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  1. spell bar malfunction

    Today I was fighting in Egratia, and I right-misclicked on restore on my spellbar, making it disappear. So I went into my casting window, saw that restore was still there, and clicked on the "add this spell to your quickbar" icon. It appeared on the quickbar. But then when I went to use the quickbar, I clicked with no response. Over and over. No message like "spell failed" or "you need 4 HE and you have 0" (I did have HE, plenty of it). It was as if I was not clicking on it. I died to the clops I was fighting (losing a rost). The spellbar didn't work in the underworld either. I didn't try my other spells, so I don't know if it was just the restore or not. So I deleted the spell from the quickbar again, casting restore directly from the window. That worked. I added the spell to the quickbar again, and it seems to be fine now. But it was strange and I thought you should know.
  2. spell bar malfunction

    wow, you guys are fast at locating the problem and solution! I hope it can be fixed so it doesn't happen to someone else...losing a rost to a program error sucks so much more than just dying. In this case, I only had the spellbar open a short time. By the time I was in the underworld, it was closed and I clicked a bunch of times without message or results. My magic is 38, so I fail restore rarely. With the 20+ clicks I tried, I concluded that the spell itself was not working, not just the messages. hope that helps.
  3. Religion

    Thanks, Conavar I guess my problem with following your argument is that what you have quoted seems to support the Bible being non-corrupted...the passage you quoted seems to say that there were 2 versions with seperate developmet: the textus receptus that the king james was based on, and the heretical ones that constantine was involved in. And I still don't understand the Satan reference, but it's ok. I do think critics of religion are way to quick to dismiss the hostorical authenticity of the Bible, given how many old copies of it that are in 100% agreements are available to us. But debating the authenticity of the Bible is a different topic than the original post...if you feel like discussing than we should start a new post.
  4. Religion

    Conavar, I don't understand your point about the definitions of Satan and Lucifer there... could you expand it for me? Thanks. ( I don't agree with the definitions there, either, based on the texts listed there. But that's a different debate.)
  5. Religion

    Ok, I got this from a Christian website...I tried to find a neutral one but a quick search with "Constantine Bible" yielded only Christian sites. If you could find a better source I'd love to see it. I read on another site about the tearing up of scrolls--this was done to the legal documents of those who insisted that Christ was a creation, by those who insisted he was God. They were not historical documents, just their opinion peices. I guess that's where the burning of alternative quciptures story comes from.
  6. Religion

    Unfortunatly what i have to say about #3 might come off as a little a**holish. Please take no offence. Have you ever heard of emperor Constantine "The Great"? a few years after christianity began to pick up steam Constantine gathered almost anyone and everyone who was a major leader or "prophet" of an offshoot of judaism and held a conference. In this conference scrolls from almost every branch were submitted to be in the bible. There was one problem though. The divinity of Christ. was he really the son of god or was he a great prophet who died a martyr? They took a vote and decided that he was infact devine. But what of the scrolls and gospels that disagreed with this? of course they were barred from entering the bible. many were even burned. some have survived like the dead sea scrolls and the gospel of mary (the gospel of mary is not very widely known about and is very difficult to find if you wanted to read it). Now here is a very interesting fact: Constantine was pagan up untill a few days before his death. basically he was betting on a winning religion and more or less wanted to stay in power a little bit longer... No offense taken at all. I've never heard this story before...I'll look it up and get back to you. I've read a lot about the COuncil of Trent and a few other councils where they decided what was scripture and what was not, but they were much later than Constantine. AFAIK the dead sea scrolls have much of the 4 gospels contained in them, includeding the Jesus quote "I am the way.." but I'll double check that, and get back to you some other tiem.
  7. Religion

    Conavar, I think the church at large has been a terrible advertisement for Christianity. I can think of two reason for this, off the top of my head... 1) Christians are sinners, saved only by grace. We still mess up, a lot. Yes, one of the goals of the Christian life is to be made more holy...but it takes time and no one will be perfect in this life. I also think that Satan is really against the chruch and tries to tempt Christians to do stupid things so the chruch looks bad. 2) Not everyone who calls themselves Christian is a Christian. Like I said in my above post, for the first 21 years of my life I would have sworn to you up and down that I was a christian but I was not. Imagine a whole group of people like that. They could do a lot of damage to Christianity's PR.
  8. Religion

    I'm not a very good debater, but I'll try to answer the original poster's question, and also respond to Conavar. I believe in God, the Christian God of the Bible. Here's why: I grew up in a Christian family but didn't really "get it" when I was younger. Sure, I would tell you that I believed in God and even went to church a lot. But I spent most of my young adult life trying to ignore the reality of it all. It wasn't until I was about 21 that a bunch of crappy stuff happened all at once in my life, until finally I had no where else to turn except to God in prayer. One desperate night I literally dusted off my Bible and started reading. At first I read only the passages about were the ones that spoke about God's judgement on sin. Not exactly comforting. At first it made me feel worse. But for some reason I kept reading and began to read about Jesus and his death on sinner's behalf. I found a comfort there that was incredible--bigger that any of the "crappy stuff" that was going on in my life. Since then I have delved into a relationship with God through Jesus (such as WizzKidd describes above) that trancends my own understanding. No, he doesn't "talk" to me, but I kind of feel his voice in my soul when I pray. I learn more about him by reading the Bible. So because of that I am convinced that there is a God and he is the God of the Bible. As I read the Bible and learn more and more about God I am able to see just how insecapable his truths are. No, I'm not some blind follower of Pat Robertson and the Christian Right (I wish Pat would shut up, he makes us look bad). I've had some pretty serious doubts over the years. But God always leads me back to him. He won't let me go. Now, to try to address Conovar's question. Yes, it does seem "hypocritical" of Christianity to say that it is right and all other religions are wrong. But Jesus himself said "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one come to the Father except by me." You see this leaves us with three basic choices. either: 1) Jesus was right, there is no way to God except by him. Christianity is the only way to God. 2) Jesus was wrong and he was a nutcase or a liar for saying this. 3) Jesus never said this, this statement was invented by evil men who wanted to create an uber-religion. the problem with #2 is, read all of the other things that Jesus said...was he a nutcase? or a liar? He spoke about heavenly things, healed people, amazed the Jewish leaders of his day with his knowledge of the Jewish scriptures. Even people who don't believe that Jewus is God usually agree that he was a "good person". What kind of "good person" could say this unless it was true. The problem with #3 is, this statement is in the very earliest manuscripts of the Bible. If it was made up, it was made up by someone who probably died defending their faith. Would you die for something you made up? Also, when you look at the things the Bible teaches about--truth, honor, righteousness, goodness, etc...how could someone who wrote about trust make such a terrible lie up? So that is the short answer for why I am convinced that Christianity is true. Respectfully, Solorni
  9. The 12 days of Christmas clarification

    There is a good summary of the history of the Carol, as well as a denouncement of some of the legend surrounding it, here.
  10. Cant connect

    I keep lagging, then have to wait to reconnect. I live in USA, East coast.
  11. ELSudoku v2

    Awesome job! I love it! My husband is a Sudoku addict, maybe I can make him into an EL addict now...
  12. qualify for THC contest

    I'd love to try. I'm Solorni ingame.
  13. Have yuo ever played ELSudoku? :)

    I love it! great job! Can I suggest making the lines around the 9 boxes darker/thicker? It would be easier on the eyes that way. Thank you for sharing!!!
  14. Guild IRON=Bagjumpers

    Ok brein has less emu than I do. What did he get, like, 500 blue lupines? (I'll forget about the bags you took by serping my ogres in Vermor) Let's put this to rest, Kidberg. I took you off ignore just for this. PM me ingame and I'll harvest you 500 blue lupes. Should take less than 2 minutes. Then I'll put you back on ignore, where you belong. But if you PM me anything offensive in the mean time I'll just put you back on ignore. I'm in NO WAY admitting any IRON responsibility, just helping this stupid thread to drop. EDIT: LOL I put the wrong name in.
  15. Guild IRON=Bagjumpers

    No, Silver_Knight is not in IRON. If never even heard of him in my 6 months in IRON. Yes, it is true that Duece and Kidberg were spawn stealing me in Vermor about a week ago. I didn't think it was that big of a deal, certainly not big enough to go crying on outlaws about. It was kind of entertaining, since the ogre attacked its weakest opponents first. I didn't have to restore much at all. I just ignored their taunts "I hate u Solorni" "Solorni pls leave" and various filtered words, eventually doing #ignore on both. So that's how the DoA guild got put on our PK list. Of couse our members would never bagjump other honorable players. But if you act like idiots to us, expect to be treated as such.
  16. EL Essay

    Oddly enough, my EL journey began after reading an article linked from a blog about the dangerously addictive nature of MMORPG's. I had never heard of these role-playing games before, but the desrciption of the genre intrigued me. So, like a fool, I I decided to see what the fuss was all about. Intending to find a game to try out for an hour or two, I Googled "free MMORPG." I found a directory of such games and read about a few. (I wish I could remember the site name!) The description of Eternal Lands seemed interesting enough, so I clicked to the EL homepage, downloaded the client, and created a character. I watched with interest as my little avatar, Solorni, walked around Isla Prima, getting killed by bunnies and deer. I was hooked. The real-time nature of Eternal Lands was something I had always dreamed about, but never seen before. The graphics were sharp and clear. I was particularly fasicinated with the Isla Prima Tavern--going in and out of a building was such a novelty for me. I remember clicking on the door over and over and smiling with awe. Thus a new EL addict was born, even though as a 26 year-old female elementary school music teacher, I hardly fit the profile of a hard core gamer. My first few weeks as Solorni were confusing, but now when I look back at myself, I laugh. I harvested 79 tiger lillies, and was disappointed that no one wanted to buy them. I continually attacked deer, and continually died. I chased rabbits around for hours at a time, wishing they would just stay still. Also, it must have been right after an update, because Raven had been moved from where the NPC tutorial said I would find her. I spent hours wondering around Tirnwood Vale typing "where is Raven???". But eventually I found her, deposited my 79 tiger lillies, 13 bones, 10 rabbit furs, and 16 gold coins in her storage, and grinned with triumph. I was rich. I did have some frustrations with the game, which with experience and help from other players, were easily overcome. First, I was overwhelmed by the amount of text on the screen in front of me. I could barely see my rabbits over the chatter from channel 1 and and channel 3. (It was before the update where one could x out of a channel. Typing #lc 3 was required.) It was also frustrating to watch others' questions being asked and answered on channel 1, while I had to idea how to speak on the channel. Finally I realized that a @ was needed. The first thing I asked was how to get rid of the channels althogether! My next obstacle was learning how to zoom in and out. I tried to trade with someone at a crowded storage and misclicked on about 7-8 people before hitting my target. Thankfully, the person I was trading with was kind and understanding enough to show me how to zoom. Still, I was plauged by fog during rainstorms. I could barely see what I was doing until I zoomed in. Since I did not want to mess up a something technical beyond my abilty to fix it, I was very reluctant to play with any settings in the client. I asked another player about it, who kindly suggested I disable the "render fog" option. Perhaps the fog option should be turned off as default, as a service to those who do not want to hurt anything because of their limited technical knowledge. The discovery of the encyclopedia was a watershed experience for me. No longer did I need to pepper others with "How do I make a fire essence?" I had a valuable source of knowledge whenever I needed it! Around the same time, I also found Alastria's EL manual, via Google. Having the locations of resources and relative stregnth of animals and monsters was invaluable to me as a newbie. The most important thing I did as a newbie was to join a guild. I set my sights on IRON, since they seemed big, friendly, and active. The requirement then was to have a skill over 25, so I decided to impress them by waiting to have a skill over 26. About 300 goblins later, I joined IRON. It was the best move I could have made. In IRON, I found help with my newbie questions, people to trade with, but most importantly a great group of friends. While my fascination with the Isla Prima Tavern door might have initiated my addiction to EL, my buddies in IRON have kept it alive.
  17. #ig

    Yes, rank 6 for #ig would make life a lot easier. We had a situation months ago with a brand new person spamming threats to another guild, and no leaders we on so we couldn't boot him. We had to do so much damage control that day, explaining he was new and that we couldn't mute him. (The person was kicked as soon as a leader got on)
  18. Guess the player name!

  19. Potion use

    Something like this was suggested already here
  20. Some cool ideas

    Potions of varying stregnths have varying cooldowns as well. If the cooldowns from the free food are too long for you, try cooked meat or Feasting Potions. The game is about more than just leveling, it's also about strategy. If fruit isn't working for you, try something else. Why should the easiest food sources to get be the best ones? That makes for bad economy. I joined EL way after the cooldown was introduced and have had no problems leveling any of my manu-oriented skills. Then sell it to the taverns and store the gold. You can just pick more fruit and veggies later if you need, or buy them back from the tavern later. Yes, that will be more expensive, but consider it a premium for refridgerating your fruit.
  21. Guess the player name!

    Anthro was right, "crus" is whatI was going for. But I was wrong about Liquid's
  22. Guess the player name!

    Try this one, may be too obvious though:
  23. Guess the player name!

  24. steel helm of mana

  25. Day Ideas

    Or how about: End of the Rainbow Day random chance (maybe 1/10,000?) that a leprechaun drops a large amout of gc (maybe 10K?) Roleplay: Today some leprechauns are carrying their pot of gold with them as they travel through Draia