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  1. Info about perk "ONE"

    I saw it, as I've placed that ward, great way to discover people with the one, but I could never really bother to bomb anyone.
  2. Disconect? sine Gametime 1:48:49

    Good I've #saved recently
  3. Pin Poll

    I've never liked it, I've always considered it as a bug. I'm not against rangers in general, just with pinning it's way too overpowered in PvE. The only pinning available should be when your opponent is busy fighting melee fighter.
  4. PK arenas change

    Then in the end we would have fighters with the same stats and the same gear(the best possible) with mostly only magic and emu left to make a difference.
  5. Remove Brod, make NMT Breakable?

    #2 Keep things as they are. Why change something that works well?
  6. small sale

    Selling leftovers of my sto: Pots: 143 Potion of Accuracy - 90gc each 305 Potion of Evasion - 90gc 60 Potion of Vitality - 15gc each 108 Potion of Physique - 40gc each 140 Potion of Wildness - 15gc each 14 Potion of Great Healing - 150gc each 166 Potion of Body Restoration - 14gc each 12 Potion of Crafting 40 Potion of Alchemy 9 Poison Ivy - Henbane - Poppies Extract 3 Nightshade - Mullein - Dandelion Extract 13 Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract 1 Red Currents - Blue Berries - Rue Extract 5 Wheat - Valerian - Mugwort Extract 8 Wheat - Daffodils - Feran Horn Extract armors 36 Steel Shield - 400gc each 190 Augmented Leather Pants - 80gc each 46 Leather Boots - 60gc each magic 1 Conjurer Cloak - 3,5kgc 2 Sun Medallion 13 Ring of Portland 9 Stars Medallion 1 Ring of Naralik 22 Harvest/Degrade Indicator 22 Make Rare predictor 64 A/D Indicator 4 Defense predictor 1 Ring of Isla Prima flowers 267 Tiger Lilly 27201 Mullein - 0,5gc each 16332 Tree Mushroom - 0,5gc each 493 Swamp Candles 6139 Daffodils - 1gc each 10000 Yarrow - 1gc each 2448 Cactus - 1,5gc each random 60 Mortal & Pestle - 85gc each 12 body piercing capes - 1,8kgc each 3 rc mines 1913 ropes - 8gc each 1000 Turqoise - 5gc each 5,1k raw meat - 5gc each 1 fluffy stone - 2kgc 311 Blackpowder 60 Bucket 11 Skeleton key 45 Leather 15 Skull key 40k iron ore - 3,5gc each - more comming 18k silver ore - 2,5gc each - more comming
  7. Mini Harv Events

    Those events don't bring anything good, they only make harvesting even more annoying imo.
  8. Auction 3 x Leonard Fur

  9. Selling random crap

    raw meat and mercury - 5kgc?
  10. Auction: Leonard fur

  11. Small Sale

    Selling: 5000 Magic Essence@7gc each 200 Augmentted Pants@95gc each 40 Potion of Alchemy@150gc each 124 Invisibility Potion@105gc each 69 7 Potion of Speed Hax@1.3kgc each 3060 1960 Creature food@75gc each 19 4 Mixture of Power@3.5kgc each 260 110 Potion of Physique@34gc each 291 141 Potion of Wildness@15gc each 143 Potion of Coordination@15gc each 262 62 Potion of Vitality@15gc each 183 Potion of Attack@30gc each 33 Potion of Defense@30gc each 197 Falcon Feather@15gc each 7 Hawk Feather@15gc each 1 Fluffy Summoning Stone@2.5kgc Buying: Mercury@7gc each Snow Leopard Furs@15gc each Feran Horns@13gc each Raw Meat@5gc each
  12. Small Sale

    still selling
  13. Favorite Colors

    I love combination of black, red and white.
  14. TS penalty

    a/d gets back to normal regardless of food lvl now.
  15. Small Sale

    23k? No thanks, prices are unnegotiable.
  16. PK'ing in PK maps is not a crime

    That's true, but I also dislike lack of moderation, no cooldown, allowed multiplaying. I'm sure Im not the only(ie see "Multiplay on the main server" poll). There aren't enough players even on the main server..
  17. Auction Leonard Furr!

  18. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k blue berries please
  19. Any idea of a laptop that works with EL

  20. I'd love it but I doubt we will get it..
  21. A thought on speed

    Bummer, I liked the current food consumption, it was just worth it. I was surprised there's something so balanced from my(player) point of view, that even I'm going to use. I hope it wont get changed too much. I don't how you guys manage to stay running for a couple of days, so far I've used 4 pots and got distracted 3 times which means walking again >.<
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Order complete and ready for delivery. Desertus notified via gossip Picked up, thanks. 2x 10k red roses please if possible.