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  1. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    ... finally a chance to lay my hands on that ever tempting garter-belt of PT...
  2. IP Banned? damm torrentz! EL ...the new RIAA? lol

    thank Ms A., you always do wonders with what poor lame creatures we be. Problem resolved by the way, (turned off TOR, which was set as default)...hence different IPs. TY again, see you online. peace out
  3. refab old 17" macbook pro, OSX 10.4.11, 2.4G Intel Duo, 4G DDR2, Nividia GeForce 8600GT 256MB. Installed EL from site, followed instructions to which EL message states : Your IP is banned. That means you, or someone from your IP did something very nasty, so we had to block this IP address.... only 1 (one) nasty thing we do and we do that in the privacy of our homes (natch!) Due to work constraints can only log on after 9pm PST. Help? peace out postscript : i can log on test server (which I never have tried before but I'm gonna pass on testing PK server )
  4. I am quitting EL

    stay afloat, keep the cash flow going, and sappy sentiments aside....you'll be missed, peace out
  5. Bot marketplaces

    never bothered me to tele to either C1 and/or C2 to visit my fav bots...(some which I frequent because of a simple greeting, BOT owners take note ....nothing stops a possible client in their tracks than the sound of their name used in some form of salutation) I find myself agreeing with Lab's analogy of a overcrowded marketplace and avoidance of eye contact....and totaly understand pie's general sentiments toward the subject, due perhaps to the fact of once being in the same guild with his char. all in all I abstain, since frackly I'm of the opinion that this really is best decided by the BOT owners themselves, I'll go where I want...regardless
  6. small problem [SOLVED]

    kk, sry...thoughtless of meh After some google searches discovered that the drivers i installed from nVidia's site may not be compatible with some of Sony's product line (apparently this is an issue with many of Sony's models, both past and present) so i did a back up and uninstalled those and replaced them with drivers from Sony's site (as well as a firmware update for the Blu-Ray DVDROM) One reboot later and all is well... now if I only can locate EL's music files
  7. small problem [SOLVED]

    all fixed FTW!
  8. small problem [SOLVED]

    just bought Sony Vaio VGN-AR850E running Vista on 4 Gigs of memory, using nVidia GeForce 8600M GT w/ 512M of dedicated ram. All updates for OS applied (aslo checked DX10) and drivers for GPU downloaded. Following error message appears at EL log in. Exception Processing Message 0xc0000013 Parameters 0x75E692A0 0x00000004 0x75E692A0 0x75E692A0 any ideas?
  9. Invitation to Zia and EvilJoe's wedding

    Gratz ! happy for both of j00! (makes arragements for streaming live video links to Japanese contacts) ummmmm, where u2 gonna have ur honeymoon again?
  10. WTB Halberd+Spear

    Interested in these 2 items, PM me in game plz
  11. The Naralik Arena Showdown 3

    well crap, i thought i was already a participant from 2nd showdown competion sign up...
  12. Cape of no more warlock?

    gratz! I hope you got some nice exp! (cuz your fee is low imho )
  13. 2008 Presidential Candidates

    um, from this mayb? Project Vote Smart Synopsis: Vote to pass a bill that would require hospitals to provide information on undocumented immigrants seeking emergency medical care. ...oh RIGHT, let's NOT treat them so whatever illness they have, can be spread throughout the general population what was I thinking. Hospitals don't get paid = people won't get treated. I can see it now, hotel maids transmitting TB or janitors passing on the latest flu. BTW emigrants are migrateing people within a certain region, iirc while immigrants usually are people who come to a country of which they are not a native, usually for permanent residence. I could be wrong. America was founded by illegal immigration. Again I could be wrong. Your correct though, there are more provisions Ron Paul voted against within the same Bill HR 1, as in "-Establishes the Urban Area Security Initiative to provide grants to assist high-risk urban areas in “preventing, preparing for, protecting against, and responding to acts of terrorism,” and authorizes $5.3 billion to be appropriated through fiscal year 2012 [Title I (Sec. 101)]". You think states have the wherewithall (5.3 BILLION?) to contain/deal with say a terrorists attack on any major city's water supply? More so than the Feds? I was stationed in the U.S. gulf coast and have seen what a hurricane will do to the price of bottled water. The states in charge? PLZ! I hope that some of us will pause and consider that, the next time they drink from a fountain or fill a glass at the sink.
  14. 2008 Presidential Candidates

    hmmm so he votes no on this = http://www.vote-smart.org/issue_keyvote_de...&can_id=296 I bring to your attention this passage "-Requires that the secretary of homeland security, in consultation with the secretary of state, determine that a country’s participation in the visa waiver program will not compromise the security and law enforcement interests of the United States, the country has cooperated with the U.S. Government in counter-terrorism initiatives, the country has demonstrated a continuing sustained reduction in the rate of visa refusals, and there is demonstrated a low visa overstay rate, before allowing its participation in the visa waiver program [Title VII (Sec. 711 [c])]." ... guess Ron Paul thinks the states can do a better job... your not retarded, but if Ron Paul has his way, your kids may be... he voted no to the Head Start Program, not once http://www.vote-smart.org/issue_keyvote_de...&can_id=296 but twice http://www.vote-smart.org/issue_keyvote_de...&can_id=296 ...guess Ron Paul would fare pretty well if he could keep his constituents stupid Frankly what troubles most about the man (besides his stand on immigration issues) is the fact that WITH HIS BACKGROUND IN MEDICINE he voted against stem cell research in 2005 http://www.vote-smart.org/issue_keyvote_de...&can_id=296 and 2006 http://www.vote-smart.org/issue_keyvote_de...&can_id=296 and again in 2007 http://www.vote-smart.org/issue_keyvote_de...&can_id=296. Not to mention he wants doctors and hospitals to spy on patients http://www.vote-smart.org/issue_keyvote_de...&can_id=296
  15. Merry Xmas everybody

    Madre Mia! There is a Santa Claus !! I can post! I CAN POST !! Anyways, from San Diego, CA., Best Wishes to all my friends and EL family. (looks up, smiles and mumbles...) Thank You GOD, for the greatest sacrifice you gave us, may we never forget it throughout the year