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  1. Problem with new client

    That one doesn't affect your game, I believe. There should also be one in your My Documents/Eternal Lands/main folder. That is the one that the game currently uses. The other one is probably leftover from the previous versions.
  2. Problem with new client

    C:/Documents and Settings/YOURNAMEHERE/My Documents/Eternal Lands/main/el.ini Or simply double click on My Documents on your desktop and go to the Eternal Lands folder then the Main folder. Make sure EL is closed before editing the file. Open the el.ini file in a text editor, ie. notepad, textpad, etc. Then search for "#enable_sound=" and change the 8 to a 0. Then you have to save the the file obviously, then just reopen EL and the sound will be disabled.
  3. Problem with new client

    Unfortunately, this did not solve my problem. Once again, I was walking around I.P. and it just crashed, the screen went gray and I had to hard reset. Any other suggestions?
  4. Problem with new client

    I too am having a problem with the latest client on my new laptop. I have never run a prior version of EL on this computer though, so it may not be the new version. I found threads explaining ways to fix similar problems, but nothing has worked so far. Here is my problem: The game turned my screen to grey static (4 times) or a black screen (1 time) and I couldn't do anything but shut down my computer by holding down the power button until the laptop turned off. Processor Speed (in GHz): Intel Core Duo T2060 1.60GHz (2 CPUs) RAM (in MB; 1 GB = 1024 MB): 894MB Graphics Card (model, maker, and video memory [in MB]): ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M, 128MB, Omega Drivers Hard drive space (In GB): 61.1 GB (on EL partition), 92 GB total Version of Eternal Lands running: version 1.5 (downloaded today 11/28 at 10:30 am GST -5.00) Operating System and version: Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 2 Contents of error_log.txt*: Log started at 2007-11-28 10:50:29 localtime (Eastern Standard Time) [10:50:29] Error: Server profile not found in servers.lst for server: Lands\el.exe". Failover to server: main. [10:50:29] Using the server profile: main [10:50:36] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [10:50:36] * server www.eternal-lands.com filename http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates150/files.lst [10:50:36] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates150/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [10:50:37] Finished downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates150/files.lst [10:50:37] * server www.eternal-lands.com filename http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom_files.lst [10:50:37] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom_files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [10:50:37] Finished downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates/custom_files.lst [10:52:39] Unable to add command 20 - 1696 [10:52:39] Unable to add command 21 - 1696 Last message repeated 2 times [10:52:39] Unable to add command 22 - 1696 [10:52:40] draw_water_quad_tiles(): possible crash averted map=[./maps/startmap.elm] idx=0, size+1, water_buffer_usage=0 [10:53:03] Error creating buffer: Invalid Name Internet connection speed: T1 Line - Speedtest results: 1.47 megabits per second 179.57 kilobytes per second 13.312 seconds What else you have running other than eternal lands. This includes on the taskbar on Windows: -ClamWin Free AntiVirus (not scanning) -Ekahau Wireless Utility (wireless disabled) Exactly when and what you were doing while the error occored: Has happened several times. All times, all I did was walk. The last two times it happened I was on Isla Prima and I tried to walk to the fire and it crashed. Then I played again, and clicked on the rocks on the south-east side of IP and started walking there and it crashed. The only in-game setting I changed was to enable the "Mouse Click" bug fix so that I could walk. Also, When I check my "System Events" I get this error at the same time: "ati2mtag: CRT invalid display type". Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Storage Clearout

  6. Storage Clearout

    Updated list
  7. Storage Clearout

    ~13,595 gc so 7K plus the 8K for the rings so...15K for all?
  8. Storage Clearout

    Works out to ~16K so 8K?
  9. Storage Clearout

    all that's left?
  10. Storage Clearout

    How much would these be? 2K? 2.5k? How mucho? 6K?
  11. Storage Clearout

    Leaving the game and selling lots of stuff cheap...won't post prices but leave a message on here and I'll respond with prices...thanks Sorry for not putting it into any particular order...maybe tomorrow I'll fix it. 1 Skull key 3 Skeleton key Purchased 82875 Blue Lupines ~34,795gc selling for 15k or Best Offer - Joshyboy 1 Titanium Serpent Sword - Shadeslayer 4 Book of Potion of Summoning 6 Book of Cyclops Fighting 1 Book of Titanium Molding 7 Book of Magic Potion 2 Book of Puma Summoning 3 Book of Titanium Smelting 4 Sun Medallion Building 3 Desert Pines Ring Building 3 Titanium Short Construction 1 Book of Troll Fighting 2 Titanium Long Construction 5 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 6 Book of Crafting Potion 1 Book of Bear Fighting 3 Book of Titanium Mining 3 VOTD Ring Building - RazRobinson 101 Death Essence 16 Ring of Portland 4 Ring of Damage 18 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves 10 Serpent Stone 20 Ring of Isla Prima 28 Ring of White Stone 15 Ring of Naralik 17 Ring of Desert Pines 4 Ring of Sedicolis 10 Deer Antlers 3 Moon Medallion 4 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Stars Medallion 69 Potion of Body Restoration 1 Silver Ring 2 White rabbit fur 19 Potion of Summoning 36 Ruby 280 Rose Quartz 1 Racoon hat 8 Needle 1 Brown Snake Skin 280 Blue Quartz 6 Fur Hat 2 Polished Diamond 1 Polar Bear Fur 245 Quartz 307 Gold Ore 11 Bones Powder 80 Leather 962 Fire Essence 8 Diamond 47 Titanium Ore 3 Brown rabbit fur 460 Empty Vial 132 Raw Meat 1 Fur Torso 2 Beaver fur 1 Steel Chain Mail 1 Fur Pants 18 Puma Fur 10 Deer Fur 1 Fur Boots 8 Wolf Fur 13 Matter Essence 28 Bear Fur 6 Fox Fur 1 Hammer - Levinmage 2 Body Piercing Cloak - LordHunter 1 Powersaving Cloak - Dunian 71 Thread - Dunian 1 Magic Potion - Dunian 1 Potion of Extra Mana - Dunian 2 Damaged Iron Cuisses - Dunian 1 Potion of Great Healing - Dunian 2287 Bones - Dunian 1 Excavator Cape - Dunian 2 Leather Gloves 2495 Coal - MagpieLee 8 Pickaxe - MagpieLee 1 Skunk hat - MagpieLee 1722 Iron Ore - MagpieLee 123 Potion of Feasting - MagpieLee 1 Rostogol Stone - Asgnny 1000 Life Essence - Asgnny 6 Unicorn Medallion - Asgnny 10 Potion of Attack - Oromis 2 Iron Plate Mail - Oromis 4 Book of Iron Axe Construction - LadyWolf 2 Book of Steel Axe Construction
  12. About arenas

    If you don't like just don't use 'em...you aren't forced into it or anything. Kwitcherbitchin'
  13. no more ros

    If you want to give more exp for person fighting person with rost, and none to the person holding it, thats fine...however, it can still be exploited. Just have a friend throw on a rost and train, then switch. Solution?: How about you just disable fleeing/diss rings during combat if you have a rost? This way every fight is a fight to the death, this would solve the experience exploit and relieve EL of a few more rosts...
  14. I was banned

    I just tried signing onto EL and found that my IP was banned...I don't know what I did but if someone could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Ofcourse I would like for this to get resolved because I really like the game and I am unaware of anything I might have done wrong and I am the only person in the house that plays. Any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks! ~Sbarstow
  15. Muppets Lotto Continues!

    Put me down for 7 tickets.