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  1. apostolou

    PVP is A/D training and no more, if you enter in arena with empty hands and AFTER you pull a sword, then, this is scamming
  2. YAY! Summoning 100

    I will sing to you of Blodoks Master of the Summoning and the Yeti of Doom. ah whatever.... congratulation master!
  3. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    I voted NO I have no alts, (except for a noob char made for experiment neg perks), you do not need 1 char to fight 1 for harvest 1 for potioning etc. I have friends for this (edit) maybe, if multiplaying will be legal, should be a good idea make the alts clearly recognizable. ie: Harlock-alpha Harlock-beta Harlock-gamma etc...
  4. City building

    Really cool! I do prefer the multyplayer city, I think is a great idea and something different. The second idea is too close to a guild map IMHO
  5. There's an easier way to obtain the NMT... *some* noobs don't buy it, they have a friend that give them for free
  6. There aren't only high-end fighters in this game, for me a rabbit with "only" 95a/d is a good training, and was a fearful monster for long time. BTW, since we can read from this post, yes, NMT is a rare drop.
  7. 1 NMT in ~ 5500 fluffies, it's already extremely rare...
  8. Renders?

    try this links http://www.highend3d.com/gallery/ http://www.maxwellrender.com/ ( these pictures' re incredible !) http://splutterfish.com/sf/WebContent/Gallery/
  9. OldSchool - dishonourable behaviour

    I'm sorry but I disagree, KF is a nobody-land, you go here looking for something to slaughter. The arenas, from Conan the barbarian to Dragonball (Troy, The 13th Warrior, Hero, Star Trek... the list is endless) are the places where 2 player fight and the other makes a circle around to look -without interfering- Infact, you can find seats around arenas
  10. Range weapons and heights of playable races

    In my humble opinion: while the gnome is harder to be hitted at the same cannot raiser over a certain phy the draegoni: easier to be hitted but a little magic resistance the orchan stronger but less magic capabilities (more experience to level ?) and similar for the free races (something like D&D style)
  11. Screenshot Contest

  12. Arena updates

    I spent a lot of time in that arena watching fights ( and making some bets! ) and I know what I say, when a 50's with a full tit plate / serp-cutlass-saber etc attacks a 30-40 opponent there's no time to diss... and it ruins my bets too!
  13. Arena updates

    I agree, too bad some 50' players drink true sight potions to ruin the newbies fun
  14. max12

    Indeed, He's a really strange guy (kid maybe)
  15. Zamora, my guildmate scammed everything i had

    Why buy a char 71/82/20/30 ?? and... if this page works... http://el.other-life.com/top/ranking.php Zamora isn't 82 def