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  1. I've returned!

    Hey stage Long time no see, sure good to see a familiar face around
  2. The Return

    The world is in a change and winds flows again under Orophin's wings. Returning to the lands he left long ago in search of self-truth. In search of his brothers and sisters from the Grand Dragon Council he walks the lands alone in pain. A lost child of Kayliana the Black has returned home but have found nothing, only emptyness. Awaiting his emperess return Orophin will grow strong when time comes to restore the dragon's full glory. 'If my emperess reads this note, know that I will never serve another soul. There is only one true emperess and I await your return' - Orophin The Pink
  3. Question! [SOLVED]

    Okey, ty Better reset my char now then
  4. Question! [SOLVED]

    Ok I have a question. If I get a perk from the wraith and then get a cloak with the same perk will I get double effect or will the cloak have no effect at all?
  5. Look what I found

    Haha it was really fun seeing these again
  6. I've returned!

    Hello everybody! I guess no one remembers me but I played along time ago and I was a member of the grand dragon council. I started playing yesterday and I thought maybe if I post here I might have a chance to find some old friends (if they remember me). Secondly I just want to say hi to everybody new and old players. Ill see you ingame