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  1. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    Well based on their disposable nature I agree that 100-200 gc does make them expensive. I do not understand the argument that one would need to check every stat every time they want to decide what to do. 'I want to make FE today well lets see how is my Def doing.' just won't make sence. My concern over abuse was about being able to 'know' the state of everything in game all the time. The astonomy system seems to be about adding randomness to the randomness rather than just about adding another layer of calculations. Being able to 'know' the state of everything just makes it about the spreadsheet and I already spend too much time on spreadsheets. I think range of spells would nice. Including a low level hororscope for the user a higher level one for casting on others all the way upto a high level one that can give you the detail. If it seems I am all for those of a really high level being able to have a high level of detail it is because I am. As the game is now by the time you get to those high levels I still find it a wonder that people play instead of just chat.
  2. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    I stay away for a week and all this happens I love this idea. I hope it will help make the game less of a grind and I would love the chance to be able to take on some things that are more difficult. The stones will need to be expensive to prevent abuse. Everyone is having fun now that they can just calculate what they should do for the day, however if it was a full time thing then the suggestion to have the command give you a message would be more appropriate: "Today will be eventful". Otherwise it sets it up just to be another number to work into the calculations. I love the idea of the perk to opt out of it. It would allow a choice. And should this feature become better in the future(or you find you are getting pwnd by some one you already calculated you should defeat) then well 'sorry you opted out', your remaining options are $500USD or start a new character. I would also think that the range of 50-100kgc will be more appropriate, at 100kgc it is only about 30 hours of Blue Lupine for a fairly low level character. I have no interest in taking the perk, as I said above I love this idea.
  3. Do you like Diamonds?

    I too disagree that the market can be controlled in such a way. 2.4mil/infinity does not even equal 1% of the potential that is available. The only way such things ruin the market is if the other sellers in the market panic instead of taking advantage of the opportunity. You sell at 1gc fine they still sell at 3gc and whenever you are selling they buy them all. They could even harv something else and sell that for normal price and buy what you are selling. As highlighted by Mr. Mind all sorts a new players were taking advantage of the low prices which also meant it was a great time to start an alt character. There was lack of cooldown which affects most production to some extent at this point in time. 2.4mil diamonds would take 2000 hours+ to harvest based on the 1200 per hour someone mentioned. At 10 hours a day that is still 200 days and if that is how you choose to make you gc then go for it. 3600 gc in value per hour is okay however there are many other resources that can be harved for more value per hour than that. The game is growing and because the game is growing then antics of Mr. Mind and those who would try to emulate him will have less and less of an ability to affect the market. Back in the early days many players gained benefits that new players today would drool to have access to. The market is maturing and seems to be becoming very self regulating. Besides if you want to sell all your hard work underpriced then it save everyone else from wasting their time doing it. They can get on with more fun things and just be glad that diamonds or whatever else are now easily available. Eventually the stock will get used up or not depending on how you release it but if you try to over sell the price players can just go harv it themselves. The reason that irl price wars start existing is that holding onto stock makes it cost more and therefore lose value. This does not exist in this game everyone can put in the work they need if they want to reach a goal and there is no reason they can't just put stock on hold. They can go it alone if they want or work with their guild. If they choose they can be part of the market place. If some group decided to truly try to ruin the market they would need to have more player hours than everyone else in the game to do it and even then it would likely have to be much greater than all the others player hours due to the existence of the npcs. Maybe Rich had this for a time and with the exitence of some of the advantages that existed it was sustainable for a while. At this point in time a much stronger case than what Mr. Mind +Rich did in the past will have to be provided before I start getting concerned about the future of the market.
  4. Disclosure of the rate changes

    Seven pages worth and now I have voted. I voted no. The market prices will be more stable if the fluctuations appear naturally rather than at the posting of an update.
  5. EMP weapon

    How will spill over from arenas to the spectator stands be worked? I like the idea as I would be able to make mercury runs with them knowing that if I am messed with it can cost the pkers dearly. I have not voted yet but leaning towards yes please. A few suggestions: A slight name change would be good, Ectoplasmic Magic Pulse for RP purposes. Some new drop to go with the ectoplasmic nature, from Phantom warriors or other such 'ghost' like creature. This also adds an element of the fighters contributing to the creation of the items. And would also likely increase the overall cost of the item as the only need for the drop would be this item at this time. If there was to be a risk ensured for the user maybe requiring them to have on them a magic item of a medium value for the EMP to fuction. "Your EMP needs a magic source to work properly." Something like an efe or harvester medallion. The item does not get used up but of course still has a chance to break. As for others suggestions: I really like the idea of it degrading an item if possible for the item. Still a high cost but more recoverable.
  6. Multiplayer cheating

    This whole thread should be in the suggestions area of the forums as far as I can see. The solutions provided will not reduce cheaters. Those who want to cheat believe there is an advantage to be gained by doing so. Where people see that an advatange can be gained they can go to surprising lengths to get that advanatage. Banning would be much easier to administer than inventory/character wiping. If a mistake is made in a ban it can be corrected. To correct the wiping of a character of an innnocent player would require tracking more information than banning/unbanning of characters. That all being said I think that it speaks very highly of EL players that they want to find ways to reduce the cheating that is happening. I use two clients. Quite a lot actually, as I am online logged into EL upto 16 hours a day. I have stated this in other places however, considering the thread I thought I would mention it again. I have not seen it in the forums but that does not mean it has not been discussed. I believe one modfication that would help would be to have a multilingual intro screen when running the game for the first time. This screen would only be to determine a language the player is fluent in to help in directing them to a suitable translation of the rules. All this would do is help them to find the rules when they start. Direct translations can be tricky without support from multilingual people. ie For the rules in english click here. For the rules in french click here. << of course this would be in french not english. For the rules in . . . << and the rest would be in the languages they refer too. This might stop some unintentional cheating(those who cheat without realising it). However it also can lead to some users, who just click on anything, to miss the initial reading of the rules. The question then becomes will it help more than hinder. I know that there is work underway to provide as much translation as possible for the game. This suggestion is only geared towards communicating the rules. The rest of the client would be whatever language the client was downloaded in or set too. Don't know, but I think it would help. I hope the moderators keep up their great work and that concerned players continue to try to improve a game they love so much.
  7. Today's Invasion - 6/29

    Great invasion. I couldn't really fight but running around trying to help those who fell was fun. The monsters seemed to naturally spread out in Glacmore, btw.
  8. Auctioning 1 Instinct Removal Stone

    Yes, that will be fine. Please use Gossip to send me a message when you are ready. __________ Brought to you by: Luna & Co. The People to Buy From
  9. Cast Spells During Combat

    I am bumping this discussion as my suggestion relates to it and the way magic is today. Many game systems make use of restrictions on magic users so they have some level of power that is theirs. One of the ways is to be able to use hand gestures to make a spell happen. I propose that if your hands are full then only spells up to a certain level be able to be cast. The same might be good for summoners but not sure about it. Have a sword and shield, max spell level 15. Wearing gloves or 1 weapon or 1 shield, max spell level 40. Nothing in your hands, no limit on spell level. Yes it will change PvP combat. It will increase the viability of pure spell casters and encourage some kind of trade off between high level magic and high level weapons/defense. I voted yes for being able to cast in combat.
  10. Auctioning 1 Instinct Removal Stone

    Anyone seen Sparhawk?
  11. Harvester medallion

    I like this medallion. I hesitate to post why as I am glad others are choosing not to use it. Instead I have a question. How much gc is 1 harvesting xp worth?
  12. Clean out!

    I requested the helms yesterday via PM Oh Well. Wow, very upstanding of you. I have the helms now thanks. Good luck with your exams.
  13. Auctioning 1 Instinct Removal Stone

    20 min until auction closes. Last chance. Auction is closed. Winner is Sparhawk. __________ Brought to you by: Luna & Co. The People to Buy From
  14. Specific Bot market channel?

    I like this idea. No adverts just requests. Players can watch if they want and respond to the requests and bot browsing would be much simpler. If I use the ability for bots to filter and there are 200 bots and I want to check them all. I will need to send out 200 requests and get back 200 responses. That is 400 lines. If I have 3 items I am checking I would need to send out 600 messages but I would more likely send out 200 messages and just get everything. If I did send out the 600 I would get 600 responses for a total of 1200 lines. If I only sent out the 200 for all items at 20 items a bot (presumming no formatting lines) that would be 2000 lines of response for a total of 2200 lines. If I can send out 1 request and even if all 200 carry it that would total 201 lines transmitted. If only 100 carried its just 101 lines. Even better if I can send out 1 command that will filter by continent there will be even less lines. Traveling between continents add cost in gc and time. I would like to see from anyone who says this will increase bandwidth how they expect it will be so and provide as through a description as possible. I would not support removing the ability for bots to advertise on ch 3. If you do not like the adverts you can Ignore them or just not pay attention to them. They are a valuable service just not to everyones taste. As for the economy being ruined, if a competitor is way underselling the construction price of an item buy them out and resell at a reasonable rate. A buyer will not like spending more on an item if they have seen it for less but then if they can no longer find it for that price what choice do they have wait or buy at ahigher price. Which is just how the markets work now. I would love to see some one driven out of business becuase they kept running out of resources. I know it is not as simple as it sounds but I would be very supprised if the whole market would take a dive from the simple explantions suggesting that it would. If a bot is trying to rig the system by providing false data, then the bot would become blacklisted by the users just like any other player trying to scam others. Bots can advertise bogus prices now to affect the market. I hope this goes through.
  15. Auctioning 1 Will removal stone

    This sold within a minute of first posting. ___________ Luna & Co. The People to Buy From.