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  1. can you believe this ? i can't

    OMG I mean, 2 fingers in a waistband... No, kids that age do not have any sexual feelings. Just tell the poor kid it's not okay to mess with other peoples clothes and leave it at that:/ Now we teach children that showing affection at all is bad?
  2. Funny Pic's

    Interesting results indeed And I do I do! They = s0 purrrdyyyyy!!!1!1!!one!!~
  3. Reconstruction Day

    Same for me, I got to keep 2 srs but did indeed also get the empty vials for those.
  4. Funny Pic's

    Tis m3
  5. It's not a joke , it's how it is, my xbox is right there on the shelf collecting dust and i haven't even finished playing baldurs gate on it
  6. Problems with the update

    Well, even with default settings (downloaded the entire game again) I had very low fps rate. In the previous version I had perspective set quite high without any problems at all, seems odd that it would make such a big difference. Not complaining though, I don't have to use poor man or disable shadows or whatever now with isometric view, it's all good again
  7. I have one, but EL keeps me to busy to play with it Guybrush Threepwood (spelling? It's been sooooooooooooooo loooooooooong!) Or maybe even Murray from those games (Monkey Island games)
  8. I'm stupid

    WB Vanyel
  9. Problems with the update

    *present* I have the same problem with fps. At first the game was really laggy just about all the time/everywhere. Now i changed perspective (at 0.07 now) and use isometric view like DrCrusher suggested in his post. My fps is back to normal now, so not really a big deal anymore i guess (thanks DrC! ) but it was still kind of annoying trying to hunt down teh new little critters. I do still however get a fps 'jump' coming out of console; goes from 3 to 30.
  10. Thread from spiders

    And then we'd need *wood* hammer & chisel? Or a special woodcarving knife?
  11. Face lifts :)

    Seeing those one might *almost* regret getting a p2p race
  12. An unlikely couple

    Congrats ! All gnomes in pink shirts should get married to eachother!