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  1. Cleaning Storage

    Ill take buy all EWE, pm me in game -Khamul
  2. Game Crashes ?

    yeah, but its the worst attack i think
  3. IP BAN

    Thank you very much
  4. IP BAN

    Hello, the IP range on my mobile provider is banned, so I cant log in and play on android client. Also have problems with logging into test server, ip banned as well. I would like to ask for whitelisting my character - Khamul. thank you in advance
  5. Split KF in Half

    I like wizzy ide, but agree that there should be some exp penalty or temporary a/d decrease after killing weaker player. effect like old ts pots did
  6. Raise attribute caps to 52. Vote now!

    Deadly idea is better. this char build system would be more elastic
  7. Split KF in Half

    lol u imagine tanking castellan with cotu? he will pwn it right away..
  8. NO. This would not improve game in any way. Same bullshit like cape of no mirroring. I think we should let Radu spend time on implementing something more constructive than tweaking the game for RM.
  9. No More Mirroring Cape

    If you think there is too many of nmt capes, maybe they could be used for buying nexuses?
  10. No More Mirroring Cape

    I think it would be a nice idea, but as mentioned before, combined with other perk than mirror. We have greaves of mirroring, cape and we can take the perk itself. It would be better with fatal man or iglow, becouse i think these perks are worth risking destroying the nmt cape. And it would be also useful for hitters, not only the tank.
  11. Yeah, thats very intelligent and helpful answer. Moreover, it brings a new light on the topic of supporting the game. Thank you for your response Busterblader.
  12. very old players

    I started playing in august 2005 as Kabat. IP with snow, no c2 iron plate was the best armor and serp sword and titanium axe best weapons. I remember toomass, desdamona, masterpiter. Kf was always full of people and VOTD was very crowded. First guild - JEDI , then PIGS. I even remember radu sold me some leather pants, then i didnt know who he is I remember the_antiroot too, he muted me for talking in polish at IP fireplace Good old times.
  13. Maybe a supporter could decide if he want a taming skill, home or exp?