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  1. DP/SKF/CM Invaion 17/01/2017

    120 cap was so much fun. thanks for generosity. deers were annoying but you have right to have fun as much as we do, so that's fine
  2. Big Thanks to Lightlan and Lastwish

    ty LL. u saved that sweet stone for me to buy from NoobPL
  3. about atilla

    hello its atilla and opened this topic about him. but i have many detail and thats why i pmed to aislinn. if any better idea from admins please message. im waiting for answer. thanks.
  4. unban commission please

    around 10 months ago commission was banned. he wants be back to el. can you unban his char please? thanks.
  5. white list plz

    Hi, im Atilla. Can i get on the white list plz? sometimes i disconnected and gives different ip and that ip's can be banned. to disconnect is not on my control. and if disconnect at night, i cant get true ip's. i wanna play el whenever i want. thnx.