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  1. cpu load probs with new client

    IT's getting worse for me. 75% CPU load in console, poor man activated! Thats's after a fresh clean reboot too, no other programs running. Soldus
  2. cpu load probs with new client

    Not that bad here, but CPU load has increased drastically for me too since the update. Used to be around 25%, now it's up to 50+% in console mode and hitting 100% when actually playing! Dual Core E6750 @2.7 GHz, GFX GeForce 8600GT, Win7 Ultimate 64. Could it be a 64 bit issue? Greets, Soldus
  3. Should attributes cap increase?

    definite NO from me. much of the game was designed when attributes were capped at 15, ppl are abusing the system as it is. if anything the cap should be reduced!
  4. More realism - rotting items

    TU QUOQUE PIPE? *takes piper's wine bottle away* Now get sober and work on your MUD!
  5. I think the only law we really need is the costs-by-cause principle, established worldwide. You wanna make money with ego shooters? go ahead...if someone proves you caused a highschool massacre you better have a damn good insurance...but no one will insure such a venture. Same for nuclear power, weapons of mass destruction, weapons in general...heroin, cocaine, crack, you name it...legalize it, but make those fuckers LIABLE for producing/selling it! you wouldn't believe how fast ppl would drop harmful products if they had to pay for the consequences.....
  6. Mini Harv Events

    Sorry but what's all this talk about WORK? EL is a game...a game isn't supposed to be work, but FUN imo You can't really compare harvesting and fighting, never could and i doubt you ever will. Harvesting was never fun, but a necessity you could do semi afk while doing other things, be it RL stuff or leading a guild or socializing or mderating the game or whatever. Ever since the introduction of the old events you needed one eye on your character, because the random stops were frequent enough to prevent full afkness if you actually wanted to gather resources. If you just sat there for the XP, you could go more AFk than that, but that left you little to no time to actually PLAY the game. Fighting is no necessity, it is one of the main goals and FUN for most people...does it get boring after some 20k fluffies (and not 1 single NMT cape ffs ) - HELL YES! - but then you forget to restore for a couple minutes and find yourself at the edge of death or in UW and you get enough adrenalin to keep you going for another hour... I never considered fighting work... For harvesting i cannot say the same thing, it is boring by design, tedious and repetitive in a way that the word doesn't begin to describe. Autoharvest helped a lot in that regard, it became the skill for socializers. I hope after reducing the amount of events it will be like that again, because right now it is worse than the single click harvest, at least we could use autoclickers then and only watch the screen to make sure no bear gets in the way...but that is a different story
  7. Mini Harv Events

    I personally don't really care about the kind of event that stops me from harvesting, to me every stop is annoying, positive or negative, silent or mini or what else, but i have adapted to them, and once in a while you get a rare stone to make up for the trouble. So far so good. but THIS: ... ...is just too much, as many have said, please adjust the rate of these events, and everything will be fine! feel free to count them, i couldn't be bothered Actually why not bring some use for levels into the game and adjust the rate according to the harvesters lvls? < rec level: hit them full power ~ rec level: tune it down to maybe 10 events max per cap ~ rec + 20 lvls: max of 5 events per cap ~ rec + 50 lvls: max of 1-2 events per cap since you would make no difference between them, that would also greatly limit the amount of new rare stones entering the game! something along those lines maybe...just an idea! so to put it short: new events, fine; rate needs to be drastically reduced, harvesters are players and potential customers too
  8. I wouldn't recommend ranging to newbies though, just too expensive. And newbies shouldn't waste money on axes, instead you should explain them that fighting barehanded is most likely getting them much more xp per fight. Also did you mention the gargoyles in WS? maybe VOTD would be a better place to send them at the beginning. Otherwise looking nice, keep up the good work!
  9. Some game!

    I will make another EL clan, only need a few more pupils! so go here and create brutes!! MYBRUTE.COM
  10. I usually don't participate much in these threads, as i don't PK atm. (i hope to get there someday again, i did on the first server, before the crash) But seeing how "newbies" wander around in armor and stuff worth 100s of 1000s of gc, i don't think 25k gc is too much for a rosto. If you want "small" rostos additionally, there should be a limit as to the value they can protect too, maybe an 8k stone protects only gear worth up to 100k, OR they give you a reduced drop chance of maybe only 10% or so, the latter would also leave the chance for a nice surprise in one or the other DB... just a thought
  11. Awards system

    I beg to differ. The absolute number of harvesting events directly relates to the absolute number of items harvested. It takes a LOT of dedication to harvest millions of items...mostly because of exactly said events. And we have some really dedicated harvesters in EL
  12. Serping spawns

    - remove TS, - make all non pk maps single combat, - and make sure all spawns of one kind are really far apart from each other solves this problem for good, AND gets rid of these ridiculously inflated XP amounts that some ppl consider "normal" these days.
  13. Removing TS effect

    I can't believe there are people in EL who think they have the "right" to abuse a flaw that should not even exist.
  14. Invasions R Us

    What i don't understand is, what's wrong with invading 2-3 select maps per continent and announce it well in advance like we used to do them? E.g.: - light creatures in VOTD, medium ones in NC and harder ones in SKF (and i mean ogres up to cycs and fluffies here, NOT ice dragons); - medium hard creatures in PV, hard creatures in Sedicolis, and top level in Bethel all this at the SAME time, so players go where they belong and don't "steal" the weak stuff from lower levels. After a preset and announced time the invasion should be cleared. And Anna is absolutely right, we need a few 100% safe maps for newbies and players that do not care for them. Also the timing has been very onesided indeed lately
  15. Hoarding poll

    you horde names Anyhow, i guess i am a horder too, for one, i like to have a stock of everything. period. And secondly, after spending some 10,000 harvest caps in the tit mines, i feel the stones i managed to acquire in those endless and gloomy hours are way too valuable to be sold, so i will keep on working on my manu when i get to it and hope to someday turn them into something extra nice I also seriously hope to someday get to train a/d again and then i will need my rostos too, not to mention the invasions every single night when i am too tired to react, but still get caught with one hand down the loo somewhere...