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  1. In Memoriam

    She fought the brave fight, now this valkyrie goes to rest, farewell Des, you will be missed!
  2. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    Its simple to me, look at the question, if someone intentionally searched for your hyperbag, that part shows planning a forethought designed to do one thing, take that which you made. As for Spleenfeeder's remark about leaving bags in public lands, the remark is a bit strange in a place where only guild maps are not public lands. Half the posts here talk about how the hyperbags were not meant to be tempory storages or such, if so, then why locks? there is no other logical reason for hyperbags in the first place. I will agree that many people are stupid in placing the bags and do deserve to lose them, putting one right at a busy deposit is like asking people to take it, if your gonna make one do it in a remote place and take things to it in such a way that others don't suspect. In my case it all boils down to something that seems rarer by the day, taking something someone else worked for lacks honor, something all to often ignored. Hyperbags, work bags or death bags are all the same to me, if I find one I either try to return it or relock it and walk away. But this is no longer my problem to deal with as I am leaving EL, so I will allow the current members of the EL community to decide what kind of honor they prefer. Peace with you all, DG
  3. Server down or my internet?

    I got off work last night and connected first try from Taylorville, Illinois on my DSL from CTItech/Illinois Consilidated, found some interesting things on the maps and was hoping to continue checking them out today.....Wrong!!! At 4 or 5 AM I had EL, when I got back up at 10, no EL. Hopefully when I get off work at 11:30 I will once again be able to play, at least I might have my EL nights!
  4. Server down or my internet?

    I attempted a traceroute to that IP and it timed out, I sent you the details of that in a forum PM Entropy, hope it helps ya spot the bottleneck. I miss EL!!
  5. What was your first guild?

    KotE- Knights of the Earth some good times there, till everyone in charge went to other games HNR- The Guardians of Honor founded on principles I still try to live by, it fell apart when the leaders left us GDC- The short-lived rebirth of one of the early guilds of EL, which merged with my present guild HIM
  6. How old are you?

    46 but 16 at heart
  7. Today's Invasion

    Just wanted to say that I got to participate in both invasions and had a blast. Its been a long time since we had this type of invasion and I for one have missed em. For those unfamiliar with these invasions, unless otherwise announced, IP is usually a safe map to stay on or inside buildings on most maps. I thank all those involved for the hard work and the roleplaying. Its the things like this that keep the game fresh with that little touch of the unexpected.
  8. Bots channel

    Sounds like a great idea to me, I know some people prefer trading with bots and others with humans, giving each a seperate channel would expidite things for them.
  9. "Day of oldschool PK"

    Perhaps make one PK map that has an underlying strata of lodestone that prevents the use of any of tne Uber armors or weapons. Just leather and bronze armor and wooden and bronze weapons would work. It would make an interesting place to train and lets face it, no one uses rostos to save their leathers. Might also say that magic more complex than say level 5 and magical items would be messed up by the strong magetic force in the area and work,if at all, in strange and often detrimental ways. Just an idea of how to implement MasterPiter's idea, which sounds interesting to me.
  10. sartan is a bagjumper

    Hats off to the Rangers and 1&0 for their teamwork and help in returning the items that Sartan stole from my guildie, I wish all his victims could be aided in a similar fashion.
  11. New Guild: First and Only

    Sartan is not in this guild, it is one of the many he had the nerve to disgrace with his presence, but no longer. Good luck with your guild guys losing that one went a good way in the right direction.
  12. Update changes

    This looks like the kind of boost that crafting has been needing for a long time.
  13. Scarr

    1 rule that people should follow before posting someone as an outlaw, you should have proof, either a few very reliable witnesses known to be neutral to both parties or many random ones, you have neither here, just a suspicion, that, in my opinion is not sufficient to name someone an outlaw. I have known scarr to be willing to take anything from a PK kill, but have never heard of em bagjumping in non-pk areas and I know they don't need to. Arnieman and I have both been PKed by scarr, but never bagjumped and it seems out of charactor.
  14. 1/2 food for manu Day

    err... the #day stuff is completely server side, the browser completely client... are you sure that the links you were planing to open were recognisable? (starting with http:// or www. IIRC) Yes I am certain I used the F2 both before and after the day but it would not even try to work while the day of joule was in effect and I tried it on several links
  15. 1/2 food for manu Day

    The only bug I noticed during 1/2 food day was that I was unable to use F2 to open my firefox browser, I could use it before and after the day but not during it