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  1. Christmas Pics

    We need to implement the whips first. Wolfy and I have been waiting for that formula to come out for quite a while now
  2. Decay rates on enriched essences

    My reaction is that the previous rate not being adjusted for a long time is what caused the situation in the first place so going back to it solves nothing.
  3. I tried to do an extensive search, and found some wanting a stronger remote heal, but none that suggested a heal over time type of spell so I wanted to throw in the suggestion. With things changing in the near future I think a spell like this could become very useful. For those not familiar with them, HoT (Heal over Time) spells do just that, they heal the target over time instead of all at once. We have a DoT (Damage over Time) with poison so this would work basically the same but just with healing. Now, if a spell like this was added then making it able to be remotely cast on others could have a big use in teamwork instances. Example: Restore no longer heals all your health (or rather it won't in most cases after the magic formula changes go through). You go into pk after dark and have one or two healers/ranged casters with you in CoM and camo cape. You attack someone and your healers/ranged casters sit back in the shadows and cast HoT's on you and harm/poison etc. on your opponent. So a remote HoT would do an X heal (based on the new magic formula) per Y seconds for Z duration. Now, I'm not sure if it would be a good idea or not for a spell such as this to stack. It might be too powerful if it did stack too much. Perhaps limiting the number of times it could stack or balance it with essences/mana needed to cast the spell or with a higher required level to cast. Anyways, if this has already been suggested then sorry to duplicate, but I couldn't find it. So, please post your critique and help me see what I've missed when considering this idea.
  4. Remote HoT (Heal over Time) Spell

    Sure, you could do that. But if that were the case then the current remote heal shouldn't be castable on yourself either. Maybe that's a good idea to help encourage more teamwork.
  5. Remote HoT (Heal over Time) Spell

    Well, remote heal can be used on yourself and others, so I would think remote HoT would be the same. And personally, I would agree with Bkc. Make it higher level 50+. Hopefully that would help to give more incentive to train magic. I won't speculate on essence/mana requirements or base heal amount for a spell like this. I'm not sure what it should be. Perhaps someone else would like to have a go at that? Try and come up with something that helps to balance it. Not too much healing and not too high of essence/mana requirement. Also perhaps, sigils that would make sense for a spell like this.
  6. Decay rates on enriched essences

    How in Draia do you think that imposing a limit on the number of enriched esses we can have will help with the situation? Yes, there would be less total enriched essences in game, but the issue of people hoarding and such would still be there. It does not give people reason to sell the ones they have or use the ones they have if they don't make their own FE. As a general rule, I don't make my own FE so I wouldn't need to worry about producing one I couldn't keep. Do you realize that it takes 8 EFE just to make a Titanium Plate set? So what would you impose the limit at? I have used over 40 EFE in one day alone. I think at one point in time I had over 200 of them in my storage. As long as there is a free market where people may buy and sell at whatever prices they choose, I don't see this changing. Those that produce items don't want to lose too much gc selling it. (Yes, we get xp for making something, but honestly, most manuers don't lvl making Ti Plates. Those high end items are supposed to get us gc, IMHO) Those that sell the EFE's just want gc for what they made on accident. (or rarely with an enrichmment stone) People know we need them to make finished products and they know that if we want to make an item now then most will pay what they want. I think some people don't see this situation from all angles. Limiting the number of EFE's we can each have doesn't just affect the hoarders. It also affects those of us that keep a stock of them to use. EDIT: spelling and math P.S. I don't think that more uses of EFE would help either. What Vanyel has been getting at is there isn't an item that is worth making from some peoples view. Why do I want to make a vial mold and get some xp out of it when it costs me GC? If I'm after xp then I make leather helms in the manu school or S2E's for hydro or to sell. P.P.S. I don't mean for my tone to be harsh. It's just that this has been discussed several times before and it's always the same thing that is brought up as a 'solution' but people don't seem to look at it from all angles.
  7. Decay rates on enriched essences

    I've commented on topics like this several times before and I guess I'll do it again... 1) Having an NPC sell enriched esses defeats the purpose of them being rare. They are supposed to be rare. Them being rare is supposed to help slow down production on items that require them. 2) It's all well and good for someone to say "suck it up and pay more and you won't have a problem finding a seller". I can say the same, "suck it up and quit whining that I charge cost on manu items I sell". But ya know what happens? I don't sell as much, hence, you don't sell as much (efe's) to me either. It's a viscious circle. There is one aspect of the economy that has pretty much stayed the same since I became a competitor in it. In general, people do not want to pay cost for a finished product. And secondary to this, there is always someone willing to sell for less than you just to make a sale. No, I don't think there should be an expiration date on enriched essences. Just allow Entropy to adjust the numbers as he sees fit. IIRC, there was mention on that last EFE thread about whiping old inventories. That would eliminate EFE's and other items from people who don't play anymore. And I personally think that is more than fair as long as the length of inactivity was long enough. Perhaps 2 years? Make a post on the forum as an announcement that if you haven't logged in in the past 2 years then your inventory will be cleaned and give 1-2 months notice before it's done so people could log on. I wouldn't have a clue if there is even that many inactive people holding rare items to make that much of a difference though. And to keep from rambling on, I'll just end my post here
  8. How can we stop hoarding?

    The price of EFE and some of the reasons behind that price (Hoarding being among them) was discussed here several months ago: EFE Price Discussion Nothing was figured out then as to how to lower the price, and they were 5k each then. I really hope something can be done about the ever increasing price of EFE. It became really hard for me to get a hold of any before I started my break. It just makes it harder for fighters that have to harvest for their gear to be able to have fun and get back to training/pk and harder for manuers to sell their finished product at anything close to cost to make.
  9. The true recomended skills

    Just asking a pr0 for advice. would you say that for ALL skills or just alc (p.s. I'm intrested in manu, pots, alc) Personally, ( and this is just from my experience) I do recommend the 30 levels over for anything(any skill) you want to have a good success rate on. And by good, I mean very few fails. That's just where it 'seems' to have much less fails for me.
  10. Testing the extra storage space

    No, the dump out to the chat log has been completely removed. That's too bad. I've used this to sort lists of items I want to sell. Now people that do 'storage sales' will have to type it all out manually. That will be a big pain for those doing near total storage clearout sales.
  11. Empty Vials manuable and Mercury from Cinnabar

    For once I've had good luck with a tool not breaking. *knocks on wood* Current vial mold has yielded 7,539 vials and still hasn't broken. I did not keep track of fails with this one, they don't happen often anymore. I had stopped using vial molds for quite a while because they were breaking approx 1/400 for me. I received two in trade for some armor and decided to give them a go again. I have made some for other people and frequently hear that they break within 1k though.
  12. weird lagging

    The resyncs is probably your connection, at least mine were from dial-up. They stopped when I switched to cable. Also, IIRC Vista itself can use upto 512mb of RAM just to run so that could be an issue there. On another thought, I also play another game and before I upgraded my video card my char would stop just as I went to attack something, but the mob would still move and come at me. Then all of the sudden everything would stop for just a second and then skip forward and go as normal. Is that what is happening to you? Once I upgraded my video card all that quit happening and goes smooth now. And just to be sure, you checked for new driver on the ATI site and not via Vista for newer version? Other than that I can't offer any other suggestions. Hopefully someone else perhaps knows more.
  13. weird lagging

    I used to get this a lot on my old pc. I think most of it was from being on dial-up. If you haven't already done it, check and see if there is a new driver for your video card and like Looter suggested, turn down some of the graphic settings. Try playing with 'Poor Man' enabled and see if that helps.
  14. Some advice please

    If you are looking to level then just stick with leather helms. If you want profit...umm....hmm....uhhh.... You're going to be doing a lot Of harvesting and alching your own bars. But as Puntif already stated, it takes a long time to harv and alch those bars for s2e's to level. My alch lvl is several levels higher than my manu level and I really dislike alch. It's just from making things I needed in order to profit on other skills. There are very few items you can buy all the ingreds and still turn a profit, and the problem there is finding enough ingreds to make enough of those items to level as well. Good luck. ~CL
  15. Good Comic

    Aww I'm in one
  16. reading a book..

    This was reported here Missing books in list. Use the #research command until your knowledge list for your client updates. You are still reading the book.
  17. Help me with my new video card :)

    I just got a new video card today and I will be attempting to install it over the weekend. Since I currently have integrated Intel chipset, I'm not entirely sure how to go about it. I've asked some friends, but I get a lot of conflicting information or 'I dunno'. So, hopefully I can get it a bit more clear by asking here before I try and do this. My main question is: When I put this new card in, will my pc automatically disable the onboard Intel chipset and start using the new card, or do I have to go into the BIOS and disable it manually? (I've never been in the BIOS for this or any other PC I've used...hence, my apprehension). I know from talking to people that the answer is "That depends". I'm not sure how old my PC is. I got it from work when they upgraded. It's either 2 or 3 years old. So, this is the computer I have and the card I bought and hopefully someone is familar with this model and can tell me My PC: Gateway 838GM Gateway Component List for 838GM I've upgraded the RAM and changed the DVD burner, but the rest is stock as listed at the Gateway site. I'll be installing a new PSU at the same time of the video card. This is the Video Card I bought: GeForce 7950 GT OC by BFG Tech Info Now, even if you don't know if I can just put it in and have it work, could you list the procedure I should follow to find out? i.e. 1) Install new card and plug in monitor to it 2) Boot up PC and see if you have video 3) If not then do X or Y next.... etc. That would be a great help. Thanks for any responses and hopefully this little adventure won't keep me away from EL if I can get it working
  18. Help me with my new video card :)

    And the answer in my particular case was: Just put it in, plug in the monitor, boot up, load driver, reboot pc, adjust resolution and it all seems to work So it automatically disabled the integrated Intel garbagechipset. Thank you to those that posted here and to the people that pm'd me in game to try and help out. Now I can get back to my regularly scheduled EL playing...after I'm done with the work I neglected earlier to install this card. You can close this topic now if you wish.
  19. Help me with my new video card :)

    Thanks for that sirdan, however, I am already familiar with the procedure to install the harware itself. I've swapped out video cards before, but not installed one on a system that had onboard video. It's if (and how) to disable the onboard video I am not certain of. I don't know if any of the following is relevant, but I was asked about it in connection with this so... I have: Windows XP SP2 Media Center Edition with all updates Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz with HT 2 gig DDR 400 Dual Channel RAM and I'm replacing my existing PSU with higher wattage, higher amperage unit as mine doesn't meet the recommendations for this card So, I've heard two different things from people I've talked with 1 - Just put the card in, plug it in, load the driver and play with setting...you're now good to go 2 - You'll have to disable the onboard video in the BIOS for the new card to work. Situation 1 is great and I'll be back in game when I get tired of playing with the card settings. Situation 2 is... Well, when do I disable it? Before or after I install the new card? Is it fairly obvious in the BIOS where I need to navigate to in order to disable it?(yes, I know that there are different BIOS versions etc. and the exact method is dependant on the version and such) This is the part I don't know. Do I just install the new card and if I don't get video on my monitor from it then plug the monitor back into the integrated plug and reboot to get to BIOS to disable? Hope that adds any info I missed in my first post and clarified what I'm asking about.
  20. A Wedding Invitation

    This was a beautiful cerimony. I was very honored to be able to take part. Here is a link to some pics that I took. Most of them are of the fireworks afterwards. May your lives be forever blessed with Love, Laughter and Light. Picture Link ~CL
  21. Testers needed on the test server

    Made a brand new character and did the 3 tutorial quests with this character, then checked the wraith and the knowledge quest wasn't there. You have to do the 'Past Quest' first (which is not one from the Tutorial NPC) before you will get the Knowledge Quest at Wraith, IIRC.
  22. Testers needed on the test server

    I interacted with the following NPC's and did not find any problems. Crisan: purchased a sword Shantir: sold a med Trik: sold a sword Reca: bought wine and sold raw meat I also did the only quest I haven't completed yet, the potion quest. All of it went as expected, items were removed from inventory when appropriate and I received items/xp (I think I got xp, didn't take close note of what I was at before) for completing it. I also used several storage NPC's and didn't have any problems there either. Talked with the Tutorial NPC and tried to get healed, which he didn't of course cause my lvls are too high. Talked with the Wraith and scrolled through most of his dialogue. All seemed to work fine.
  23. is it the sun?

    I have the Intel 915G chipset and do not have this problem. With the newest driver I only have OpenGL 1.4.0 Build The 945GM also only goes to 1.4.0, however it looks like I have a newer build so you probably don't have the newest driver. I did find this on the Intel site in referance to their newest driver for the 945GM chipset, these are known errors with OpenGL. I don't know if they could be causing the problem with the weird shadows or not, just figured I would post it here in case it helps. OpenGL* Conformance tests: multiple failures on Windows Vista* 32 &64 on LKP FMultiple Conformance 64-bit Test Failures (l_am, l_dm, l_em, l_sm, l_adm, miplin, api-mtexcord, pxtrans-stencil, blend-constcolor, blend-separate, texenv.c, & drawbuffer)
  24. If EL were RL.....

    If EL was RL: then the next person to tell me "so-and-so/such-and-such bot sells for less" would get a needle in the eye and I'd take out their kneecap with my manu hammer because everywhere is a PK map in RL.
  25. A Wedding Invitation

    I'm very happy for both of you. You both are exceptional people. And of course, you already know that I'll be there Blessed Be ~CL