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  1. OpenSUSE Repository Now Available (1.9.5)

    Hi, nice work, used that years ago, and now again, after found here in forum. while installing using zypper: - maybe that conflict between elc / eternal-lands package can be avoided with specifying obsoletes / conflicts in the rpm, so that the package manager would handle that. Regards, Paneologist
  2. Day of entropy

    Just an idea of a very special day. due to disturbance by some astronomic effects, each bag that disappears (after 12 minutes...) reappears at a random position anywhere in EL.. Don't know if it's hard to implement, but would be something crazy new. what do you think?
  3. Hi, I am interesting in running a store bot. I could host myself, and I am looking for working code (best would be GPL code), preferably C(++) or php. I successfully compile death adders elbot (3.0-rc6 and older), but trading doesn't work - if I want to sell something (which is configured to be bought) to the bot and put into trade window nothing happens. so can anyone tell me if any working code is published? or is someone willing to share his/her code? alternatively, where could I have a bot being hosted? thank you very much