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  1. how do i know if i baned?

    just a day left..................so bored without this great game
  2. how do i know if i baned?

    You have been playing since 2006 and didn't know a pm to you was meant for you? Not to mention it *should* have rung a bell in your head when you asked if you were locked if you had been there to see those pm's. i havent play since 2006 i just play off and on .. i dont even think i played 7 months in all since i have started.. thats the frist invastion i ever been to. and didnt see the pms cause of the chat spam while i was fighting.
  3. how do i know if i baned?

    i can live with a 3 day lock .... mabe i will make me a mule cause i so broke........ o wait i got to work on my van...tune up and stufff
  4. how do i know if i baned?

    my bad i didnt know if you was talking to me.... i dont have one of them stones
  5. how do i know if i baned?

    aww wounder how long
  6. how do i know if i baned?

    can any check and see if i am baned??? names yardbox...cause i cant login
  7. Yet another school shooting

    As long as there is one gun on the street all men and woman should have the right to bare arms also,regardless of having felon record (can get a felon just for kicking some ass holes ass) does this mean you should get shoot in head and robed and not be aloud to protect yourself? and if they take the guns out of bad people hands i feel sorry for future victims getting killed by harmers and baseball bats ,that being more painful then just getting shot to death.No one thinks about that.I sure rather be shot in face then stabed 31 times(GUNS DONT KILL -PEPOLE KILL)
  8. A critic to the today's EL server update

    this is very good update.still could use some tweeks.good job guys and girls.i think they sould be untradeable by players.end of story.

    still selling
  10. Music you listen too while playing EL

    AC/DC -- HELLS Bells http://www.sonymusic.com/artists/ACDC/vide...ellsvidfull.ram AC/DC --- SHE SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG. KID ROCK--ALL OF THEM

    I sure ill still have some bones in few days.Pm me when you ready.
  12. Tankel

    where is the loc of this npc?

  14. Velkyn

    Good story so far.I cant wait to read the the rest.
  15. Pillory

    heh while in pillory u could pay hit them with a stick or a whip.