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  1. about sunnyd

    Terrible news. We will miss her. My condolences to the family.
  2. Global advantages

    Have a mine or set of spawns that has something that people want, and is in attractive location. If x conditions are not met the monsters/pirates have control of it and it can't be used. If conditions are met players get to use it.
  3. Custom Clothing

    I would vote for freely customizable, but filterd by player feedback. That way you can have OOC stuff for an event like a halloween party but be able to turn off the stuff that obviously does not belong, or is just bad. I know other MMOs sell costumes and have a special costume inventory slot slot for them. That way you can keep your weapon and armor stats, but still have the look of the particular costume. These are disabled in the PVP areas.
  4. YUMI Harvesting Service

    I'd like to order 10k henebane. IGN ccReynolds.
  5. The EL IRC channel

    Because the enemy already has one.
  6. Instance for Mixers

    To me this sounds like the kid that wants something because their brother/sister got something.
  7. Sponsoring Instances

    Everyone that responded to my post completely missed the point. You can't have it both ways. One option is to have a socialistic society where people make decisions on what is best based on community needs over individual needs e.g. "donating" fighting supplies to fighters and mixing supplies to mixers. The current state of the game is not anywhere remotely close to this option. The other option is to let individuals decide what they want to do with items. If something is in short supply, and some people are willing to pay more than the NPC price for it so what. If you don't' like it make it yourself or get rid of the antisocial perk. If you have an item that is of no use to you, but it can help a lot of people set the price at however much you think you can get for it. What I find annoying is the hypocrisy. Fighters demanding high level alcherers to make HE's at cut rate prices over bars so the fighter can instance more, is just as silly as a potioner asking high level fighter to kill on skunks and raccoons so they can level on acc/def pots. Why should people be so grateful to instancers for flooding the market with RDHLM and oranges that they mix items at cut rate prices? Were the high level fighters so grateful to the harvesters for finding nexus removal stones that they paid 5g for silver?
  8. Sponsoring Instances

    Sounds like we both agree it is silly for people that can do the WTF instanct to be asking for handouts, however the "fighters" in the poll have voted 6 to 2 in favor of handouts. Maybe those six should step forward. I am perfectly fine with an instancer letting a joule stone rot. How much money do i really save on feasting potions in a Joule day anyway? A recycling day stone seems to have the most value, but it is really only valuable to the people that can make a lot of the very high end items. List these people who are asking for "handouts" please. Because the vast majority of the people suitable for WTF running aren't the "plz handout" type. ------------- Raz's idea still best Just make bot, anyone who wants a Joule day just donate a few kgc to it, then we'll sell the stone to the bot. All we need to decide is a price. I can't imagine prices approaching a million gc would be acceptable, but it needs to be enough to make it worthwhile to do WTF... i'm thinking somewhere ~250kgc?
  9. Sponsoring Instances

    If this truly was a community effort (socalism): 1) The instancers wouldn't be killing hydro farmers. 2) They would be giving the oranges away to mixers so they can make resources more efficiently. 3) If they had an item that would benifit the community, they would not demand compensation for using it. The fact is the people wanting "handouts" are the wealthiest players in the game. Anyone that wants to spend someone else's cash pays more than face dollar for it in real life. Whether it is a company selling stock, or someone getting a payday loan. If you are having trouble getting stuff you need for instances pay more for it, or establish a network of suppliers.
  10. Antidotes for sale

    I have 400 antidotes for sale @ 54g ea. If you would like to buy at least 100 let me know.
  11. YUMI Harvesting Service

    I would like to order 10k yarrow.
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like 5 batches of 20k sunflowers. IGN same as forum name.
  13. YUMI Harvesting Service

    10k yarrow please.
  14. huge storage sale

    2585 Sunflower 0.7 ea 14 Skunk fur 17 ea 7 Racoon fur 12 ea 3208 Blue Quartz 2.1ea 491 Rose Quartz 2.1ea Total: 9898 IGN ccReynolds
  15. YUMI Harvesting Service

    I'd like to order 10k yarrow. Any storage. IGN ccreynolds.