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  1. Essences and Magic

    people carry more than 500 when they go out and make essences, it happens alot
  2. oh ok, well i wasn't to sure what droped what pots, but i know all of them are droped by some monster
  3. dysfuntional market system

    You can make money in almost all skill's if you try hard enough, ok some make more money than others, and some get more exp than others. Its the way the game is. We all want to make the skill we use the most make more money, and think that we have it worse off. I train pratical every skill, and have found that you can't make money being a true anything apart from harvesting. I would love to be able to be just a potioner, buying everything i need and just selling of my pots for money, but thats imposissble, and its like this for every skill. Either the game needs to be changed alot so that every skill works well, or we just stop bitching about it and get on with it. It's not like there is no way to earn money, if there was i would understand why so many people would bitch about it, but this is ways, yes you might have to do something you don't enjoy as much, but come on is it really that bad?
  4. I would just suggest have the true sight pots last longer, like 10-30 mins per pot. That solve's all problems apart from it means less true sight pots are sold and used, which isn't a problem as the true sight pots are worth so much. The only thing is that fluffys drop all the new pots meaning fighters can get the pots without having to buy them, but thats a different matter
  5. Essences and Magic

    There are alot of people who have more than 500 EMU though, including myself. If we could also carry them in the inv after the 5 slots get full then i would be ok with it, otherwise it means that no matter how much EMU you get you cant have more than 500 essence's. So basicly if magic ever becomes its own skill there would be no need to get up you EMU really
  6. Random thoughts

    i agree with most of these idea's, and as magic is ment to be a totally different way of killing things than fighting it should require around the same amount of pp's, that way you dont get people being fighters and mages, which would just totally ruin the idea. So i would say you need 1-20 magic nexuses to cast the spells, and then take chaoogie's idea of the more nexuses after that you have in magic the more damage you do. That way true mages could get it up to 50+ and do alot of damage, but people that uses it while fighting to cast things like restore would be useless with healing other people or doing damage with magic, but they could still use restore, which is the only spell fighters should be able to use (if you try taking away restore for fighters they wouldnt stop bitching )
  7. Starting something new! Place orders!

    i'ld take 1k rabbit furs at 5gc each, and not to bothered about when its done by
  8. Mortos Race

    i agree it was a great event like everyone said a little bit to easy. The monster where at a good level, i just found there was abit to few monster. i was expecting s rash of like 10 ogres but great event thanks
  9. Mortos Race

    im posting for lu_ton. Hes 99/98/44/60 and wants saturday
  10. Mortos Race

    64/65/24/26 friday. i'll go in the featherweight division with magpielee
  11. 2 New Cape Ideas

    10k is nothing..... it should be atleast 200k if not more for how good them capes are
  12. The Rare Wormwood!

    its used to make true sight pots (9 per pot, along with other new flowers)
  13. Visible Spells

    It's a good idea to atleast read the sticky's on thread before posting even if you don't search. In the FAQ thread, right at the buttom it says they will be in-game in the future
  14. An unhappy anniversary!

    lol i remember the crash. i lost a level 70 manuer :'( although it was easyer to level manu back then. Still after lossing it i quite EL. But it wasn't to long till the community draged me back here
  15. EL Trade website

    The site has been moved to a new host which makes it run alot faster now. Some graphic's (title and nav bar) have been added, which makes it look better too. The new link is http://www.rivanwarriors.com/market/index.php