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  1. Happy 5 Year Anniversary, EL!

    Happy anniversary EL!
  2. Corpus Opis

    Omg! Spooney wooney woo woo wooo! Lovely! <3 LOL. You are great guys.
  3. Corpus Opis

    *CO* for the win! ;-)
  4. Have yuo ever played ELSudoku? :)

    CONGRATZZ. Yay, great! ;-)
  5. Use-click Equipment

    Hum yeah, also thought about that, but how do you double click when things are in the quickbar. Pressing ctrl+[number] 2 times?
  6. New Death Messages

    xxx tried to be like Chuck Norris, but failed. xxx found weapons of mass destruction. xxx lives on in a barrel.
  7. Hullo (Kio), don't know if this has been suggested before, but I found nothing about it with the search function. So here comes my first suggestion: When clicking a Weapon/Armor/wearable equipment with the "pointy-finger"-use-symbol (you know what I mean) then you wear it. It would just be a second way to equip stuff, together with the possibility to drag and drop it into one of the 8 boxes like it is now. You may ask why? It works fine how it is? Yes it works fine. But the new option makes the inventory more comfortable and you could equip everything faster. Another advantage is that you could put a sword into one of the 6 quick-slots while training, and if you notice that a monster is about to pwn you, then you could use a sword really quick. Second suggestion: What about a button in the options, which changes the current mode of equipping items to a new one, which automatically unequips stuff when you equip an item of the same type. Example: current: You wear a leather armor and want to wear a steel armor. Unequip leather armor (or getting an error message if stuff is not unequipped). Equip steel armor. new: You still wear that cheesy leather armor and want to wear a steel armor. Equip steel armor. (Leather armor gets unequipped automatically) But this should be optional, since I think some people would like to have it the current way. What do you think about it? or ? See you around ~Moon
  8. Mortos Race

    You neeeed to do this kind of event again some time. :-) It was fun! Thanks to the team.
  9. Hey everyone, hey german folks, since I'm not really active in our Eternal-Lands anymore, I decided that I might sell the www.eternal-lands.de domain which I own. This is because I would like to see it used again for the game .. and I didn't do this for at least half a year, which is kind of stupid because I'm still paying for it, heh. A long time ago it was the first fanpage of EL, then later on, when I made the el.com page, it turned into the CO guild page and well .. now it's unused. So if you are interested in the domain please send me a PM here on the forums with your offer (would also like to know what you plan to do with it. If you want to make a link to run-escape.com or something I won't sell it to you ). And since it's about real money and not a GC or item auction I think it's better to do it private and not in this thread. The auction ends when I think that I found the right person to set up a new homepage on the eternal-lands.de domain. edit: You can also contact me via mail tobias@hchentze.de or icq 120840700. If you have got any questions just ask. See you around ~Moon
  10. Bp cape

    Free st00f plx? :-)
  11. Happy Birthday EL

    Happy birthday from me as well. :-)
  12. New Monster

    Lool, that's me ^_^ Meanie. :-D
  13. Forgotten Kingdom

    I think many people already said it ingame or before alraedy, but I will do it again here. So what I have to say is that the contest was really great and we really had alot of fun! Thanks to all the people who organized it and played the roles. We really enjoyed it. :-) Thank you. :-)
  14. Items cooldown test

    Yeah and the other way round. Bread normally has a cooldown of 20 secs. When using a dis ring break suddenly cools down for 30 secs. o.O
  15. Items cooldown test

    When using a teleport ring during combat it says that it can't be used because you are fighting. As well the number of rings doesn't decrease, so you actually don't use a ring, but the cooldown phase of the teleport ring starts anyways. So the item is not used but cools down. I don't think it's supposed to be like that or is it?