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  1. storage sale

    I'll give you 7k for the steel bars.
  2. Small storage sale.

    18kgc for all harvestibles
  3. selling & harvesting

    5k cotton
  4. This & That Sale

    2.5k for the exc cloak?
  5. The true recomended skills

    the magic exp is nice from healing yourself from toads
  6. Huge Storage Sale!

    460 Potion of Minor Healing 233 Potion of Mana 116 Empty Vial 4.5k? - Xanados
  7. harvesting on order

    Any kind of flower eh? I'll take 20k cotton.
  8. Garage sale

    5046 Raw Meat 20k? - Sparhawk
  9. Disclosure of the rate changes

    I have 16 EFEs in sto, not because i'm hoarding then to hopefully make a larger profit off them, but because I'm waiting until i get my manu high enough to make use of them. Also, I made all of them while making over 100k FEs.
  10. Stannard's Shop!

    Are you still in business?
  11. harvesting orders!

    10k Sulfur
  12. Artwork Updates

    The face is simply gorgeous on the human female.
  13. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    currently working on silver - 4.6/10k sulfur - 0/4k fruit - 2.1/4k toadstool - 2k/2k coal - 4/4k Lexi --- 2k sulfur, silver --- 6k Dark09 --- 4k fruit, 2k silver --- 5k caecus --- 2k sulfur, coal, silver --- 9k -------------------- Knuckles - 2k Silver (3kgc), 4k Sunflowers (2kgc) - 5kgc - 100%complete Atlas --- 2k silver --- 3k --- complete Vrumfondel --- 2k silver, toadstool, coal --- 9k --- delivered
  14. Storage Sale

  15. Stannard's Shop!

    50k cotton -Sparhawk