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  1. Kasane was stolen...

    Well I realize he was stolen Yesterday, I realize it when my friend jay told me and i couldn't log on, The person on the account wouldn't response to me at all, i have idea how he got the account, I've never giving out my password on Kasane every since i got him back from Jay, and i know jay aint take it becuz Jay gave the accoutn back to me and i changed the password giving me full ownership, but that was months ago, im using the EL client, I spoke to asgnny he not sure , he thinking someone hacked my computer, i really dont know whats going on, cuz i have no idea whos on Kasane , you can check my logs i have never given out his password NEVER, so i have no idea how someone is on his account, If i was hacked if there anything i can do so i dont lose my Main character as well? lock it to my I.P. or something, becuz i have no idea whats going on and im not trying to lose my main...I just want my character kasane back i work his attack and defense for months and now i just got him taken and i didn't even break a rule....can someone look into this please..i wasn't sure where to post this topic so i think ill post it here, but the outlaw is unknown only he stole and is currently playing my account ~Ramon
  2. Quote of the week submissions

    ROFL, this is the funniest so far ROfl ownd....
  3. Things you hate!

    I hate people who hate me I hate winter I hate sugar-free food i hate acid rain
  4. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    Its nice, not sure on price , how about the ava?
  5. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    I know i play El too Much, I saw a fight in my school, i went up to the boy that lost and said "own'd , you noob" the poor boy dropped a Deathbag, he losted his Phone, his money and Metro card .... so so so sad..
  6. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    Hey , I would like one with Gaara (from Naruto) animation with sand and saying Sand Village in the Siggy like u did Siarato or like Shujral, something similiar but not the same but the moving sand would be nice
  7. Goblins armpits!

    hehehe i never really notice it nether
  8. Quote of the week submissions

    Rofl he watched directly into it.....
  9. Restoration spell change

    plus Cooldown on Srs , rofl , interestin
  10. Restoration spell change

    People who Uses Murshooms for making stuff = can't Reply on Restore 2 much Harvesters with low levels= constantly going to storage= TAKE more time to Get our supplies+ Fighters healing twice if they have low magic= OMG I see Mass Mayhem at DP arena >.< bad enough they fail Restoration, now only getting little hp, hehe aint that a site to see :>
  11. Contest

    ty ty, looknig forward to making more Videos
  12. Contest

    Heres the Video for people that want 2 watch it as well..
  13. Contest

    I am ill PM you the Video link
  14. Scammers in h2k guild

    Scammers got kicked out the guild.....
  15. Bernie is Singing![Trying]

    Chain Hang low by Jibbs