: idle members Purpose: trade
  3. Greetings! Auctioning off an Inorganic Removal Stone for someone. Let's start at 400k gc Auction ended. Sold for 862k gc Also accepting the following items: NMT cape (200k gc) Silver Ore (2 gc) Diamonds (3 gc) Air Essences (7.5 gc)
  4. Buying a few rare books

    Greetings! I'd like to buy the following books: Book of Thermal Sword Book of Iron Broad Sword of Ice Book of Steel Long Sword of Ice Book of Accuracy Make me an offer here or in-game(name also carone) if you have any of them and want to sell. =)
  5. bot owners...

    Good idea. ingame name carone bot: busy
  6. awesome Germans !

    Ich glaub ich hab hier auch noch nicht hallo gesagt. Moin!
  7. Ideas for improving game UI

    I think this is exactly the kind of people you should be listening to when it comes to UI improvement ideas. We've been using this interface way too long to be able to judge it properly, imo. Alright, there may be ways to do the things he is asking for but that doesn't mean the way it's implemented now is perfect. We've all grown accustomed to the way it's in the game now and for us it's (relatively) easy to play this way and we don't really require anything else. But this is a player who probably just started out and is having difficulty getting simple information out of the game like things in his storage. The information is available so why make it so hard to access the information? Does everything in the game have to be a challenge? I've never seen the old storage UI so I don't know what it was like but I know it used to be different(much harder to work with) and it was made much more user-friendly. Why stop there? I for one would love to have a storage menu without being at the storage, sorted by categories instead of a huge list of all items or alternatively with a search mask as it is now. And for those who want to feel special about themselves by typing in commands manually keep the old system. As to the formulas in combo boxes: Another thing I wouldn't mind. But I'd make it so you could only enter formulas yourself not have them all available automatically. Anyway, I think he has made valid suggestions and doesn't deserve the typical response of "It's already in the game, live with it (and suffer) like we had to for a long time or go away please". There are probably more important things that require attention than UI improvement but that doesn't justify some of the responses, imo, not just in this thread.
  8. Taking orders for Rings of Mana Destruction

    In that case I'll just keep making rings I can actually make a profit and XP with, which is quite possible. No reason whatsoever to make mana destruction rings then.
  9. Greetings! Taking orders for Rings of Mana Destruction: 300gc each They remove 20 Mana from your opponent. Please post here or PM me ingame(carone)
  10. Storage sale

    I'll take the 59 Beaver fur and 166 Deer Fur for 1k gc Ingame name carone
  11. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I dont care about the amount of quartz that cutthroat Harvy wants for one vial, let it be 1, 3 or 10, who cares. Only a few steps away from Harvy is white quartz, so feel free to take a pickaxe with you and harvest as much as you need. Oh, youre not a harvester, dont have the knowledge to mine quartz? Then buy the vials from the specialists for a reasonable price! So, maybe lowering the goldcoins Harvy wants for one vial would help the potion makers to get affordable vials. Piper The point is that with 500 carry capacity, for example, right now you can get only 50 vials with a full load of quartz. It simply takes too long to walk even that short distance and harvest a full load of quartz(even with a high harvest level that's a few minutes) for a mere 50 vials. The amount of quartz and the time involved in getting it is what sets the price for a vial not really the 3gc. Otherwise quartz wouldn't be traded for 2gc in the market like everything else that weighs 2 emu, it would be free.
  12. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Anyone sharing his point of view? Absolutely. I don't sell SRS myself because I use them when I train but I know that it's pretty much the only potion you can make money with. A mana potion at 10 would make the SRS almost completely useless, and feel free to PK me for this comment but it's not all about the fighters all the time. Yes, it would've made fighting a bit easier, but if everyone would stop being so damn selfish all the time and bitch everytime a decision was made that makes their own lives a tiny bit harder without considering what it means for the whole game, many things, not only fighting, could have been so much nicer already. Don't look at the direct consequences to your way of playing, try to look at the big picture when you comment about changes to the game. Anyway, one suggestion while we're talking about potions. How about making BR potions stackable but at the same time lower the price at Mira a little bit so it doesn't turn into a money machine and/or increase emu, or increase amount of HP they restore(maybe this could be discussed in another thread?). They're pretty much useless for most players especially now that prices are going up because of the vials being lost. It would be nice to have another potion in the game people can use and potioners can make money with. And about the price of vials at the moment. May I suggest lowering the required quartz for one vial to 3? At 5 quartz+3gc for one vial it's a big pain to buy them. The change is just so huge all of a sudden, we're going from vials being free(comes with feasting potion) to costing 3gc+5quartz. Let the flaming begin!
  13. Glilin Event Results

    Not that it really matters, but I had 65 points. 1 fox scarf 1 iron sword 1 iron shield 1 fur cloak 2 steel chains (damn it! lol) 1 fur gloves 1 leather helmet
  14. gold

    I agree, it has to be balanced, simply adding huge amounts of money is not a solution, but at the moment the imbalance is on the side of too little money. Especially with more and more expensive items coming into the game. It's okay that only few people can afford the new stuff, but at the moment I think it takes way too long to earn the money for such items. The fun involved in reaching the goal is minimal. And about fighters getting money from other players: First of all, who is this supposed to be and where exactly are they getting their money? The other skills don't generate much money either. The only source of quick money is harvesting. And you say that other professions' income is from other players so fighters should get their money from other players too. So if everyone gets their money from other players that means no money comes into the game, it just travels from player to player in exchange for goods. That's excellent, until you have to buy something from an NPC and throw the money out of the system. That money has to come back into the game in some way, so why not through monster drops? Why mostly by selling harvestables? This is unnecessary so the monster gc drop has to be increased, and I still believe that NPC's should buy most producable goods so that other professions don't have to rely completely on other people to buy their stuff. There is way more being produced than is needed, but that's been discussed enough in the economy threads. So, why should the fighters have to sit down at a bush and pick flowers all day? Are they being punished for something? A game is supposed to be fun, not hard work or in this case boring work. That's why I think the money drops from monsters should be increased further. One more thing: Even though it may sound like it, I'm not a fighter. I want to see fighters with more money because eventually they'd come to me to buy stuff with the money they get from fighting.
  15. gold

    Making XP and money at the same time does not prevent character interaction at all. On the contrary, right now the fighters make the things they need for fighting themselves, because they can't afford to buy them. How exactly is that helping player interaction more than them having money and possibly buying those things from other players(alch, manu, crafters)?