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  1. Unbann Lamaril

    Hi every1.This week my brother _Spawn_ (volken) come from univercity its no exam week for him and he came for hooliday.I told him The home IP is unlocked,entropy give me chance to play and if he want he can make a char and play.He said I allready made and playing with volken again but really poor char and he wanted money from me I said no and didnt give pass and the others are here he tryed to hack I see from my IP and he didnt told me about that.Yes I know some of this accounts pw(surely not radu) he tryed and he tryed them about my old password my born age number my footballteam's born age etc.And yesterday I come home and go sleep cause I was really sleepy now IM coming from out side and I saw my IP banned and I learned what he did.Yea like this its unbelivable and IM sure u people wont belive me its my fall to tell him IP get ulocked. For the lamaril yes he is saying true a friend give me that char but its okey he said he is not playing EL anymore and I can play with it if I want.İt can be stay locked if u guys wants to.All I want to say IM sry for him and Im sry what happend all this week.This is really giving shame to me and Im saying sorry from all of EL familie... Note:Yes its hard to believe me now after yesterday but I just wanted to clear my name and I dont want anythink from EL familie just wanted to say sorry of my brother And so I say forever bann my IP so forever by every1
  2. Unbann Lamaril

    ok I did a wrong or somethink but I didnt made it with LamariL....Pls unbann it and I go my way and pls delete my forum account besiktas I feel like shit I did or I didnt but ok I accept what u are saying me and I go my way pls unlock lamaril bby....
  3. istanbulwarrior

    the are my friends but its different I just back to game and tryed if their passwords still same or I remember their passwords I will just look and play some thats it. than friend friend guillume said on msn from french server he got char lamaril and I can play with it if I Want than I go play with it and never tryed pw.this pw I tryed chars are my friends and I was known their passwords before I stop playing and give my char besiktas away...ok its my wrong I accept that and IM sry again just I want unlock lamaril u banned my IP too but UNLOCK LAMARİL plsss I wont play okey if u dont want but lamaril is friends char and if he see its banned he will falldown on me...
  4. istanbulwarrior

    trying old chars and friends chars password(I was know their passwords we were sharing) didnt tought its againts rule...Im saying sry and sry and the last chance than and saying pls...just gonno play and go my way lol I think being unlucky is my EL life:P I was really said no talk people just play your self and now banned again lol...really strange Im allways in calamity dunno why... Arf IP banned too OMG....ok I will not come game if u want this but just I want unlock lamaril pls pls pls if I against rule I against with istanbulwarrior not with it come on just unlock lamaril and my friend dont be angry to me:/
  5. istanbulwarrior

    I played 4-6 hours yesterday train on fluffy with lamaril come on...look I accept keep your eyes on me and if u guys find my any wrong again I will leave game I promiss anyway I didnt come that game like 1 year I was talked about entropy for if I can servering like french server of this game (LE) we talk alot and he finnaly said why dont u just play on normal server thats it.Ok IM sry about what ever I did and never will happend I will help lamaril to lvl and I will play some with istanbulwarrior for archering if u guys let me okey?I promiss no other char on my IP even friends char(kadlub fenerbahce and others) just lamaril and istanbulwarrior
  6. istanbulwarrior

    kadlub friend in real chelseafc his brother hooligan was banned like years ago _ZeD_ is old char and tryed if I remember password fenerbahce is friends char and looked if the pw is still same and the radu? lol u must joking... and I can send you kadlub's pw in test server also I cant get connect with him for normal server password because he is in army and nomobile just only weekends and he was got a punishment this last weekend. but I will ask him dont worry... like 3-4 days playing game and with lamaril I played 2 days or so and never against rule I played like antisosyel for no brake rules and pls be logical what will I do if I hack all this chars?? bann again...and what will gain?? come on just let me play and I go my way.And I say you ''PLEASE'' lamaril is friends char from french server and I really need it unlock cause he trust me and give me his pw and how will I say your char banned???
  7. istanbulwarrior

    look I talked entropy for can back to game and I got messages from him about my IP unlock etc. I told him all my history and he accept me back to game okey now? and yea IM laughing for banning no reason OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! u banned my friends char lamaril too cause I play with it??? come on what will I say him???? hey entropy let me back to play this game what is that??? Entropy pls say somethink........ And for the rule18 I never hacked some1's account NEVER!!!!!!!!! people knows me as well..my names was patriot and Besiktas u should ask kadlub or some1 else
  8. istanbulwarrior

    errm I really dont understand whats the reason of bann istanbulwarrior I wanna heard and laugh.....
  9. Thanks to....

    I thank to you even u dont write my name but I was in Ca$H so I thx to u to get me in to Ca$H and make me met such a good person's like u;) btw damned matess if u see my message pls send me your ICQ again I lost it and I miss u:P
  10. _Spawn_

    This is _Spawn_'s brother.He stoped playing and he is now playing WoW online.Before he start wow he wanna sell his char _Spawn_ but Im not sure what he did he got banned.Im asking him but he says I did nothink .A friend asked learner for me I think but he says My brother write market channel about selling his char .But he dont accept this...Now Im feel like to play EL but Have no char's and turkish IP's sometimes unbann and sometimes bann again.My IP yesterday was unbann now its bann again so I cant start with a new char also .my brothers char _spawn_ is white-list char and if there is way to unbann it I wanna play with it and have fun some. TY for listen Besiktas
  11. Nestea

    The first and the only besiktas is ME and Im not playing EL anymore like 1 year if some1 call u that he is besiktas its mean its a lie cause I stoped playing that game thats all I (L) u 2 kaddy:P
  12. Nestea

    this is real besiktas and I really dont know that guy.I was give my char to Tresh and dunno what happend after that and I never heard about nestea lol...Im writing here cause kadlub said a lier using my name.Nwm good game all;)