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  1. Is this fair?

    I was just making up a number when i said 6, no idea what it is was trying to get him to leave me alone.
  2. Linux Install..woe is me..

    Got it, a post The_Piper made for someone else helped me.
  3. Crash after login..

    I open the client, enter my information, and go... The game loads all the way then it looks like its about to show my character but its a black screen with my HUD and FPS counter which is always on 1, I can also see people chatting. The game closes 5~ seconds later. My poor_man is on, sound off... I looked for other topics with the same problem but they were all crash on loading or whatever.. not after login.
  4. bag bug..

    ok i was in isle of the forgotten i harvested 14 titanium ore i went walking to an igloo to glacmore as i was walking i realized the titanium ore was useless and would only take up my emu and i was map walking and wondered what would hapen if i sat down while map walking and tried to drop stuff in the few secounds i was sitting.. i sat down clicked the ti ore icon and started clicking it onto the ground (droping it) as quick as i could.. i saw 4 bags apear infront of me instantly.. even though i was still siting on the first one... i took a pic but its not of the original one.. i recreated it several times.
  5. Cant change resolution

    in game
  6. Cant change resolution

    when i click some of the optional resolutions.. it says 'Stop playing with the configuration file and select valid modes!' hapend only for 2 or 3 of them..
  7. man with no hp

    i know the bug is known, but i was told to post this..this is what hapens if you do it till your hp hits 0
  8. Trading

    lol, both put up a bone or small item that costs next to nothing...and make it go to your inv..and everything else to your storage. that should make it work. if not im an idiot, but it works for me
  9. BackMasking/ Subliminal Messages in music.

    dont be such a pu___ peeper.
  10. Ip ban..O.o?

    When i try to log on the game says my IP is baned because I did something nasty. I don't really play the game anymore, if I did something bad can I at least be told what it was? Also maybe get my ip unbanned if it was a mistake. (or whitelist or whatever its called -.-) -------TY--------
  11. funny pics

  12. funny pics

  13. Guess the player name!

    Foehammer?? O.o thor carried a hammer...so...lol -.-
  14. Defend EL's honor

    EL is not better. to compare them is like comparing a thermal serp to an iron sword...