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  1. Attention all Mixers of All Types!

    What a great idea. Please put me on the alt list too Shallara ~EvilShiva
  2. NMT breakable poll

    I voted yes, make it break. I feel it is better for the game as a whole if it breaks, although I as an individual would not like it to break. I do not see it being worth anything very soon if something is not done. I like the ideas on the chance of it breaking if you die or even it degrading and needing repaired is a good idea as well. Just my 2 cents. ~EvilShiva
  3. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    I voted yes, for reasons stated about multiple family members. I play and also have an alt, and my husband plays as well(with no alt). I also agree with piper he makes some good points. Plus most people who are going to have alts already have them. Yes, I agree that there needs to be limitations though.
  4. Gypsum vanished after update

    I looked through all my sections as well and couldnt find mine either. ~EvilShiva
  5. el girls club

    Hey guys...Hope I can join as well. I will try to make it to the Sunday meeting ~EvilShiva
  6. Frederico

    Just to let everyone know he is a bagjumper, not really pissed about it, it is petty but the point still is that he took stuff out of my bag right in front of me.....I was working on matter essies in CC. I was getting iron and running it back and forth to my bag and I come back and frederico is standing on my bag....when he gets off, all of my quartz(there werent that many maybe 20-40 total) were gone. The point is just that he took it. So I am just giving a heads up to watch your bag when he comes around. Here is a copy of my chatog. [13:23:27] EvilShiva: hop off my bag [13:23:34] frederico: no [13:23:41] [PM to frederico: u took my stuff] [13:24:09] [PM to frederico: i suggest you put my stuff back or i am posting you on forums] [13:24:12] You started to harvest Iron Ore. [13:24:19] [PM from frederico: ok ok ] [13:25:01] You stopped harvesting. [13:25:29] [PM from frederico: i dont take you itens] [13:25:34] [PM to frederico: yes you did] [13:25:35] You started to harvest Iron Ore. [13:25:39] [PM to frederico: you took my quartz] [13:25:52] [PM from frederico: no ] [13:25:56] [PM to frederico: should not have taken ANYTHING in the first place] [13:26:01] [PM to frederico: bagjumper you are] [13:26:17] [PM from frederico: mo sorry i dont take you itens] [13:26:25] [PM to frederico: you are going on outlaws]
  7. Halloween Weekend Relay Race ~win a NMT cloak~

    Signing up team NLF! 1.) Pepperspray ~ NLF 2.) Poetaytoe ~ NLF 3.) EvilShiva ~ NLF 4.) Blakis ~ NLF 5.) DMan ~ NLF 6.) Ayreus2 ~ NLF 7.) Candlegoat ~ NLF
  8. Volken from Guild die a scammer

    Oh yes that was messed up luring him into PK Volken, you sooooooooo scammed him!! You cannot claim 2 spawns, you should have shared reguardless of what he was fighting with, that is none of your concern!
  9. Special Sword Books for Sale

    Ok 1 book sold, so I only have 1 left
  10. Special Sword Books for Sale

    I currently have 2 Special Sword Manu books for sale. The price for each is 45k. I will accept gc/ores/sulfur(ores and sulfer @ 2gc each)! You can post here, or pm me ingame...EvilShiva Thanks
  11. New Crafting Business

    Once again great service guys! Thanks for the rings, and they were done so quickly! Great Job! Appreciate it greatly.
  12. New Crafting Business

    Thanks guys for the great service A+++++ I will definately be calling on you guys again Thanks so much!!!