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  1. EternalBroker

    Could this bot be exempt from the #ignore_bots command? Currently it seems that this command puts this bot on ignore. I'd like to request that EternalBroker be allowed to post to players that have used the command, mainly because this bot does not benifit from the ads it posts on behalf of players. I personally use #ingore_bots myself but would like to be able to see what EternalBroker is posting without having to #ignore 700 bots manually. And anyone that doesn't like this bot can simply #ignore it one time Thanks
  2. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    Hey yea! Let's make the game as close to real life as possible! Make it so you have to sleep 8 hours game time (time when you aren't logged in won't count). Don't sleep long enough, you die. Make it so you HAVE to eat. Food level hits max neg, you die. Make the gc about 2 emu. In RL they have weight. Ohh and you only get 1 life, like in RL. You die, your char gets deleted. Sure sounds fun to me! And, for the most part, I agree with Luci. Just my 2 cents tho, and my 2 cents doesn't matter.
  3. Best Death Message

    Stroker left the fat-farm 21 grams lighter. For the clueless: http://perdurabo10.tripod.com/id787.html
  4. NMT game

    12k now and still nada I give up
  5. NMT game

    11325 bunnies : 0 NMT
  6. dysfuntional market system

    Now that's what I'm trying to say all the time... Don't take monsters you can't fight very well, if you need 1-2 heals per monsters you are definately on the wrong one! I made 250k exp on 1 hour 40 minutes AND made decent money. If you can do better let me know Umm lets see the screenie on that plz
  7. dysfuntional market system

    What can I say? l0l
  8. dysfuntional market system

    that simply is not true...if you like i'll give you the password for my char and you can find out for yourself. I fought a little today: 180 ogres 170He 60SRS Drops: 2500gc (plain gc) 3 steel longs 2 iron broads bp cloack iron battle hammer So about 7kgc worth from drops (gc+stuff) The stuff I used costed about 1,5kgc So actually I have 5,5kgc to buy armor from! And that each fight, while I broke NOTHING(!!) in 2 sessions so far, so I already have 10kgc profit... Hmmm... cycloonx Main Attributes Physique: 20/20 Coordination: 36/36 Skills Attack: 63/63 Defense: 69/69 I bet you have a really tough time with those ogres
  9. dysfuntional market system

    Wait until you start on ogre. Start on them at the right lvls, and they give you a taste of what's to come. They'll break some of your stuff here and there. If you're smart, you'll at least start carrying an extra chain with you to the spawn. But it goes downhill from there. Hit cyclops at the right lvls and they will show you a new meaning for stuff breaking. You got it pretty easy for now. Enjoy it. You do realize that as you go up, there is a problem with the 'get good xp/get good gc' thing, right? The xp I get from ogre now is a joke. I can rake in the gold, but it's not worth my time. Then you have clops. I still train them when I can't get an open fluff spawn, but the xp for them is bad. I can get gc/xp if I stay with them for hours on end, but it's nothing what I can get in just a little while training on what I should be training on. I get very little gc training like I should, which is what I've been saying in every post. Like I said, try reading. I have the alch and pot skills to make anything I need. The problem is I don't like doing that. I can go camp trolls and make good gc (not counting the books that I normally leave in a bag on the way out). But that is boring also. So don't talk to me like I don't know what I'm talking about. And I agree too much gold too easy would make it too simple, but I'd like to at least break even while training on something that actually moves the numbers a little in a reasonable time. I don't like sitting at a spawn for hours to restore 2 times and pat myself on the back.
  10. dysfuntional market system

    Did you bother to read past the 1st page of this thread before jumping in? If not, read it all. As for 'with all these rare drops to sell'... you need to check that. MM on market = 6k. Mirror = 5k. BP = almost might be able to give it away. Rare books might as well leave in the bag. Last 2 weeks I have gotten 1 MM cloak and I think 2 tit chains. W00T lots of extra gold there. Selling the books I got to the book-buying NPC wouldn't be worth the walk even if I weren't antisocial. Try training up to something that breaks more than you can carry in armor a trip, then chime in. Or at least try fighting something that can hurt you, force you to heal a few times.... I could make more money with my alch or pot lvl than I can fighting. I could also harvest and make loads with my EMUs. I just don't care to be forced to do that. I could make more gc per hour making FEs, if you want the truth. But doing what I like doing doesn't make money, it drains it. Again, do a little training instead of sitting around clicking, maybe you can see the problem.
  11. dysfuntional market system

    When I started Ogre, I serp'd them. Not for the drops, but because I got better xp doing that than I did anything else. Same with clops, same with fluffy. And when the fluffs get old, I'm going to serp the Chims. As for the 'it's hard to be top this that....', I don't really care about that. I just want to do what I like doing, the rest will come with time. Just a longer time since I have to stop and dig rocks to make ends meet if I follow the suggestions here. And this isn't meant @ you either, Piper. Just the ones that keep using the same lame arguments every time this comes up. Same ones that don't mind sitting and mixing most of the time, and when they do fight, it doesn't bother them to camp out for hours doing what they could've done in 1. But they walk away with an inv full of gold and think they've done well. Here's what an hour and a half monster training gets me: Not too bad for my current lvls. I left a bit early or I might have gotten 1kgc or so. I started out with 300 HEs and 75 SRs. You do the math.
  12. dysfuntional market system

    Its not forbidden to take such a challenge. But you must prepare yourself to do so. For example by earning money somehow. Piper Edit: Typos But that's a never-ending cycle. By the time you start making good gold off anything you are fighting, chances are you could move up to something else and save yourself hours to get the same amount of xp. So either you fight things that are easy for the gc and waste time getting xp, or you hit the mines and still waste time. I, for 1, like fighting things that make me chase my DB every once in a while.
  13. dysfuntional market system

    The point they want to make is: fight things under your lvls so you get crap experience but a lot of gold, or grab a pick and dig in. God forbid you actually try to fight things that are a challenge.
  14. Storage Sale.

    I'll take all 100 helms for 10kgc. Catch you in-game.
  15. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    How about we don't lose the vials on drinking the potions until we have a means to manu them ourselves? People aren't going to make up a bunch of vials just to sell if there is not much profit in it. Those of us who would use the ones we make would have the added hassel of making the vial to go along with making the pots anyhow... add that to a failure rate on making the vials and the problem would take care of itself. We shouldn't lose the vials until we have a way to manu them ourselves.