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  1. Easter Egg hunt

    Thanks Jaakko. I was lucky to find hint 9> Rdholam... Tyvm. zFish ~ Flame.
  2. kingpin banned

    You offered a value to keep the character safe and when I returned to play, I would return the value to you and you would return the character, but you went and sold quickly for 5 times the amount I asked you to keep the amount I asked you to keep the character safe with you, I think I was helping you, but you already had everything planned. I already lost the character, nothing will bring me back, stop mentioning me in your problems. You are a scammer and everyone knows, now you have been caught for using illegal programs to benefit, which already shows that bad nature is rooted in you. You stole several people, including me for trusting you, lent you gold to clear your name. but luckily i learned and i won't trust you anymore. Stop quoting me and I'm still happy.
  3. kingpin banned

    Hello everyone, i'm going to say something because i was quoted in the post above. Renato = Kingpin impersonated my friend for a few years, told me about his life and as just another case, i was one of his victims. i Have all the talk about what happened, and who told me that you were betrayed, it was you. i never posted it anywhere, i just talked to you, you who are exposing yourself. And i am very happy that you are banned for using illegal programs, so the game is cleaner and fairer for everyone.