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  1. I've had a little time this morning and since my client is working currently I tried the commands for the desktop client on android. It seems that the alt and ctrl commands all work on a functioning android client. The only thing that was different was that instead of ctrl + A I had to use ctrl + alt + A but I'm not sure if that is because of my specific tablet or the client.


    Conclusion: Keyboard commands (hotkeys) work the same on the android client.

    My app data got corrupt somehow.

  2. I tried that and enabled everything. It didn't do anything even after a client restart.


    From what I gather, that's not what it's really for either. Having it disabled does nothing. Enabling it toggles showing things but even though I had tried enabling it, that didn't make any names or bars show. In other words, it shouldn't have to be enabled to see these things. They are on by default in the android client with those options disabled.


    I'm guessing that something in the app data became corrupt since there doesn't seem to be a hotkey for these settings as no one has given a list here and searching doesn't see them posted anywhere.

  3. There isn't anything there in the options window for things like that. I did check there first.


    Alt+m brings up the mini map so I know there is some functionality for shortcuts in the client.

  4. Is there a list of game commands for the Android client posted somewhere?


    Last night I loaded the client and didn't have any names or health bars showing. I tried the keyboard shortcuts for the desktop client but they didn't work.


    I have no idea what happened as the last time I had used it everything was showing fine. I ended up clearing the app data and then it returned to normal but of course that deleted my counters and such. Thanks.

  5. I haven't played in years but was just thinking about getting the client again to see who was still around from when I used to play. Good too see some of you are at least still forum lurkers. *waves hi*


    Geez how long ago was it that I started playing? Still #21 in Manu xD

  6. just burn helms at schools day, cheaper and faster leveling than ever

    Warning: Excessive helm mixing may cost you your sanity.

    How much is your sanity worth to you? :laugh:


    Sorry. I figured that disclaimer was a must. At over 1M helms (pretty sure I broke that threshold), it sure has taken a toll on me.


    Definitely have to agree with nathan on that one. My last levels I did mostly in the school on schools day. If I could do it all over again, I would have done a lot more s2e's instead of the helms. But I was full tilt at getting to #1 and then...as the few people still around here that knew me already know...I burned out and crashed :)


    The best advice I can give is to level any skill in a way that keeps the game fun for you. As soon as you start to feel stressed/pressured or if it starts to not be fun anymore then take a look at how you're doing things. Make adjustments to keep things fun and not so much of a grind.

  7. 3500+ fps at 640x480 zoom out goes down to about 700.


    1500+ fps at 1024x768 still about 700 on zoom out though. FSAA at 16 dropped fps to 350+ and 270+ on zoom out. AF at full 1400+ and 500+ zoomed out. Both on full 260+ and 280+ zoomed out.


    This uses about 50% of my cpu. 3ghz P4 with HT. I also had to force off v-sync via nvidia control panel as the option didn't work.


    Card details in sig.

  8. Intel does not update their video drivers very often from my experience. ( I used integrated intel for a long time :s )


    This should walk you through getting the newest version



    I pretty much ran with poorman on when I had integrated video. You also might want to consider getting more RAM as your video is using part of that.


    I hope some of that helps. Good luck.

  9. :x you might get a forumz ban tsk tsk


    and I see a CelticLady reading :)


    You caught meh :P


    To be on topic, having a type of council or group of people to help run ideas past etc. can be a great idea. However, in practice it doesn't always work out as intended, like many things. As one of the qualities Entropy mentioned, 100% unbiased. That is likely the hardest quality to find. I struggle with that one on a project I'm working on. It is very, very hard to be unbiased about something that is detrimental to something you personaly do, especially if your personal opinion is that it is a bad idea. To look past that and see how others might think about the same idea and how they may want it and see it as a good thing is sometimes very difficult. Then to think about it from both sides and decide if it is better for the game as a whole... >.< It isn't always easy to determine if you have thought through both sides before making a final decision or if you are so opposed to something that you just can't clearly see the other perspective.


    It can also be good to poll the players on what they want too, but as has been stated you get a lot of flames. The actual opinions aren't so bad because, in my opinion, you want to know the opinion of the players. Wading through it all can be a pain though.


    Something in between perhaps. A group that polls the player base on possible changes and accepts questions/clarification requests from them could be beneficial. They then discuss that as a group with Entropy and go back to the players with the clarifications and gets a better picture on their feelings. Final step is to take that data into consideration and suggest to Entropy based on their discussion how they feel is best to proceed with a proposed change. Although that may be too much to deal with. I dunno, just the ramblings of a not really active player.

  10. >200k


    Saving for later use


    I don't play often and when I do I like to have everything I may need at my disposal. I don't consider my stockpiles to be hoarding because I do use or sell the items in my storage...eventually. It just doesn't cycle as fast as it used to for me :)

  11. I just spit Pepsi out on my desk reading this thread :rolleyes:


    I'm also wondering, as some of the other posters, if you are on some type of medication? If not and you are serious then perhaps you would like to take a few moments and pm any number of the trade bots with both Inv and Wanted to check their responses. I'm fairly certain that, in almost all cases, you will find they buy for less than they sell for. That's what the bots are for. They make an in-game gc profit for their owners.


    If you don't like their underhanded, back-alley tactics then don't use them. There is a player-to-player trade channel for your convenience.

  12. I was told about this last night and I just didn't know what to say.


    Some people say that "it's just a game, these people aren't really your friends" but people like Des are. I never really knew her before we were in HIM together. There I met a fun, happy, lively, witty and wonderfully sarcastic woman. Fiercely defensive of her friends and warm an comforting when needed. I knew of her battle with cancer as we had spoken about it several times over the months in PM. I only hope that I helped to give her comfort when I could and make her laugh when she needed it most. I wish I had been able to talk with her more recently. As the saying goes, You never really know what you have until it's gone.


    I will miss you Des. Your strength will shine forever as a light in my life.


    My thoughts go out to your family and other friends.

  13. My 'moment' of glory lasted for 11 months. I was hoping for a full year, but that's hard to do when you take a break from leveling :)


    If I have the dates correct, I held this spot from December 14, 2006 until November 16, 2007.




    And once again, I congratulate Holar on taking over as #1.