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  1. Terras Eternas!

    E aĆ­ pessoal Alguma novidade? Muitos brasileiros jogando?
  2. Crash, crash and uh.. oh yea.. crash.

    howdy all I've been trying to log in the game on the last days, and unsucessfull too, and I have the same graphic card, ati x1650 pro. Tried on Windows 7 and fedora 11. Windows 7 logins into the game, but crashes after my char appears at bank. On Fedora, just crashes my computer, I need to push the reset button. Maybe this gfx card has some issue.
  3. which linux to use for el?

    Its all about personal taste I <3 Fedora
  4. The Greatest EL Player

    Player: There are/were a lot of impressive players on the game, but no one caused the same effect as DonPedro. I bet a lot of you heard a lot of polemic stuff about him. Contributors: Here we could say a lot more, there are/were a lot of guys behind the scenes, making this game better, even without having his name remembered (mods & devs)
  5. The strength of rationality

    Yes it is Jumpy. But just to use all of your pickpoints in just 3 or 4 attributes, will bring a severe consequence to your char. I was using the el-cel attributes calculator for almost 1 hour, and I'm not sure what I will make with the pickpoints I will get from the coord I have. Basicly, all of the cross-attributes will be useful, and any neglect about any of them, your char will have an Achilles' heel (even top 10 playerso) that can be explored by your enemies.
  6. The strength of rationality

    You ARE completely wrong (present tense). I dont know how are distributed your pickpoints, and I dont know what overall you have. But since you consider everyone will take phys/coord/will/reasoning, maybe you will that too. After some days playing, you will figure out the deficiences your char will have
  7. The strength of rationality

    Read asgnny's post And other thing, how do you expect a pure mage will reach like overall 130 get p/c 20 and his 100 magic nexus fighting ogres? He will need at least 20 points in will or vitality in order to have a decent mana. Go the the el-cel site, use the attribute calculator for some time and enjoy all the possibilities you can have, and I doubt you can go for a best build. You will have a lot of choices.
  8. The strength of rationality

    My Overall actually is on 140s. I will have a good amount of pickpoints to redistribute when the cap will be implemented. I could simply use all the pickpoins I will get from coord to put into will and reasoning, but that will bring me a lot of deficiences in some aspects. To use nexus instead of a cross attribute is a horrible idea, because it takes out the strategies on char building. That extra experience you get from rationality when you fight, is not that big thing. What gives you more experience is to train a strong monster, which you wont be able to do if you lack of reaction and dexterity. So what is the worth to get +12 experience in both attack and defense if you are training at ogres, when you could get better experience training on cyclopes or fluffies (just an example)? If you are not a fighter, dont speak as you are a fighter, because you have no idea about the choices you have to do.
  9. Democracy in EL

    60% have 50% more votes than 40%. 55%-60% is an enough majority imo.
  10. Attributes cap for the main server

    In general, I think this idea is very positive because will bring more value to attack/defense. Nowadays p/c pwnz a/d a lot.
  11. Attributes cap for the main server

    I didnt voted yet, I think the idea is nice, I would vote yes, but some high level monsters really need to have their P/C adjusted, otherwise there will be a HUGE row of players awaiting for Fluffys/Feros/Desert Chims to be free. I'm deeply concerned about all other basic attributes to reach a reasonably cross attributes stats to train on high monsters, but afterall, high monters won't give same experience as the basic ones, so everyone will wait a lot of time and train on them, or just pvp.
  12. Saving Stone

    Saving stones works fine with summon. I lost 1 Saving Stone to summon a red dragon
  13. Guild Members Meeting in RL

    Recently we made a little meeting at Sao Paulo. Since Brazil is a big country, its hard to gather many people. There was Sampaio, tico, samy_navillian, ukko and me. The next one will be in Rio
  14. Red Dragon in KF

    gratz, and nice job eg