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  1. new day!

    Day of Summoning :icon13: :icon13:
  2. 6 months of El playing

    Those are really excellent stats for only 6 months of play. I would say you're doing a brilliant job 6 months in game or 6 months in rl? I think the important point is: times in game. Heleona
  3. Gender Poll

    Wait, I'm confused. Did you actually vote in the pole? Because the poll results don't show a difference between the two questions. (The RL one, and the in-game one) -Curia Perhaps because there are (male irl - female in game) and (female irl - male in game) in same proportions. ***************** To complete the poll, a question could be : Are you : male irl - male in game male irl - female in game female irl - female in game female irl - male in game Heleona
  4. Windows RC 3

    All is OK for me. No problem with sounds, tailoring and others skills. Congratulations for the job. Heleona
  5. Restoration spell change

    I voted yes. I think it is more realistic. A high level can restore more than a low level (if the two different levels have the same HP).
  6. I voted yes. Fot the lower players, it could be a good way to make money if they wish it.
  7. Artwork Updates

    Very very nice. Good job.
  8. Range weapons and heights of playable races

    I voted yes. I think it is more realist.