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  1. I've thought about several things to improve the game, to make it feel more realistic and make it feel more 'alive'. I've been a player for many years, also I've offline for many years (personal reasons), and I'm back since a couple of weeks/months now. Still certain points of the game keepstinging in my side, although EL is a good game, and way better then Minecraft, and certainly cheaper then World of Warcraft. 1. - Different styled trade caravans are needed so bots can be transported from one map to another from time to time. In real life you have/had trade caravans, also makes game more dynamic. (In order to persuade and convince bot owners, a benefit could be in order, like bonus on gc for merchant/buyer, amount on slots, switching from one-styled caravan to another means money needs to be paid by owner.) In Glacmor there is a beautiful place for a market/caravan, like in Desert Pines, and White Stone. 2. -Teachers should be able to be spoken with and paid a 'small' fee per minute to improve your experience on a particular subject, like fighting, tailoring, manufacturing, etc Also more non-talkable NPC's are needed to fill in the empty chairs in the so many schools, so give it an idea of the world being filled with ppl. 3. -Please make cross-(bows) manufacturing possible. Really, do. 4. -Making Boat trips a real expedition boat trip? Having to barter/bargain about your boat price and/or having to do some chores and tasks. (giving exp ofc) Also during a boat trip you can get a storm of pirate attack, so you'll need to defend yourself on the boat or pay a fee for passage.. (tech, transported to secluded part to defend from the pirate goblin fleet) And it can be put into a 'negative' perk? 'Real Boat Experience perk' Many players use the boat, but can be boring, and being a fan of old-fashion boats, I would like to enter every boat in the game? 5. Making stuff only possible at certain locations. Like a sword, armor needs certain equipment like an oven, tangs which can found in a blacksmith location. Like potions and engineering needs a laboratory (without Dexter's sister) Like tailoring needs a sewing machine 6. Less stuff using EFE, or exchange it for normal FE is large quantity, so ppl can continue. 7. On very rare occasion while making things like HE, polished diamond, armor, sword ppl should be able to get a rare object. (very rare occasion, like making a polished diamond, Aluwen got very envious so exchanged it with something else similar.) 8. Durability on goods, like in Diablo. Having durability on goods could improve the feeling a product is more or less going to degrade or being spoiled. (my raw meat is in the fridge for years now and still hasn't spoiled?) Downside is that each product needs a durability number, which is a disaster to register on a server. Raw meat should be processed within weeks instead of being there till eternity? Durability improvement actions can be added. 9 Once you've read an in-game book, make it checked so it can be read over and over another time later? 10. Keep track of the status of quests on server. Probably a pain in the ass, but knowing the status of any quest is very important for any player. If you reinstall the game for some reason it deletes sometime the old entries, making it difficult to know where you are as a player in a quest. Hopefully the server can re-entry the player's quests log so it becomes easier to find the so-called exclamation mark. 11. Radu, if you have improved the game further please ask a standard fee of 1 to 3 dollar for downloading the game but only fee once. (ppl like to use any app, once they've paid for it, to not have the feel of having 'lost' money)
  2. New client binaries for testing

    Reading books and (warning) signs on a Mac(Air) Hi Everyone, I like reading books and signs in the game. Don't mix this up with reading books needed for manufacture, mining, crafting items. I used to use Windows machine, now I using a MacAir ( Modelname: MacBook Air Modelaanduiding: MacBookAir6,2 Processorname: Intel Core i7 Processorspeed: 1,7 GHz Systeemversie: OS X 10.10.5 (14F2511) Kernelversie: Darwin 14.5.0 Opstartvolume: Macintosh HD Opstartmodus: Normaal) But when I 'right click' on a book, instead of 'reading' it, the cursor switches from 'walk' to 'sit', then to 'Look at' then to 'Use'. Might it be possible to have a 'read book/sign' option? or at least have the keyswitch so it can be defines? (like in Edit: Ofc, -I've tried the 'Emulate a 3 Button Mouse'. -Also bought a normal mouse, connected it, but still unable to read signs or books. but the program keeps 'cycling' from 'walk' to 'sit', to 'Look at', to 'Use' and back. /Edit Edit 2: in the meantime i have read some books, but certain books don't work. Found working books: - book 1 I have your bag at the Beam My Friend (IP) - book 2 A Rabbit's life (IP) - book 3 The Rise and fall of Sedicolis (tavern) - book 4 Kalanthro the Troll Slayer (GP, cabin) - book 5 The Monster of Ghealan Sea (Naralik 41,160) non working book: - Kelcha's Diary (Naralik Catacombs 165,154) (needed for quest)