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  1. why was i locked?

    why was i locked when i did nothing? i dont even know what i did
  2. why was i locked?

    um... not so good wish i had not done that in the first place but cant change the past so... i really wish to have my char back and i really dont care if i have anything on it. if he gets unlocked, and i really hope not to have anything on the char just my stats .
  3. why was i locked?

    so i cant get char back? so i wont get him back or what?
  4. why was a locked?

    why was i locked i didnt get to know why though so just wondering
  5. why was a locked?

    ok i am here XD
  6. tiredpostie bagjumper

    tiredpostie just bagjumped somone in votd gob cave so... just letting you know
  7. froobs

    i was training with froobs i told him to train in dp arena i didnt know he would pull wep on me and he did and i died so just to let you know beware of froobs
  8. froobs

    at least i dont have to trick ppl to pk anything and if i woulda known you would do that i would have pwnt ya your too nub to pk nufin
  9. play2

    i was training w/ a friend on my alt and i died and my friend was about to get my db when play2 came and bjed and when i tryed to get it back he didnt respond and i told him that i will put him on outlaws and he just logged off so just thought i would tell ya dont die near play2 =p
  10. don_axel

    don_axel in tg mage school i was in his guild to train wit him but all the sudden he harms me 4 times then i kill him... he lured me in the arena and said oops srry over again wen he really wanted me to die