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    Reading books and (warning) signs on a Mac(Air) Hi Everyone, I like reading books and signs in the game. Don't mix this up with reading books needed for manufacture, mining, crafting items. I used to use Windows machine, now I using a MacAir ( Modelname: MacBook Air Modelaanduiding: MacBookAir6,2 Processorname: Intel Core i7 Processorspeed: 1,7 GHz Systeemversie: OS X 10.10.5 (14F2511) Kernelversie: Darwin 14.5.0 Opstartvolume: Macintosh HD Opstartmodus: Normaal) But when I 'right click' on a book, instead of 'reading' it, the cursor switches from 'walk' to 'sit', then to 'Look at' then to 'Use'. Might it be possible to have a 'read book/sign' option? or at least have the keyswitch so it can be defines? (like in Edit: Ofc, -I've tried the 'Emulate a 3 Button Mouse'. -Also bought a normal mouse, connected it, but still unable to read signs or books. but the program keeps 'cycling' from 'walk' to 'sit', to 'Look at', to 'Use' and back. /Edit