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  1. very old players

    I'm alive as well, hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Selling 12,000 coal 2 gc ea

    Title and description says all
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    check this before buying harvestables!
  4. Michael Jackson dead.

  5. hi cant log in seems to got baneed but why

    Cloak in-game. I even sent you a forum pm, which a day later, you decided to strike back by blocking your PM system. Stop lying that you don't know me, I've got an in-game screenshot of our conversations too in case you continue denying that you know me.
  6. hi cant log in seems to got baneed but why

    [sorry, have to say this here, I know I shouldn't post in someone else's ban post but I have to.] To Violater: If you think you're such a clean person, in profile, why don't you decide to reply to my email or stop blocking PMs?
  7. hi cant log in seems to got baneed but why

    You have no right to get angry at eXe for scamming you, you're a scammer as well.
  8. all sold. lock topic please.

    Watch and laugh
  10. Hoods

    Uber lack of roleplay
  11. Emote codes for the client

    Maybe !nod is better? !nod !breakdance
  12. commanding magic

    Seriously, alt+1+click faster or ctrl+Up+enter? IMO it's a silly idea to add commands for spells when we can simply use with shortcut keys... (end of discussion, no commands for spells )
  13. The teset server needs some testing

    Radu, you can edit topic titles, right? Cause on my IP board forum, I can
  14. Artwork Updates

    they look great, the gargs great and evil