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  1. Since when is speaking and expressing your own opinion against "the law"?

    back2theroots ftw!


    Your opinions were not asked for. (I'm allowed to express my opinion anywhere, ain't I?)

    You were being a disruptive ass and were asked to stop, and you did not. (Well, I did stop actually (before I was booted, of course).)

    You were not invited nor asked to speak. (I'm allowed to speak anywhere, even when I'm not invited, ain't I?)

    You were intentionally being disrespectful, harassing people there, harassing mods, and deliberately looking to make trouble thinking you were within the letter of the law. (They were harassing me as well, even when they're your friends, you gotta punish them then as well.)


    This is my last post, since your previous posts make absolutely no sense and you even accused me of things I never did (pee-thingy).

    Then you did not acknowledge that you were wrong and were just saying how well you are informed (which might be true or not, not up to me to judge).


    You seem to have no valid reason to back up your ban. (You are obviously unable to provide me with quotes, too)


    That's it for me, the ceremony was a blast after all.

  2. Why saying

    Oh yeah, nice conversation starting, asking where you can pee. Really, enough already.



    Well, might you be so nice and show me some quotes of "joris" actually where I did something wrong and especially what? (that are not out of context!)

    I wasn't sharing the same opinion with others (mods & friends of those), so I get booted?

  3. That was "Teh_Psycho" or something, not me. My char was "joris".

    Get your facts straight.


    [18:41:52] Teh_Psycho: where can i pee here


    I didn't say I had those problems with you or a mod. I didn't even say I had them in EL.

  4. You asked me no question other than can you ask a question in a sarcastic way. If you had a valid question that was not just to push the envelope even further, you would have asked it.

    You were asked repeatedly to stop, you did not, you deliberately kept going.

    You broke rules #2,3, and 25 in spades.


    I stopped it, in the end I wanted to stay to see what's going on and was getting flamed. (hi2u rule3)


    Well, I asked whether I can ask a question or not and didn't get a reply, if I would've asked my question right away you might have taken it wrong or whatever, had similar problems before.


    [PM from LabRat: fuck off] (hi2u rule2)

  5. I was running around in votd and saw the desdamona ceremony, was starting a small discussion there. All people directly flamed me and stuff, (Well, I did nothing against the rules IMO, at least not after I got warned by Aislinn, who I pm'd bakc with a question but didn't get answered, at least not that I noticed)


    Desdamona might've been your friend, although if you say I'm disrespectful this must be a joke.

    Stick to the rules and don't take everything personal. (hi2u WolfWitch/JezeBelle, cant remember who it actually was)

    I'm just expressing my opinion and people start to flame, insult and threaten me? Great!


    Well, I don't even expect to get unbanned since i hardly play anymore, just want to know how you explain this ban.


  6. buying


    1 branch of destruction offer

    50 diss rings 80gc each

    1.5k air e 7gc each

    500 matter e 9gc each

    500 spirit e 9gc each

    1k energy e 8gc each

    150 potion of defense 25gc each

    100 potion of attack 25gc each