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  1. DPA Battles

    I will try not to kill myself in 80-100 part kk
  2. Polska - Poland

    A pod jakim nickeim grałeś?
  3. Srbija!

    Kosovo je Serbija! Greetings from Poland
  4. Polska - Poland

    EL jest nudneeeeeee... dlaczego ja ciągle w to gram ?
  5. =hc=

    Not sure ...
  6. =hc=

    Lemme re-join plz ?
  7. Kalisto17 acting rude

    Kinda like that ?
  8. Kalisto17 acting rude

    Well I don't see here permission of Kalisto's char owner (means me) to give PMs to public forum. Ain't it against rules ?
  9. Get rid of rule #5?

    For me it's good idea to remove Rule 5. I think ppl will create harvesting alts for start, but than get bored and change them for DPa chars. Also about other thing- it will help economy, not ruin it. More alts with non-combat skills = more items on market = prizes go down. So ppl will use more cols/armors/sword and no afraid it break. And then- no point to sell gc on blackmarkt- u spend them in game for cheaper items.
  10. Storage cleaning

    Hm hi , its my comeback to EL, badly need gc so need to sell some stuff: Golden Star Mace 10k Health ess 1500 raw meat Pm me or just offer your price here ANd a yeahm I can trade 10k HE for CoL too
  11. Storage cleaning

    FE and WTF sold meanwhile, sorry..
  12. very old players

    I am not here
  13. Polska - Poland

    O a jednak ktos tu żyw zaglada czasem. Co słychac w EL polskie naby?;p
  14. Mage/healer 'class'

    Good idea for invances/invasions/instances. Maybe ppl will do more teamwork as for now. 1 Thing is missing here (At least I think so) - Its spell what let healers heal more players than just 1, like Heal Summoned for summons. ANd those 20 PP's aint that much, just remove some PP from will/reason. And - as far as I know, there aint any type of RPG game what let you be good fighter and pr0 mage at same time, think about it
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    9k titanium ore please? Ingame name LorkIn
  16. a few items im selling

    40k coal- 85k gc 8.5k tit ore- 25k 110k for all ? Lorkin in Game
  17. Storage sale

    C Total 37356, so 37kgc Ok waiting for you in game , name Lorkin
  18. very old players

    Started when IP was snowy I think, left, than started again , around 3-4 months before guild PIGS aka &@& was created (was co-creator with Rusikus) Enought Old I think
  19. =hc=

  20. =hc=

    =Hc= have now more ppl active than in past 3 years, want to become part of us? Before u make any decisions you have to know what you will find here on #GM: Offenning, Flaming, Harrasing,Molesting, What you dont see her : Lovng, Hugging, Caring,, Sharing And beware of that guy Lorkin- he is hell liar kktbye ANd i've forgot what I want to say, so anyway PM any =Hc= member in game to joi or PK
  21. Storage sale

    Ill take PoFs Iron Ore, Honeycomb Leather Gloves Pickaxes Gemstone Hammer and Chisel Steel Axe Gem Sanding Paper Steel Shields 8 Iron Shields 15 Padded Leather Armor 29 Wooden Shield 3 Leather Boots 12 Leather Helm 4 Leather Pants 322 Potion of Spirit Restoration Please do the math, ingame name LorkIn
  22. Polska - Poland

    Hejka ludzie, ktos ma jakies namiary na Montka? mnie wsiakl jego nr telefonu. Przypominam- Montarius/mantycore?PSychoFans Z gory dziekuje, w razie czego w EL mam nicka LorkIn
  23. =hc=

    WB to EL Babe
  24. Mixing Haven

    I have 10k FE for mixing, any1 interested ? ;p In game name LorkIn
  25. Lorkin

    I am wonder why i got: 1 Booted 2 Muted 3 Banned For breaking rule 2 (?) after saying "Hi Burn" on channel 6