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  1. el women

    I stand corrected. *Note to self* Purchase a new print dictionary */Note* My trusty Funk & Wagnalls Dictionary is apparently outdated and only stated that 'guys' is the plural for guy. You learn something new everyday.
  2. Price check on iron stuff

    Iron Greaves (boot things): ~4k Iron Cuisses (leg things): ~4.5k Iron Plate Mail (platemail thing): ~8k
  3. el women

    Personally, I do not like to be referred to in either context. I am female. Guys = male. My point is just that not everyone agrees that 'guys' is an acceptable term for 'a group of people'. I don't freak out and get all offended or anything. I think that serene was trying to suggest that she doesn't feel it is an acceptable term. *shrug* It isn't that big a deal to me. I don't like it, but...whatever.
  4. el women

    My dictionary does not show 'guys' as being unsexual plural... Some women do not prefer to be grouped in the male gender. Some males do not see why that should be an issue. When referred to as one of the 'guys' I often reply with "I am not a guy, but..." I am not passing judgement on how that statement was intended.
  5. Talk about the contest here

    Oops, forgot to mention I tried those places as well
  6. Talk about the contest here

    I am not good at riddles at all so I can't help much on this one, but so you don't waste keys on some of the spots I looked...I checked the following areas (and please don't ask me why I decided to look there. Some of them I really don't know, others were on suggestions of friends.). I tried the entire tree bridge in VOTD All around both fallen trees near the partially completed ship in GP All around the entire fallen tree near teh ebul lupine bush in PL The fallen tree next to the pulley system lifting the block to be place on the wall in Sedicolis There are a few other random locations I tried keys on, but can't remember exactly where at the moment. I'm still waking up All in all I used around 100 keys I think, lost count. Good luck!
  7. 3 binding stones and an EWE. Big thanks to Arigorn for helping me find it as well.
  8. Tirnwood Vale, WS map 327,384?
  9. Mortos stopped by to say.

    Perhaps, I didn't see him in the other spot
  10. Mortos stopped by to say.

    I dont think you really appreciate just how big that spider is either! Ok, so Mortos is sort of 'in' the barrels along the wall, but this gives a better idea of the size. This was at South Redmoon storage
  11. Screenshots needed for the website

    Inv with and without storage screen: Inv 1 Inv 2
  12. Screenshots needed for the website

    Ask and ye shall receive... Shots with more mix stuff: More Mix Items Again Closer shots: Close 1 Close 2 Close 3 If those still aren't what you're looking for let me know what to change and I'll take more.
  13. Screenshots needed for the website

    Manu school screenies Just outside the PL school Outside School Two shots inside Shot One Shot Two
  14. Up for auction is one Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal. Description states: Like the original, but 3% chance each hit you take to have all your cooldowns removed. I’ll accept gc and the following items in offers. The gc equivalents I have placed next to each item is how they will be valuated for their offer amount against straight gc offers. Hydro bar: 10kgc Steel bar: 40gc EFE: 3k Binding stone: 6k If you would like to keep your identity private then feel free to forum pm me your offer and I will add the offer amount to the bids. (Make sure you include your in-game name if it is different from your forum id) The bidding will end 48hrs. from the time this is posted. Start the bidding at 100kgc and good luck!
  15. Auctioning Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    Bidding is over. Winning bid amount, 200k gc. I will contact the winner in game.
  16. Auctioning Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    Only about 2 hours left! Current high bid is 200k gc.
  17. Talk about the contest here

    Since I'm near Trik alot, I tried directly in front of him and the tiles at the very beginning of the path closest to him. To check for a hyperspace bag you need to 'use' a skeleton key while standing on the spot you want to check for the bag. EDIT: Finished an incomplete sentence.
  18. Auctioning Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    New PM bid of 200k gc.
  19. Auctioning Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal

    I have received a bid via PM for 150kgc
  20. SMS notification!

    Works for me. I'm in the US on VirginMobile I don't think I would use this cause....I'm always playing. I think it's a good idea though for those that care to know the day before they log in or whatever.
  21. The Update

    Some of us can give you statistics on this as well. FE: 49175 EFE: 24 average: 1EFE per 2049 FE I have artif perk Based on current alch lvl of 75 are the following: ~1-2 food fails per 100-200 FE ~1 crit fail per 200-300 FE These stats were started from old server until now and carry across several alch lvls. You can use this as a comparison to the stats you gain from your own fe project. Enjoy!
  22. The next update

    Actually, you could donate just 1gc if you wanted to. The npc will accept any amount you have on you. Example: you have 200gc in your inventory and you click the 5K donation. The npc will take the 200gc. You must have the gc in your inventory and it will not broadcast a message for donations of less than 20kgc. EDIT: eep! ttl beat me to it...
  23. Manufacture School Issue?

    When making warm fur gloves in the Manu School you keep the gloves and do not get double xp.
  24. New weapons and Armours

    Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain 4% chance to do a mana drain when hit. (Already sold and buyer/sale price is confidential, please don't ask)
  25. The surprise from Radu

    Quick question: Is there a manu section in the skills academy? I have checked all over in there and can't seem to find it, but I have overlooked obvious things before. I have heard both yes and no answers to this question in game, so if someone that actually knows could answer I would really appreciate it. EDIT: Got my answer, Thank you