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  1. World of Warcraft! LOL!

    Really old WoW vid but still great. Nothin better than all hell breaking loose after a rogue ambush crit! The only sad part was the idiots who thought they could actually hold a memorial service in a pvp area. FFS give your friend some proper respect and go to a peaceful area.
  2. Game Reviews

    Not really judging just giving my opinion, if u like his humor then by all means watch it.
  3. Game Reviews

    Ok I agree with you, maybe he's being sarcastic in his reviews. I just find it pathetic to start singing "gay gay really gay" during a Final Fantasy cut scene. Maybe it would be funny if I was around 12 though. I'm not a huge Final Fantasy fan, I've only played three games out of the entire series (so don't take my comments as if I'm some raging FF fanboy). I just didn't find any of his humor funny at all. If the best thing you can come up with to make fun of a game is turning it into some sort of a porn reference then you fucking fail.
  4. Game Reviews

    Yea Zero Punctuation's reviews are great but I only watched a few minutes of the Spoony guys review on Final Fantasy 8. I got to say he's a n00b who wishes he has the humor of Zero Punctuation, and anyone who doesn't like Final Fantasy just because their newer games transcend 8 bit graphics and text based cut-scenes needs to stop reviewing video games.
  5. Frets on Fire

    I only have it on ps2, planning to get a 360 in the future maybe if they do another price drop. I do have friends that have it on 360 though so pm me your xbox live s/n and we could work out sometime to play some GH3
  6. Frets on Fire

    Tried out Frets on Fire a few months ago, maybe its gotten better since then but it seemed to run to slow, and jerky. I do play Guitar Hero, but my favorite is Stepmania.
  7. Good Comic

    roflmao f00king hilarious!!!
  8. An attribute of a true hero

    If you watch a lot of fantasy and anime you would know that the only thing a hero needs is themselves and their beliefs.
  9. new el video

    Was mostly Toomass, Mufossa, Pookies, and Quimbly that fought for PKG. Wish I got some screens of those fights but thats the last thing on your mind when your taking on those 4. Meh, that was boring PK when wexy/Nie stopped playing, I mean befor when it was me, Pooks, quim & Mufo vs DiE! Those were more fun. Yea, I stopped playing months before Wexy and Nienora stopped so I don't rly know what pk was like after that. The last few weeks I played was the most fun for me in PK. I played el for way to long and needed to concentrate on other things tho.
  10. new el video

    Was mostly Toomass, Mufossa, Pookies, and Quimbly that fought for PKG. Wish I got some screens of those fights but thats the last thing on your mind when your taking on those 4.
  11. new el video

    Yea DiE! vs PKG were some of the most intense and fun fights I had. Many ppl hated PKG but without that guild DiE! would have been bored with pk aswell as the entire EL community. Fun times......really fun times. We could always count on PKG to put up a good fight, they had alot of the top A/D players.
  12. new el video

    I got bored one day so i made an el vid. Nothing special just a screen shot vid of the last few months I played. For the most part I made it to promote the game and yea I know the timing is way off. I might fix it some day but doubt it. Check it out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX-kdoR3ZCI
  13. Things you hate!

    It is when u have class from 5pm to 1am. Thats beside the point, its the fact that they barge in without notice to replace a f'ing light bulb that isent even burnt out yet, or to do something else unnecessary. If there is something they need to do they could atleast notify the attendents so I know there coming and not wake up to find some stranger in my apartment.
  14. Things you hate!

    - linker errors - G4 (for completely destroying Tech TV) - WoW - ppl who talk constantly about WoW (i go to school for Game Development and all i ever hear is WoW talk all day long) - hot beer - the maintence staff at my apartment who seem to think its ok to walk into my apartment at 8am when im asleep.
  15. How old are you?

    Im 20, tho I look about 16. I've always looked young for my age. One time when I was about 16 I drove to McDonalds to get some food after school. The lady at the window had the nerve to ask me if I had stolen my mom's car, and if I was old enough to drive. That shit pissed me off. I asked to talk to the manager and needless to say I got my food for free. I still get carded all the time for cigs, the look on the cashiers face when they see I'm 20 is priceless.