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  1. Kill the post above

    Mwuhahahahahahaha!!!1~ This one beats 'em all
  2. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    Well that doesn't make sense? We *both* died several times so why is there only one kill listed? Ohwell, not a major bug anyway just wanted to metion it
  3. Three word story

    quite dangerous when
  4. Three word story

    of my pet
  5. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    On the last no-drop day Leahatwood and myself went to kill a fluffy in grubani. We both got killed a couple of times of course but the strange thing is that the counter says I killed *her* once. My fellow guildie on a non-pk map... Makes my killcounter look pr0 LOL but it's not exactly what happened
  6. I voted no. It's fine the way it is now, just get kicked to pvp. The other day when Leah and I were teaming a fluff it already stated that I killed her (instead of the fluffy) and that was on a non-pk map lol. I'd hate to see misclicks in arena's or pk-maps on guildies.
  7. Three word story

    started to run
  8. Kill the post above

    Nothing beat the Chuck Norris
  9. LOL I decided not to get pk'd this day But we pwnd teh fluff0r. Yeah we died a couple of times so we had to refind it alot so that's why they're different spots
  10. Three word story

    icky and itchy
  11. Thanks

    Yup, some amaaaaazing new stuff Thanks all!
  12. Assasin

    Good to know about this hehehe
  13. What is your political compass score?

    Economic Left/Right: -7.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.44 Well, doesn't surprise me, I'm a little left-wing gurl.
  14. /SouthPark

    I love you
  15. Neder-Lands, ( Dutch! )

    Ohja dat forum lol, ben ik ook 2x wezen kijken
  16. observation#22

    Weeeeeee thanks Hehehe One can change ones name but not the way one sounds I guess
  17. observation#22

    I changed my name to Adya because people were always telling me how hard it was to type Clephptahre Then when I changed it people told me they liked Clephptahre ... So now I have an alt named Clephptahre. That's the story of my change.
  18. Omg, I was in a *very* bad mood this morning but now I've read this I'll be laughing all day ROFLOLOLOL!! Thank you so much for posting!
  19. HM HI

    Soooooo cuuuute *blink* {edit:stupid misspell in img}
  20. Latest Invasion

    LOL well yeah I have to try and save the Gome isle!!! I died twice Once in Sedicolis when 100k tigers appeared out of nothingness... Apparently that is a multimap The second time I tried to help kill a chim which wasn't too smart I guess LOL
  21. Latest Invasion

    Great invasion once again The one prior to this one had the places more easily reachable I think? That's the only thing I can think of that made that better then this one. I like having the invasions on irilion, less unsuspecting newbies dying anyway Though a nice rabbit invasion on ip is also kinda fun.
  22. Mute Local Chat Near Storage?

    Yes, what Kylara said
  23. Free Signature and forum's help

    I think I shall just keep creating my own siggies
  24. The Recent Invasion

    TY Lee