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  1. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Sorry Brom, have been doing some homework (alot) )) Vetarai came over. "Yes, of course... you mean the old Temple? That place has been deserted for years except for a couple of Orcs and Cyclops." Brom ushered him on, and Vetarai started off towards the jungle.
  2. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Thanks everyone And Brom, you really are a Mind-Reader )) As Paegren slowed, Vetarai stared in awe at the ship before him. He was on his way home when he had taken notice of a n00b's bloody carcass. (Cyclopses, go figure ) "Hello?" He called out. He caught sight of Brom and Dark Nightmare, and strode over to greet them.
  3. new cloak

    I wanna look like one of those Chinese Imperials Fashion is important, you are what you wear I can see it now... Please give us some clothes, Mr. Entropy and Mrs. Roja
  4. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((OOC- WE did? Don't recall that, but I'll just have to take your word for it Thanks ))
  5. Your RP Character(s)

    Oooooookay, good
  6. Your RP Character(s)

    Here you can post your RP Char and any info about him. Please, don't do things like: "My rP char is henry. He wAs an elfen kingf from anoter continent." Please use proper, clean, and easy-to-read English and make sure they are not powerful, obserdly strong or something like a king or prince or founder of a town, etc. (i.e. No powerplaying or godmoding)They must be realistic and fit into the official EL storyline. And please, be serious. And that includes you, Sora Barzhard.
  7. The Great Cataclysm

    The sky is alight tonight with the moon's radiance, and every color in the rainbow is flashing everywhere. I do not know whether this is a dream or not, but I feel entranced, and wouldn't mind at all if I never wake up. Prayers proceeded today as normal, and we have been blessed by Elandria with a bountiful harvest. I can see the Harvest Moon high in the sky, casting everything with a ghastly beauty. The sky sparkles with the glimmering scales of Dragons. The tales of Dwarven bards and songs of Elven choirs can be heard for miles around. The pipes of the Satyrs echoe through the night, and the galloping of the Centaurs is reckless but finds it's own way into the festivities. I come outside and see the moon suddenly dissappear. Silence follows. Then, there was an explosion of light! The sky was aflame, nothing but blood-red and fire everywhere! Then, a beam of light pierced the chaos and struck the earth. An explosion followed, and then a wave of white radiated from the beam! As it swept through the lands, I began to forget. Screams and cries were drowned out as I saw a wall of blue. It was a massive, 50ft tall wall of water! I fled for the house, and hid. I heard the wave come down, and then all was silent... I took the courage to come outside and face whatever horrors there were to see. As I looked, my jaw dropped in awe. Where the beam had struck, there was nothing but sea. Draia had been split apart. I almost swooned, and I cried aloud "Cataclysm!" before I fell to the ground.... -Author Unknown
  8. Story & Quest Writers Agreement

    I, Vetarai, have read, understand, and agree to follow the above terms of the Eternal Lands Story and Quest Writers Agreement.
  9. Gumbi and the Talking Bears

    A long time ago, there was a Dwarf named Gumbi. He lived in Zirinkinbar. He had curly black hair, a long mangled beard that went to his knees, and dakr brown skin. One day, he went hunting. It was early in the morning, and he was about to go back home empty-handed when he caught a bear in a trap. It was a panda, and he was about to kill it when it said "Please do not kill me! Let me free and I will someday reward you!" Gumbi may have been hungry, but he had a kind heart and let the panda go. The next day, he was hunting in the same place. It was exactly noon, and he was about to go home empty-handed when his trap caught a black bear. He was about to kill it when it pleaded "Please do not kill me! Let me free and I will someday reward you!" Gumbi was really hungry, but he had a kind heart and let the black bear go. The next day, he was hunting in the same place. It was late afternon, and he was about to go home empty-handed when his trap caught a brown bear. He was about to kill it when it cried "Please do not kill me! Let me free and I will someday reward you!" Gumbi was really hungry, but he had a kind heart and let the brown bear go. The next day, he went hunting in the same place. He had come home empty-handed, and was starving. He was fast asleep when he was awoken by a sudden flash outside his window. He got up and looked out the window. There, outside, were the three bears. They all said "We thank you, Gumbi, for sparing our lives. And true to our word, we will reward you. We are eternally greatfull." They walked away, and then, raining from the sky came a shower of fruits and bread. It rained all through the night and all the next day. Gumbi never went hungry again, and learned that kindness always had it's benefits.
  10. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((OOC-Hello, fellow men. I'm new to RP so this is my frist attempt. Wish me luck )) The sun set in the lush jungles of Kusamura. As they did, all manner of creature walked in the perpetual twilight. Leopard, panther, and panda all came out to eat and prowl. A elf lad with long, shimmering white hair dashed through the jungle. He paused for a moment and took a deep breath of the fresh air. It was his favorite time of day. Where the light and dark met. He could see the moon rising in the west, and the sun setting in the east. He wore a black robe with loose white leggings. His boots were almost as old as the elf himself, but showed no record of the hardships they had endured. Covering the elf's head was a simple hat woven from bamboo, no more than a disc starped to his head by a silk string. In his hand he carried a bamboo staff with some tea and bamboo leaves tied to the end. He started to run again, but paused as he heard a familiar groan from behind. He turned around and smiled as he saw his best fried, Paegren the Panda Bear. He strode over and gave him a hug. "Hey there, you big lug." Paegren gave a rolling growl- a chuckle- and rolled onto his back, exposing his belly. He started panting like a dog. "I thought you were a bear, not a mutt." The bear stood upright again and grunted. Vetarai, for that was the young elf's name, got onto the bear. It gave a growl, and then started off south, to his house...