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  1. Guess the player name!

    well i know who it is and that he's dead so i'm guessing - deadman
  2. Yeti spawns

    Rofl they'd still find something to whine about in a few months time anyway
  3. Selling Scythe

    Selling Scythe 120kgc New stats - 35-45 damage, +5 accuracy, to hit, to damage, radiation, 2% chance to do 150 damage pm me ingame or post here
  4. Selling Scythe

    Selling Scythe 130kgc Pm me ingame to buy or post here
  5. Selling Scythe

    Selling Scythe 170kgc post here or pm me ingame to buy SOLD
  6. Auction 40k bones

  7. Auction 40k bones

    Changed end of auction time. Few hours left to post or bones will be sold to Ilse with highest bid at 110kgc
  8. Auction 40k bones

    Auctionning 40k bones starting price - 80kgc Auction will end 24hours from time of post Happy bidding
  9. Titanium Helm of Life

  10. Dragon Helm of Life and Mana Auction

    Changed buy it now price to 230kgc Helm can be bought from tradebot Zartob in evtr
  11. Auctioning Dragon Helm of Life and Mana Armor: +4, +2 heat protection, +1 radiation and magic protection, +1 magic resistance, +170 life, +40 mana Starting price - 180kgc Buy it now - 230kgc Post bids here or pm me ingame
  12. Selling a few things

    5 serpent stones Warlock Cape 2 black dragon scales 10k bones Post your offers here or pm ingame
  13. Auction Accuracy Potion Book

    Starting bid 10kgc Buy it now 45kgc Auction ends 48 hours from time of posting SOLD
  14. What s your name in elvish or hobbit

    Elf: Galadriël Nólatári Hobbit: Lobelia Moss of Lake-By-Downs