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  1. What was your first guild?

    IRON for 3-4 years (with 2chars) Now: L.A.
  2. buying/selling

    thanks for the trade
  3. selling Halberd

  4. Human nexus removal stone

  5. Human nexus removal stone

  6. Auction: Halberd

    5k (Hopefully it's not again one of your "if-it-doesnt-reach-the-buy-now-price-I-won't-sell auctions".) SquE ingame
  7. Storage Clearout

    I take the 23 Bear Furs.
  8. storage clearout

    I take the bones and all iron broads SquE ingame
  9. ELG Guild Shop

    6k silver ore, 6k iron ore, please total of 31.5k gc SquE
  10. buying/selling

    pmme ingame SquE
  11. buying/selling

    offer didnt fit so its still for sale
  12. buying/selling

    Ok, pmme ingame if you still want it
  13. selling black dragon set

    SOLD! post here or pm SquE ingame
  14. ELG Guild Shop

    10k diamonds, 10k silver ore, please. total of 50k gc. SquE ingame
  15. Ts to -15 ?

    Whats ur nickname?
  16. buying/selling

  17. Black dragon armor auction

    Why dont you just start the auction with the minimal price you want to have?
  18. buying/selling

    pmme ingame "SquE"
  19. buying/selling

  20. Black dragon armor auction

  21. Black dragon armor auction

  22. Black dragon armor auction

    100k gc
  23. ELG Alchemy Shop

    Thanks for you order HaRes, we consider all offers. I have not accepted this yet as the price is an issue; cost of iron is 3.25, quartz 2 each, total ing cost = 9.25, + food cost of about 1. Yes I know, you can bagmix in a certain cavern. But there is a reason bots sell at 10 each. Will leave this open till we've cleared the big bar orders, then I'll be in touch to discuss. We do this purely to fund research etc so we need it to be profitable. I discussed this price out with "Alddra".