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  1. New logo, poll #2

    They are both really good. I do like the one with out the diamond in the banner better.
  2. Best Death Message

    <playername> discover the real meaning of life
  3. Stuff for Sale

    2k sliver ore for 2gc each 2k for Life Ess or 5gc each 1BP cloak for 3k gc 1.5k of Fire Ess for 3.5gc each 1k of SR's for 12gc + vial or 15gc without vial 1 book of bear summoning for 500gc 19 crafting potion books 100gc each 4 magic potion books 100gc each Pm me in game (Jamol) or fourms
  4. Selling SR'S and BR'S

    I have 1k of each SR'S and BR'S. SR'S are 13gc+vial or 18 without vial. BR's are 15gc+vial or 20 without vial. Pm me here or in game. SOLD!!!
  5. 5 More Guild-Rented NPCs

    The PM to player or guild would not be good. It is an NPC not a bot. But it would be nice for the NPC to give inv quanity to the Guild owner or player. Not via pm but at the NPC itself. There are the other features that we would like turned on as well. But that is up to Ent. But this is all offtopic:( This would be a nice addition to C1. But would you be able to have more than one? As in one in C2 and one in C1
  6. EL quiz

    yep your turn
  7. EL quiz

    What potion has two formulas and name the ingredents for both formulas.
  8. EL quiz

    Irsis, North Redmoon, Willowvine forest?
  9. Update changes

    I dont care this is a Pr0 update keep them coming!!!!!!
  10. Lawsuit: Aluwen vs. Mortos

    Sounds cool count me in if it is a go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Consider it done if noone else has offered.
  12. Bad News For Kote

    EaglePrince your post was right on the money like me too I was in Kote but left before Zaphrodo became GM but i got to know him well while in FWT. Kote was my first guild I was in and is a good guild to start out and say in. It is a good group of ppl in that guild and as u said i hope someone will step up for leadership. I would also like to thank you for the nice post in light of the moment. ps. I would like to thank everone for all of the nice post!!!!!!! pss. HeLLRaiZeR if you are right I hope Zaphrodo comes back from the grave someday a person like that is sorely missed!!
  13. Need help! [SOLVED]

    Have you check your internet settings? It kinda sounds like your isp DNS is not pulling over. Also have you defind the port that we play on? IF you have a firewall to you might have to make an acception or rule.
  14. Bad News For Kote

    That would be nice if they could he played the game all the time and a good friend. I think it would Honor him nicely.
  15. Bad News For Kote

    It as come to my attention the the Gm of KotE (Zaphrodo) has been killed in a car accident. That is if my info is correct. Since our two Guild have been friends for a long time. I just thought everyone should know. I would like to pay my respects to the guild and family of Zaphrodo. thanks for everyones time. Edit: Sorry the person was worng It is Zaphrodo that was gm of the guild. my appoliges to X_Penguin_X for saying that u were dead.