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  1. sorry

    hey im sorry ive said it yes i did make "2" accounts for myself supergoop is my friend who cant download this game and played here once. nojlie and the newbie are mine. i did lie about the way i got banned at first, im sorry. plz can't i get some sympathy? any plz ive confessed before but now i stated it clearly. come on man i just cant stand not being one here.
  2. TheNewbie10

    Alright...i making one last stand. i love this game,my friends, and just the excitment this game has to offer. im serious i respect the mods because there the ones who keep this game together. However you guys, i truly feel you didn't understand the situation to what iit realy was. Ill explain in a sec. First off please i need to play this game...its my very favorite game. I will do anything to play. And i do mean that anything except one thing("ok if you wanna do anything then stop trying to play, or never play again") So seriously ban all my characters,make sure im not alowed to lvl up or get money in the game..w\e but as long as i can talk to my friends and just walk around EL...ill be happy. Now this is exact\almost exact to what i did the day i got banned. i said SMEG SMEG SMEG about 10 times trying to be funny (i now know this is no laughing matter) and the smeg were actually smeg they were not a bleeped out cuss word. now i know that wasnt the smartest thing to do but i can't turn the tables, and also i said mortos sucks. now i dont think i would be banned if i said mortos sucks but hey it aint my call. I dont know if you care but at least i told the truth and i want u to know that. Now i am sorry for being suck a annoying punk to u guys but seriously i really love this game. So one last time Please let me back under any circumstance's. IF im never alowed to play again then by by my fellow EL players...
  3. TheNewbie10

    im sorry but i wasnt demanding i mean i just said that cuz u said he would be back in like 2 weeks or so, so i just thought maybe if he was back he could give me yes or no thats all im asking, i know i messed up big time and i would just like to know if i could play if he's back so if i can't then at least i could find another game. p.s. im sorry for what i did plz if you can find it on your list of nice things to do....let me back on or at least a new character i can make.
  4. TheNewbie10

    Come on dudes i can't keep waiting like this it sucks! how am i sopose to know if you guys are even reding this? And i have to post to see if you guys are even looking at mine cuz there is no other way to know cuz i can't talk to the mods on the game obviously! just a reminder but don't take it in a negative type of way...
  5. TheNewbie10

    ok ty i though he was ignoring me! that would suck...ill continue waiting
  6. TheNewbie10

    Im very sorry that im not waiting patiently but i havent got a reply yet and im almost positive that mod has looked at this. im very sorry for what i did i admited it was me. ill never break the rules again plz give me another chance. i mean i can listen to any songs i like for crist sake. i used to listen to them while playing eternal lands and now whenever i hear them it just reminds me of what i can't do...play eternal lands! plz give me 1 more chance. P.S. i love music so this is very hard for me...seriously!
  7. TheNewbie10

    ok ty for explaination. ill wait...
  8. TheNewbie10

    ive been waiting forever for someone to reply. are you the mod that banned my ip? cuz anyway i hope u consider putting at least TheNewbie10 or Nojlie on the whitelist, but i can understand if u feel like permanitly removing Nojlie.... but plz i need to play this game somehow! on probation or anything! plz!! ill always follow the rules and never break a single one i swear!(im so sorry for what i did plz let me play my favorite game!)
  9. TheNewbie10

    My ingame name(s) are TheNewbie10 and Nojlie. i was just informed while i was (taking a shower) that my 9 year old brother who just learned to cuss got on my account and got me banned...for what reason i dont know because i can't get on, but i would like to apoligze as much as i a can so im very sorry so much from the bottom of my heart and i think the mods do a great job and i respect there work very much smile.gif i dont know if you will even read this or if its in the right place but i would like to say one more time sorry and i will try the hardest i can to follow the rules and keep my brother off my account if in you r wisdom you choose to let me ever play again. ty very much for all the fun i had playing this game and plz read this and consider this! smile.gif. (sorry so very much!)