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  1. Kusamura Temple

    So every step i do i need to click on myself?
  2. Kusamura Temple

    I was training my a/d levels in the temple of Kusamura. Some guy came to me and told me i was standing in a pk arena and he warned me that he would kill me. He came into the big circle (arena) and i thought he was joking because when i clicked on him i had the message: Not here! (can't attack players in non combat maps) So i tried to continue my training, but then he harmed and bombed me to death. How is that possible on a non combat map? I heard its a pk spot or what ever it may be, why didnt i get a warning about that? Also i heard there are more spots like that, so this post is not only for the kusamura temple. I would like to know where I'm safe or not.
  3. 200k iron ore for sale

    I would like to buy 8k I tried to pm you, but you are not online, I will keep trying, or pm me when you are online
  4. Buying Iron Ore.

    Bought it
  5. Fall! is recruiting

    Or ask me here questions if you need more info about Fall!
  6. Fall! is recruiting

    The guild Fall! is recruiting. Pm Nostalg or Bulletje in game, or check our Forum: Click here. Its under construction All skills are welcome. cya
  7. Buying Iron ore

    Topic closed!
  8. Buying Iron ore

    I'm buying 10k Iron Ore for 3gc each post here or pm me ingame!
  9. 1337

    Ty sis
  10. Hi Here is my story. I was pvping with unknownsoldier (guild DSR) so Theprince is a guildy from unknownsoldier. We where waithing because unknownsoldier had -10 a/d. Theprince enter the pk area and he att me, and after a few sec. he killed me with 4 summ. stone's. I was pissed off so i iged DSR with I'll make you guys red! i get a apologize and he said i give your rost back. But he was on a db so he cant come to me. I asked him to help, and when i was at the area there was no one. i pmed him with wtf where are you, there is no db. he says I'm killed and that's your fault! why should i ask some one to kill you? i want my rost back and every thing is oke then. 21:56:18] unknownsoldier: hey a guildie of mine is gonna come and watch but he isnt gonna do anything ok? [21:56:30] Bulletje: kk [21:56:45] Bulletje: already finished? [21:56:51] unknownsoldier: one sec two more lvls [21:56:57] Bulletje: Hey [21:57:00] Bulletje: lol? [21:57:06] unknownsoldier: where he go [21:57:11] Bulletje: dunno ask on gm [21:57:18] unknownsoldier: kk one sec [21:57:23] Bulletje: wb [21:57:28] unknownsoldier: lol where did u go [21:57:49] THEPRINCE: LOL I GOTTA GET THE BABY [21:58:01] Bulletje: Are you father? [21:58:08] unknownsoldier: i am [21:58:10] unknownsoldier: hehe [21:58:11] THEPRINCE: no [21:58:15] unknownsoldier: i got 2 and im only 17 [21:58:21] Bulletje: lol? [21:59:10] Bulletje: Thats not very old....how old are your childrens? [21:59:22] Bulletje: and already finshed? [21:59:29] unknownsoldier: one is 1 and the other isnt born [21:59:33] unknownsoldier: one more lvl [21:59:48] Bulletje: kk o.0 succes [21:59:56] Game Time: 04:18:10 [22:00:01] Bulletje: kk i att in 50se [22:00:04] Bulletje: c [22:00:05] Bulletje: :> [22:00:08] unknownsoldier: 3gm no dnt [22:00:14] Bulletje: yeah dont att me [22:00:17] Ok, you are disengaged from combat, now run (err, walk away)!!! [22:00:18] You can't do that while fighting! Duh! [22:00:22] Bulletje got mana burned by the Black Bear [22:00:22] You failed to flee. [22:00:24] You failed to flee. [22:00:24] Bulletje got cooldowned! [22:00:26] Bulletje is now answering an age-old question. [22:00:26] You have died and gone to the Underworld! [22:00:42] [PM to Gossip: about unknownsoldier] [22:00:48] [PM from Gossip: unknownsoldier was logged on as of a few minutes ago. ] [22:00:48] [PM from Gossip: I last saw unknownsoldier about 1 hours ago, walking around. ] [22:00:48] [PM from Gossip: unknownsoldier is a male elf. ] [22:00:48] [PM from Gossip: unknownsoldier was in the DSR guild as of 10 minutes ago. ] [22:00:48] [PM from Gossip: You know, unknownsoldier paid me well to keep my mouth shut on the stats! ] [22:00:48] [PM from Gossip: Here's the bio that unknownsoldier wrote: ] [22:00:48] [PM from Gossip: but why is all the rum gone? ] [22:00:56] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] WTF!!!!!!? [22:01:32] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] i was pvping with unkownsoldier and some one of your guild att me! [22:01:48] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] can you tell me why? :/ [22:02:25] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] well if you dont speak i'll turn you red [22:02:31] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] your choise [22:02:42] [PM to Gossip: members on DSR] [22:02:42] [PM from Gossip: These are the members of DSR that are on, to the best of my knowledge:] [22:02:42] [PM from Gossip: _toxic_ theprince unknownsoldier ] [22:02:51] Guild dirty south rydaz has 5 members. The guild URL is: default General info: we some down south gangsta doin our thang in the world of EL [22:02:51] Joining the guild: u must have some kind of thugness or badassness to join [22:03:08] Welcome to White Stone, Lakeside Village [22:03:22] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] fine i set you red now [22:03:37] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] thnx the noob of DSR [22:03:41] Gossip: I'm pleased to see you looking so well, Ferny! [22:03:47] #Ig [unknownsoldier:DSR] i did not do it [22:03:59] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] thats true but he dont speak to me [22:04:01] Welcome to Desert Pines! [22:04:21] #Ig [unknownsoldier:DSR] i apologize for his actions [22:04:38] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] i want a apologize from him [22:04:39] Welcome to the Mynadar, Valley of the Dwarves! [22:05:17] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] ill gve rosto bak [22:05:39] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] ooh he can speak :> well that will be great [22:06:28] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] if you do that i can set you back to normal [22:07:25] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] i would but i can not move off of unknown death bag [22:07:25] [PM to THEPRINCE: where shall we meat?] [22:07:37] [PM from THEPRINCE: i cnt move] [22:07:43] [PM to THEPRINCE: why is he death?] [22:08:02] [PM from THEPRINCE: i kicked him an summoned cuz he cry 4 u] [22:08:09] [PM to THEPRINCE: lol] [22:08:16] [PM to THEPRINCE: well take the bag....] [22:08:22] [PM to THEPRINCE: if he isnt in your guild] [22:09:10] [PM to THEPRINCE: or leave the db] [22:09:26] [PM from THEPRINCE: no he buddy] [22:09:30] [PM to THEPRINCE: kk] [22:09:40] [PM to THEPRINCE: shall i waith in tg sto?] [22:10:06] [PM from THEPRINCE: hes afk] [22:10:26] [PM to THEPRINCE: take the bag and give it later bag] [22:10:28] [PM to THEPRINCE: back] [22:10:34] [PM to THEPRINCE: you cant sit there for 3 hours] [22:10:47] [PM from THEPRINCE: no oveerloaded] [22:11:01] [PM to THEPRINCE: so you wanna sit there for 3 hours?] [22:11:08] [PM to THEPRINCE: or do you need help from me?] [22:11:29] [PM from THEPRINCE: i cnt carry all the items] [22:11:34] [PM to THEPRINCE: shall i help?] [22:11:50] [PM from THEPRINCE: yea] [22:13:23] Welcome to Tarsengaard [22:13:55] [PM from THEPRINCE: hurry 4 i get pked] [22:14:06] [PM to THEPRINCE: yes run] [22:14:10] [PM to THEPRINCE: almost there] [22:14:18] [PM to THEPRINCE: I run*] [22:14:30] [PM to THEPRINCE: take some shit out of the arena] [22:14:32] You entered the Mage School and magically everything seems to be way larger than outside. [22:15:00] You entered private area of the building. [22:15:00] You are too far away. [22:15:01] [PM from THEPRINCE: i got nothin on me besides he] [22:15:10] [PM to THEPRINCE: k] [22:15:11] [PM from THEPRINCE: give me srs] [22:15:18] [PM from THEPRINCE: were r u] [22:15:27] [PM to THEPRINCE: i'm empty almost there] [22:15:37] As You come closer to the doors, You are alerted by the sounds of fight! Combatants may be gone when You enter but better be cautious... (PK area ahead!). [22:15:39] You entered Training Room (PK area). [22:15:49] You are too far away. [22:15:55] [PM to THEPRINCE: where are you?] [22:16:01] [PM to THEPRINCE: there is no db] [22:16:03] [PM from THEPRINCE: pked] [22:16:06] [PM to THEPRINCE: sure] [22:16:09] [PM from THEPRINCE: damn u] [22:16:15] [PM to THEPRINCE: kk i trust you] [22:16:22] [PM to THEPRINCE: shall we meat in votd?] [22:16:39] [PM from THEPRINCE: did u get sum1 to pk me] [22:17:11] [PM to THEPRINCE: no omg i want my rost so why should i ask some one to pk you?] [22:17:52] [PM to THEPRINCE: so shall we meat in votd?] [22:18:24] unknownsoldier: where is my db? [22:18:26] [PM from THEPRINCE: no u made me lose 2 capes stell hhelm an mol] [22:18:51] [PM to THEPRINCE: dude...stfu and you didnt kicked unkown] [22:19:03] Bulletje: dunno theprince got it [22:19:19] [PM from THEPRINCE: i did he rejoin ed 7mins ago] [22:19:38] unknownsoldier: he isnt answering me on GM [22:19:39] [PM to THEPRINCE: he cant rejoin when he is afk] [22:19:52] [PM from THEPRINCE: b4 he went afk] [22:20:04] [PM to THEPRINCE: you tell me only lies!] [22:20:13] [PM from THEPRINCE: kk wtfe] [22:20:49] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] Thnx theprince i'll make you guys red now and special for theprince i'll post you on outlaws [22:21:04] Ok, color set! [22:21:15] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] kk i post u to [22:21:19] #Ig [unknownsoldier:DSR] omg not me [22:21:28] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] for what?? haha [22:21:53] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] i video cammed an it shows u getn sum1 to pk me [22:22:08] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] oke let me see the video [22:22:27] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] u tube it will go...an u had sum 1 pk me [22:22:37] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] not really [22:22:45] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] who was it? [22:22:57] [PM from unknownsoldier: do u wanna buy a tit helm] [22:23:02] [PM to unknownsoldier: no] [22:23:02] [PM from unknownsoldier: Automessage: I am currently away from my computer] [22:23:03] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] i wonder wat a video would look like on out lawz wit ur name [22:23:13] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] kk [22:23:23] #Ig [bulletje->DSR] have fun [22:24:06] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] u cnt post me i did nothin [22:24:33] #Ig [THEPRINCE:DSR] an if u do u violate rule 3 buddy an i will hve u banned I have printscreen's if you want them.
  11. Looking For A Guild

    1337 is recruiting
  12. 1337

    "Guild 1337" - Leet, is Looking for new members!!! All skillz are welcome! to join you need 1 skill above or at 20 (not harvest or overall) We also need ally's or Friend's (You can pm me in game )
  13. What was your first guild?

    -[NL] -Ca$h -MooN -=hc= -[NL] --EF-
  14. server probs?

    I cant logg in
  15. Hello - Server Problems

    I cant log on..... nvm lol