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  1. Attention all Mixers of All Types!

    Add me to the list of participants. Will just depend on day and time.
  2. Favorite skill.

    Hmm... Overall? crafting pls Wow, people don't know me very well I guess. I did pick manu. I may not like it all the time and I basically only train it on scholars day, but it's still my favorite of all the skills.
  3. Favorite skill.

    Guess which I picked
  4. ?

    Sorry, that's all I can help with.
  5. ?

    Searching is sooooo important Here is one: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25559 Piper Just a quick note about that thread. It is accurate in getting you back on when Norton is blocking it, but with the 2007 version of Internet Security, it no longer allows you to ignore that warning from a specific site like you could do with past versions. With the 2007 version the only way to not get that intrusion warning for BD Insane 4.0 is to turn off the detection of that threat completely. I did not give instructions on how to do that. I did not do that myself and eventually I just stopped getting that warning and disconnection. I just illustrated how to do the other portions to get adko back on the game if the firewall is the problem because the GUI for this version is a bit different.
  6. ?

    yes i installed norton internet security and pepperspray send me PM and he hes got the same problem.. and how can i try test server ?i cant log in.-... AdKo . Norton Internet Security has some problems with the game. I had to work around them when I first installed it. I'll see if I can explain how to fix it. -Open Internet Security and click on Settings -Click on Personal Firewall -Then select Configure -Select Program Control -Select Add -Find where EL is located on your pc and select it (probably in Program Files. you must select the EL.exe) -Select Allow for the access -When you are done with that and have saved the setting then select Trust Control -Click on the Trusted tab -Select Add -I can't remember which one of these is the current IP for the game server so just add them both After you have done that then restart your pc and try to log on again. If you can log on great, have fun If not, post again and hopefully someone else can help you. P.S. don't even try to contact Symantec (Norton) about this because they are dumber than rocks and were absolutely no help to me in the 6 or so times I have contacted them for this and another issue.
  7. Disclosure of the rate changes

    Oh really? I used 17 the other day, 8 the next, and I'm about to use another 8 right now. You may not need more than 5 in storage at any one time, but when a ti plate uses 4 each, I kinda need more than that, a lot more than that. I'm doing my part to get them out of the game so if you find yourself with more than 5 then I'll be more than happy to purchase the extras
  8. Selling reasoning removal stone

    Sorry, disregard my bid. I got a better offer in game and don't need anymore.
  9. do you harvest dung?

    True, however I have seen people get rostos from blue quartz and since sr's is a main lvl grinder for potions...
  10. animal stuff

  11. Desktop pictures

    Already did on the last thread like this http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5030
  12. bear drop

    Gargs are the ones that look constipated with all their squatting. Perhaps they could randomly (very low chance) pop out a poo bag after they squat. But I like the bear idea too.
  13. About Yourself

    Holiday = Vacation in much of the world
  14. "Market" value of EFE?

    Just a few quick comments. @ Ghrae: Your list doesn't show Yeti or Arctic stones needing EWE, but by the manufacture.html, they do. Yes, your point is also spot on. Alot of items need EFE, higher demand = higher cost. @ Zen: I've known you a long time. You have always had better luck than average making enriched esses. Read as follows: "With artif cape, I've made 10/84,566 so 1/8457." I feel I have better things to do with my time than make that many fe's so I have 10 efe's for iron plate. @ Nathanstenzel: I don't think there is an Enriched Air Essence. Some prices are coming up slowly for Items requiring an EFE to make, but the majority still do not sell for even the total cost to make. With prices continuing to rise on EFE, I don't think the prices will catch up. I tried off an on all day yesterday to buy upto 20 efe's on market for 5k each. I had one person offering me 10 at 5.5k each and that was it.
  15. "Market" value of EFE?

    you asked for it geritt.... First off, any price for efe is fine provided the buyers of an end product are willing to pay at least the sum of the ingredients to make said end product, in my opinion. Setting the price higher to cover for the cost of fails and adding a small amount to that for a profit is not unreasonable in my opinion. With that said, some people will always undercut to make a sale. They will make part of the needed ingredients themselves and not charge a premium on their time spent to harv/alch the components they made just to make that sale. Then when someone that buys all their ingredients and tries to sell for even what their cost was, market doesn't respond in like because so-and-so sells for less. As a result, some people no longer make lower end training gear and opt to only make steel/titanium plates. We still lose gc on those sales, but get more xp and have the chance to make rares that sell for far more. With an efe, if you don't have an enrichement stone, you can't just sit and make it. You can try and eventually get one from making fe's, but that's random when you get one. With artif cape, I've made 10/84,566 so 1/8457. On a good day, I can go through 10 or more efe's so that isn't a viable option for me. Enrichment stones are limited to how many people find while harvesting and while they do cost a bit less than an efe, they are not plentiful on market. Hoarders. There are some people that hold onto things that they may someday be able to use themselves. Not too much of a problem unless they don't ever use them or sell them and they just sit there. That leaves them in the game, but they aren't being used at all. I try and stock about 40 efe's at all times, but I use them frequently and have even run out several times when I was selling armor faster than I could replenish stocks. Since you can't calculate exactly when you will make an efe or predict how many will be needed the price raises because people are getting low on stock and want to have them available for use. As the chance to make efe lowers, like it is now I think, the price raises because of supply and demand. There are less available but in most cases the demand stays the same. At times on market, I see people offering more than 5k for efe's. As long as armor prices raise in a similar fashion, no problem, but does that ever happen? I probably missed a point or two, but you get the idea.
  16. What did i do befor i played EL

    EL was the first mmorpg that I played. I've tried a few since I started. Some I like, some I didn't. Before EL? I read books and played ps2/n64
  17. Time Zones

    PST Pacific Standard Time North America UTC - 8 hours And honestly, I had never even heard of UTC before this thread...I must be one of those misleading Americans too. Thanks for the link Peeper
  18. What was your first guild?

    DAWN -> GWaR -> Guildless for a while -> HIM
  19. Need some screanies or pictures - help please

    I don't have a torso atm so can't help with that one or the full set, but here is the helm. Helm front Helm back Helm side If I decide to make another torso and no one else has posted the other pics you are looking for then I'll do it.
  20. Is Eternal Lands becoming fighters game?

    First, I never said constantly in demand, but for there to be more demand than once a week would be nice. Of the dragon armor I listed that I have mixed, 1 helm, 1 torso, 2 greaves and 2 cuisses I mixed for Acelon the same day (actually, it might have been the next day) the armor was manuable. I still have a helm, greaves and cuisses in my inventory. That leaves 2-3 other pieces that I mixed for others. So, to me, that isn't really much demand. I also know full well that I'm not the only game in town when it comes to manu, so others are making the armor as well. But of the people I have talked to about it, their responses are pretty similar. I know that you spend a lot of time trying to have good ideas for weapons and armor that the fighters will love using. Weather it be for training or pk. But it isn't always received as intended I think. I know that you don't just say "oh dragon armor, this looks like a good recipe for it. Cool, done now". Both bronze and dragon armor are the highest rec lvl to make and the least in demand. I also understand that you keep track of stuff like that and change the stats etc, accordingly. I have never posted a suggestion in suggestion forum. I don't feel that anything I could possibly come up with would be any better than you.(At least, I haven't thought of anything yet) I have my ideas of things to change but most are not completely thought through and my perspective on things is skewed to an extent. When I train a/d I'm on cycs. If they break my armor then I just know I'll have to make more later. If they degrade my CoL then I sell it and make the ingreds to have a crafter make a new one. Same goes for SR and ess use, I make my own. For me, it's not that big of a deal. But I know that people who are more stictly fighters usually harvest and sell/trade that to replace armor and ess etc. On the other hand, a lot of mixers can't buy their ingreds for the items we use to level and sell that product for a profit(or for the items we make to sell for that matter). So, they are not really profiting from their skill, but harvest/alch. Much like fighters do from what I hear. There in lies the only problem I see. The xp difference. Mixers spend tons of time harving to make their level item to grind the levels away and get less xp/hour of actual mixing time. While fighters harvest for loads of time to afford what they need to grind levels but get more xp/hour of actual training time. Fighters have the difference that after they gain a/d levels and their xp starts to drop, they can TS and stay on that mob longer. After that, they can move up to the next strongest mob and make more xp. Mixers for the most part can't. In general there are specific items for each skill we use to level(there are exceptions of course, Blodoks uses fur pants while most people I know use leather helms and such.), and we are stuck there. Mixers have a choice of using a school at total gc loss, but our xp is always constant. And personally, I'm not complaining about it. I worked hard and my oa is 120. It's been my choice to be an all arounder, my choice to put 35pp in nexus, my choice to knowingly not be able to train past fluff with my chosen char build unless maybe if I get neg perks. I'm not even sure you can lump all mixers together in to one pool. Each mixing skill is different. That's why I said previously that I thought each skill would have to be looked at individually and evaluated on it's own merits and that maybe nothing needed to be changed. I'm absolutely fine if nothing changes. So I'll see if I can summarize this long winded post and conclude. I am not claiming to be an expert, I have a general knowledge of all aspects of the game. My views are certainly different than a lot of other players because I train all skills. That may put my experiences of some skills at a disadvantage and I may not see the whole picture. I am not particularly complaining about how the skills are now. I don't have an idea for a new manu/pot/alch/craft item that would be both high lvl and have a decent demand. My personal experience is that all skills have their positive and negative sides to them and each have their own difficulties to level. And after all this I hope my post was in some way helpful to the thread. If not, then I'm sorry for blathering on so long I tend to ramble sometimes.
  21. Is Eternal Lands becoming fighters game?

    actually i did take FP cost, and fails and mortar breakage isnt that much i guess Perhaps you have your sell price higher than mine. I sell in quantities of 2k+ so I charge 14gc each. I'll check my math. 23k * 14 = 322kgc 23k vials = 115,000 23k wine = 17,250 4.6k fp's = 55,200 cost excluding fails or m&p breakage = 187,450gc So if I harv all the other ingreds I would make 134,550gc And I break m&p's an average of 1:300 so I would go through an average of 77 give or take a bit. Then there is the cost for fails. My pot lvl is 71 and fails do happen. If someone sells higher or lower then the numbers will change to some extent as well. Each skill has its advantages and disadvantages, as they should. It's hard for me to say if I really think that they should be changed at all. Each skill is different on so many levels that they would each need to be looked at and evaluated on their own merits to really know. I am a complete all arounder and have a fairly good knowledge of all skills(summoning and engineering being ones I am least familiar with). But even being an all arounder it is hard for me to say what could be changed to even the differences between the skills on a fair xp basis.
  22. Is Eternal Lands becoming fighters game?

    That's correct, I'm not lvl 90 yet I have only mixed a total of 4 torsos, 4 cuisses, 5 greaves, and 2 helms. I crit failed 1 greaves and food failed a torso and greaves. I have stopped leveling manu unless it is a scholars day for reasons that don't pertain to this thread. Actually, one reason does, I do not receive enough requests to mix bronze/dragon armor to make it worth my time to level, imo. @ Jakie, you didn't take food, mortar & pestle breakage and fails into your profit calculation, but yes, potions can be leveled at a profit. SR's is actually one of the ways I make gc. Do I feel the xp is out of proportion for a/d and mixing skills or at least the oa xp we receive? Yes. Do I have a suggestion to make it better? No. Do I think it needs to be changed even? I'm not sure. That's for Entropy to decide. Perhaps this is the way he wants the skills to be. I would however, like higher level manu items that are in demand. By higher level, I don't mean rec 140, but 80 or so. I might go back to leveling manufacturing if it was worth my time.
  23. Where does your luck on EL lie?

    I've been lucky with finding stones while harving, don't have exact numbers on them though. Have not found an attribute/nexus removal stone yet. Also lucky with special armor/weapons with the help of artif perk/cape: Ubber Def Greaves - 2 Mana Drain Cuisses - 2 Mirror Greaves - 3 Cooldown Removal Cuisses - 1 Plate of Freezing - 3 Shield of Life Drain - 1 Mage Cutty - 2 (one was guildies ingreds so gave it to him, was his luck as well SoD - 2 Now you know how I was able to lvl manu back when it was a priority
  24. EL dreams?

    I have had nightmares about manu'ing leather helms at Trik
  25. Selling essence

    I'll take the efe's if you still have them